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Jolene Perron Jul 2010
People of the night,
cowards of the day.
No matter who you are,
someone makes it okay.

Her deep dark past,
her scarry new future.
No matter what,
he will teach her:

"There are ups and downs,
wrongs and rights.
But I'm here for you,
to make it alright."

He speaks in song,
his words medolic and kind.
He's probably the best friend,
she will ever find.

"I don't have much,
to give you in turn.
But I'll give you my heart,
and I'll give you my word.

I'll be there for you,
I'll be your friend.
I'll stay with you,
till the very end."

He smiled big,
looked in her eyes.
It was nice to have,
someone to confide.

She reached up high,
wrapped her arms around him.
A friend who listens,
and a great guy within.
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
Have you ever really looked,
at the people all around.
With stories and lives,
their minds profound.

The teen mom,
with a baby on her hip.
Thin and lanky,
bruises and a fat lip.

Struggling to get away,
from the abusive man she's with.
She screams all night long,
"I've had enough!"

And the man, abusing,
the teen with the baby.
He might just be struggling too,
maybe, just maybe.

All he knows is abuse in life,
that's all his father did.
To his mother, all along,
since he was just a kid.

The man in the corner,
sitting alone today.
Wondering if his life,
if it will ever be okay.

His friends, they pressure,
him into the drugs, the steriods.
They tell him "Just one hit,
what are you, scared, boy ? "

The girl down the street,
struggling to fit in.
Her clothes, her looks,
they don't match the other kids.

She's different, she's dark,
and she keeps to herself.
But she wants to be like them,
it's a need she can not help.

Lying beneath the surface,
there is a storm inside.
In him, in her,
even one that is mine.

Everyone struggles,
to be who they are.
To get what they want,
to make it this far.

Have you ever looked,
at the people all around.
Their minds, complex,
their stories, profound.
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
One final breath,
and you're gone.
This is it,
your battle is won.

Now you sit,
above with God.
Watching us cry,
knowing you're gone.

You fought well,
long and hard.
You didn't complain,
that He delt you this card.

The soldiers are home,
at ease and rest.
You did all you could,
you tried your best.

I'll remember you,
I promise, forever.
I'll think of you,
in the stormy weather.

For I'll know it's you,
when the sky let's way.
I'll know you're saying,
you're here always...
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
They're not quite there,
not there yet.
They're on their way there,
that point where they can't turn back.
The moment he looked into her eyes,
with that crooked little smile.
That moment their hearts sparked,
he made her heart race.
His touch on hers was like fire,
and he made her word light up.
The sparkle in his eyes,
baby, she hasn't seen that in a while.
The butterflies and knots,
they raced around her stomach and chest.
Her head was spinning with disbelief,
She laid back with her head on his pillows.

And then he kissed her.
And then thier lips met.
And then the fire sparked.
And she just can't go back.
And then he kissed her.
Ans then she got scared.
And now she's afraid,
And now she's scared.
She's scared of losing him.
She's scared of losing Them.

And then he told her it's okay,
and now she waits for another moment like that....
Inspiration taken from Glitter in the Air by Pink :)
Jolene Perron Feb 2011
I'm looking at myself,
in the mirrow in front of me.
I'm picturing who I was,
who I'll never again be.

Someone who's been forgotten,
and lost within the year.
The time that's passed in which,
I've shed millions of tears.

In searching for someone,
who was lost so far beneath.
The lies, the scars, the hatred,
couldn't stand on two feet.

I was always falling down,
I was always on my knees.
Crying out for help,
screaming "Someone. Please!"

I used to be someone,
who gave everything but.
Left nothing for myself,
and dug myself a rut.

I crawled down deep,
hiding in my shame.
Losing myself,
forgetting even my name.

But now as I stand,
confident and tall.
I see where I was,
and I'm tearing down the walls.

I'm loving who I am,
and where I am  in life.
I'm making a change now,
and everything is right.

My grades, my work, my life,
new friends I'm surrounded with.
The boy by my side,
who reassures me with each kiss.

I've taken myself from the drama,
the cruelty and lies.
I'm moving forward now,
leaving it all behind.

I'm someone different but,
never will I forget.
Who I was before,
everything that was meant.

For where I've been back there,
and where I am now.
Is the secret to the life,
in which I have found.

I'm standing tall and proud,
beautiful inside and out.
I didn't run away from it,
instead, I found a way out ...
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
I just wanna be held.
know it'll be okay.
Tell me that you're here,
and will love me always.

Hold me in your arms,
all through the night.
In your security,
I feel I'll be alright.

With so much going wrong,
my entire life and more.
You're the only thing,
I have to live for.

When life brings me down,
you bring me up.
You make me smile,
when I've had enough.

Like the calm within my storm,
my one and only reason.
You give me light and laughter,
for my dark there is no reason.

You never stop believing,
you never let go.
Like a never ending tunnel,
with all the love you show.

You give me everything,
that I need and more.
You're like an angel,
I've always wished for.

My love and my heart,
my laughter too.
All hidden in one place,
babe, it's you.
Jolene Perron Sep 2010
The waves hit the shoreline,
the breeze in my face.
There was not a single thing,
to make me leave this place.

Your eyes so gorgeous blue,
today they matched the sky.
Checking the clock every moment,
didn't wanna say goodbye.

The grass was soft below,
your touch smooth on me.
There was no other place,
that I would rather be.

Sitting there together,
I could talk with you for days.
You listen and understand,
I'm taggled in every way.

Taggled up in you,
your thoughts, your smell, your touch.
Never have I wanted something,
quite this much.

My day with you today,
well, nothing can compare.
I can't wait until,
the day that we're back there.
Jolene Perron Mar 2011
She walks through life,
Sunrise, sundown.
She begins to feel nothing,
she's wearing a frown.

Her perspective is lost,
her thoughts unknown.
Not even she,
can decipher this on her own.

Nothing is right,
and it doesn't make sense.
Why there are walls,
who put up this fence?

Is it a fear?
it's something she does not know.
She's oh so lost,
doesn't know where to go.

And she doesn't know why,
where it came from.
All she knows,
is she just feels numb.

She doesn't feel the sun,
she can't feel the warmth.
She's merely sliding by,
putting one foot forth.

The cold wind blows,
but it doesn't seem to matter.
She's standing at the bottom,
of this life's ladder.

And she's not quite sure,
where to go from here.
How to get farther,
how to conquere fear.

All she knows now,
not where she's from.
But all she feels now,
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
He tells her that his feelings,
they're there but he is not.
She wants him to stay,
to never be forgot.

She wants her love,
to be enough to make him stay.
But she's answered by the tail lights,
shining bright across her face.

"Turn around ... " she whispers,
silently to on her own.
Standing by the stairs,
this time she's alone.

He claims he wants to be,
alone for just a while.
As he drive away down the street,
mile after mile.

Talking to him earlier,
she asked him to speak his mind.
As cruel as it may be,
it was better than a lie.

He told her straight up,
his feelings were still there.
But in his mind, he's lost,
as much as he still cares.

Even though he hurt her,
while she stood there crying tears.
He was the one she wanted,
to hold her and gather her fears.

He's the one she wanted,
to chase the demons away.
To weather her storm,
tell her it's gonna be okay.

But she curls up in bed,
as a tear silently falls.
"All I want is you...",
she begs to white bedroom walls ...
Jolene Perron Sep 2010
The rose has bloomed,
it seemed like so long.
It was wilted and crushed,
and it was all wrong.

The tree is blossoming,
the flowers are new.
This is another chance,
for a shot at me and you.

The concrete with cracks,
is getting it's fix.
We're taking away fighting,
putting friendship in the mix.

The bird with a wing,
broken and torn.
The girl with a smile,
that has been worn.

The bird begins to fly,
the girl begins to smile.
The tunnel at an end,
she's walked through for miles.

Things that are broken,
can always be made new.
This is a fresh begining,
this friendship here with you.

This time we'll take it,
nice steady and slow.
Three, Two, One,
here we go...
Jolene Perron Aug 2010
You're all disappearing ...

And I'm sitting here alone...

You're walking away from me...
                                                          My best friend ....

This time you chose to walk away...
                                                          No more chances...

There's a fog and it's getting deeper...
                                                          You're disappearing...
                                                                                    You're going away...

I'm feel alone and I'm getting scared...
                                                           Save Me....
                                                                                     Help Me...

The blade is getting closer...
                                                            Take it...
                                                                                     Burry it...

The blood bleeds a scarlet red...

I can't stop this time...
                                                              This is it...
                                                                                       Final line...

The battle lines have been drawn...
                                                                 I'm fading...
                                                                                         I'm crying...

                                                                                                                I'm screaming...
                                                                                                            Can You Hear Me?
Jolene Perron Nov 2010
I think that you would be surprised,
how much I think about you.
If you only knew just what I thought about,
you'd be really amazed how crazy I am about you.
When you hold me in your arms,
my entire world stands still.
My everything is right,
my everything is standing before me.
Big blue eyes staring back at me,
so beautiful and right.
Your touch is gentle and warm,
taking away all my pain.
You know just how to hold me,
just how to soothe me.
I don't understand how I missed,
I didn't know for years.
But now here we are in a moment,
everything stands still.

But her.
That girl.
The one you're with.
What about her?

You don't want to be with her,
and everything seems so complicated.
But I don't know, sweetie,
just how long I can stand.|
To share you, with her,
to have you go between.
I've come to be 'the other woman',
someone I've avoided till now.
And hunny, I wish you knew,
just how I felt about this whole ordeal.

I'm falling,
falling quickly,
falling fast,
but can you catch me,
while you're holding her?
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
My head is in the clouds,
I'm dreaming here again.
You're everything I want,
you are my best friend.

Your eyes so bright with colour,
well they catch me everyday.
My heart twists with passion,
I can't find words to say.

You walk with confidence,
and you hold your head up proud.
Sometimes I still can't believe,
what an amazing person I've found.

Your voice so deep,
alluring and captivating.
Your hugs so warm and tight,
sometimes they have me shaking.

My dreams fly high at night,
the dream we'll be together.
Some day you'll hold me different,
and maybe you'll say forever.

You make my dreams fly always,
and every day to day.
But I can only wish for words,
and hope one day you will say.

Forever and always you'll be,
with me in a different stance.
Maybe one day you'll see,
maybe I'll have my chance.
Jolene Perron Nov 2010
You with her,
and I feel the pull.
My heart strings tangle,
I'm left unfull.

My head is spinning,
I'm so confused.
I feel let down,
I feel used.

Everything everywhere,
you're no where that I need.
Your signals so mixed,
and you're so hard to read.

Just be up front with me,
please just once.
Realize that I've fallen for you,
and honesty is a must.

But you seem to have put up,
this wall so very high.
You won't let me in any more,
is it time to say goodbye?

Just please explain to me,
what's going on with you.
I would love to sit down and talk,
but it seems like I bug you.

Every day I wonder,
today I broke down and cried.
I'm confused, what's going on?
I wish that you were mine...
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
The touching and feeling,
how they made eachother feel.
Before that everything,
it seemed so unreal.

They say this thing,
it changes everything.
She didn't beleive that till,
he and her had their fling.

The first time they were together,
sparks flew and hit the sky.
But after time when on,
aftre they said goodbye.

Their talks grew and grew,
but slowly began to deminish.
And the next they were together,
they resolved what was unfinished.

She felt there's something missing,
the connection between is lost.
She's waiting to hold something,
that is too far gone.

When people never stay,
and they always have to leave.
It gets harder to bear,
harder to believe.

The connection between you,
is growing farther away.
They're leading seperate lives,
and there is no other way.

The tie that they once had,
how could it be saved?
She's busy with her life,
she doesn't stop each day.

She's lost in her emotions,
she doesn't know what to do.
What would you do,
if this girl was you?
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
"A wise friend once told me, Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about dancing in the rain. I dedicate this poem to that friend...they were my inspiration"

Why waste time waiting for the storm to pass?
Spending all your days sulking on your ***.
Go outside and dance in the rain.
There's no better way to forget the pain.

Find the silver lining as it flys across your sky.
Even if all you want to do is lay in bed and cry.
Make the best of your life for now.
Because it will get better some way some how.

Even if we have to wait and be alone for a year.
We'll make it out together hand in hand without fear.
Because in the end this storm will pass.
So dance in the rain and I'll help you off your ***.

Soaking wet we'll walk away from all the rain.
Together we will help heal all of the pain...
Jolene Perron Aug 2010
The moon shone down,
illuminating the night.
I wrestle with you,
I pick up a fight.

We laugh and giggle,
making a scene.
Everyone jokes,
no words that are mean.

I break away from you,
to see a message from him.
I see the hurt in your eyes,
the anger within.

We break away,
from the group over there.
Go for a walk,
around back somewhere.

When I ask what's wrong,
you make a face.
You say it's hard,
and you made a mistake.

You left back then,
so long ago.
For another girl,
who did not show.

Now you're realizing it all,
but it's too late.
I've fallen for him,
he is my fate.

Your blue eyes glisten,
in the bright moon light.
I give you a hug,
warming you 'till sunlight.

I promise, dear friend,
it will be alright.
People come and go,
with grace and with fight.

I promise you dear,
I will not leave.
Not here, not ever,
my best friend you'll be <3
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
She sits, she sings, she talks.
She ponders, she thinks, she worries.
She loves, she loses, she mopes.
             She lost,
                             Her Love.
                                            The Distance...

She falls, she yearns, she needs.
She wants, she sees, she feels.
She embraces, she holds, she engulfs.
             His touch,
                             His essance,
                                            He's everything...

She's falling,
                         in a new love.
She's losing,
                        her old love.
She's running,
                                                       pushing them away.
She's building,
                     walls for them to tear.
She wants,
                    to see who cares enough.
She needs,
                                                       them to tear the walls.

She's falling, falling, falling...
                                      She's feeling, embracing, falling...

                      Does he even know?
Jolene Perron Sep 2010
Hands shaking,
face burning,
vision bluring,
this is what I feel.

Pulse beating,
uncontrolable feelings,
frown setting,
this is what I feel.

Questions racing,
thoughts overwhelming,
confusing setting,
this is what I feel.

Fifty feet,
red face,
tears pouring,
this is what I'm doing.

Curled up,
with a blanket,
ripping pictures,
this is what I'm doing.

I hope you know,
I hope you see,
I hope you understand,
this is how I feel.

Jolene Perron Aug 2010
She looks across a wide open sky,
makes a wish and begins to cry.
This day is coming to an end,
she waves goodbye to a departing friend.

He kisses her cheek,
he holds her close.
He tells her he wants her,
what he misses most...

She's walking now away from it all,
trips on the sidewalk, begins to fall.
She kneels there waiting for life to make sense,
trying to break down her very own fence.

The tears are coming,
rolling down her cheeks.
As she kneels on the sidewalk,
begining to weep.

The blood is dripping down her sorry face,
she's walking now at a much faster pace.
She's running away from all that she's known,
running away with no where to go.

Anywhere but here,
would be so much better.
Somewhere with sun,
and cooler weather.

The kids on the sidewalk are playing with cards,
she remembers her life back when it was not so hard.
When scraped up knees were the deepest wounds,
and bedtime came always way too soon.

She's wishing back then,
to go back in time.
When she was a child,
when everything was fine.

The sun is now setting down below the water ahead,
she's regretting her life and the words that were said.
Wishing for forgiveness is all she can do,
she screams at the top of her lungs, "DON'T YOU REALIZE I LOVE YOU?!"
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
Don't you remember the time,
when you used to hold me tight.
Don't you remember you said,
forever it'll be alright.

Don't you remember the words,
Babe, I love you.
Don't you remember this?
sweetie, I still do.

There was a time when,
I saw you most every day.
Everything was lovely,
perfect in every way.

We had our fights,
and agruments you see.
But nothing compared to that feeling,
when you were with me.

You gave me butteflies,
but now you give me tears.
Each time I think of you,
this became my worst fear.

I wish I had a do-over,
just one last chance.
I've grown up in the last month,
I believe we both have.

I believed in us,
and baby I still do.
I don't know why after all this time,
I still love you.

The storms that come and go,
I wish you were there.
By my side holding me,
I wish you still cared.

Don't you remember last year,
at this particular time.
We only wished to be together,
that you could be mine.

You waited for me for long,
and I wish I knew from the start.
Baby, I'm waiting for you,
because you still have my heart.

I don't know how long,
how much it'll take.
But I hope you realize I'm yours,
until the earth shakes.

Until the skies come down,
and engulf this world.
I'll be sitting here wishing,
I was your girl.

You have my heart,
this friendship I will cherish.
But it's your love, babe,
that I really truely miss.

If it takes forever,
hundreds and thousands of years.
I'll be sitting here,
waiting for you dear.

So don't you remember?
the words I love you.
I wish I could hear them again,
because I still do ...
Jolene Perron Sep 2010
Words leave our mouths,
the screaming never stopped.
We used the techniques,
for so long we've been taught.

Words amount to nothing,
true feelings never change.
It's been oh so long, honey,
that we have been this way.

The thought that crosses me,
runs through my mind today.
Can you even remember,
how we got this way?

I looked at you,
sitting behind me.
With our group of friends,
trying to see.

Trying to decifer,
the point to it all.
Why it can't be solved,
with a simple walk?

Can you even really see,
why we started this fight?
Where the anger came from?
along with hate and strife.

Why we started fighting,
what the purpose was behind it?
Did we ever really think,
something good would come of it?

Please try to remind me,
because I can't seem to see.
Why I'm mad at you,
and you're so angry with me.

This fight, so pointless,
I don't remember why.
This fight even began,
why we both began to lie.

Please just tell me,
because I've lost my sight.
Why ever did we start,
this prolonged, pointless fight?
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
You talk of her,
that girl you're with.
My feelings for you,
I've tried to dismiss.

All this time,
you know how I've felt.
But for me I put,
my feelings on a shelf.

You tell me of her,
your arguments and fights.
As I look out the window,
into the night.

"What's the point,
of being together.
When you can't fix the storm,
you've tried to weather?"

You tell me you don't know,
that you're really unsure.
You both know it's over,
you being with her.

But no one has the guts,
to just pull the plug.
And you don't want,
to be the one.

"Grow some *****,
won't you please?"
In my mind,
I'm begging on my knees.

"Fine I will!", you say,
as you lean in towards me.
I can feel my heart flutter,
then sink down to my feet.

A silence falls,
between me and you.
I'm at lost for words,
or what to do.

"Listen," I say,
as I look toward your eyes.
"I can't be with someone,
within a million lies...

"I can't be with someone,
who can't be with my fully.
Until you break up with her,
this is how it is, hunny."

I look out the window,
as I begin to cry.
I don't know if you realize,
how much I wish you were mine.
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
As the sun sinks down.
below the horizon so beautiful.
My heart sinks again,
all you do is take and never fill.

The day has come to an end,
it was wonderful until.
You heard more romours,
and my happiness was killed.

You broke up with me,
said you like another.
What gives you the right,
to rain on my sunny weather?

If you still had feelings,
then you should have stayed.
Made an effort with me,
and never walked away.

You should have been truthful,
instead of sugarcoating with lies.
I would eventually find out,
what is hidden behind you decieving eyes.

You eyes tell a story,
or hurt and heartbreak.
But baby don't you see?
You're making my heart ache.

I love you still,
and I want you back here.
But all you want is friendship,
so I cover my feelings shedding tears.

I never did a thing,
yett you still say I lie.
Tell me to *******,
good night and good bye.

But it isn't fair of you,
to say all that you did.
Act like you really cared,
then walk away again.

Everything with you,
well, it's all mixed up now.
And I can't help but hope,
for it to resolve somehow.

I want to see your face,
and talk to you for real.
Get it all out in the open,
because this is all surreal.

You tell me one thing,
then go back on it again.
I just want to understand you,
you ever-changing man.
Jolene Perron Sep 2010
Sunshine, rain,
winter snowfall.
Hail, ice,
she's been through it all.

Grades, marks,
a fifty in math.
Pencils, pens,
school makes her laugh.

But one thing,
it makes her shake.
Her head spins,
her heart aches.

When she thinks back,
to that moment in time.
She's written poems,
she's made them rhyme.

But when it comes,
all finally together.
It's worse than school,
or stormy weather.

When the callendar rolls,
February 18.
She clenches her fists,
she grindes her teeth.

The memories invade,
her dreams and her head.
The silences screams,
will it ever end?

The nightmares and violence,
she can't make it stop.
Her heart pounds,
her blood boils hot.

"Just don't touch me,"
is what she'll say.
The touch of anyone,
will set her off today.

The memories won't leave,
but the pain gets less.
She's pushing through it all,
cleaning up that mess...
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
They tell her to forget,
he's a piece of the past.
But how can she forget,
something she wanted to last?

They tell her it's over,
and to just let go.
She's trying her hardest,
but comes with nothing to show.

Just because it's her past,
doesn't mean she won't remember.
The one who made her smile,
the one who said forever.

Just because she's moved on,
doesn't mean she doesn't cry.
Spends time writing,
and to all of them she's lieing.

Forgive and forget isn't easy,
and it rarely ever works out.
When that friendship that once made you smile,
has been reduced to nothing but shouting.

Forgive and forget seems,
like an easy thing to do.
But not when she's lieing,
and truely misses you.
Jolene Perron Aug 2010
There's a turn in the road,
a fork in the straight.
My life's decisions,
lie in its wake.

A life unsure,
a life unplanned.
Could be remade,
or destroyed by some man.

The fork in this road,
decides my life.
The future ahead,
either love or strife.

One path or another,
a decision so tough.
Want to scream so loud,
I have had enough.

Why must I chose?
why is it hard?
When I tell you the words,
you only disregard.

What I say doesn't matter,
the decision is mine.
You don't seem to care,
you tell me you're fine.

A split in my path,
a fork in my road.
Should I follow my heart?
or stay with who I know?

I stand here silent,
as the rain begins to fall.
It hits hard in the concrete,
as I slowly lose it all.

I fall to the ground,
as the rain falls  down.
I bow my head feeling the fall,
of my birthday crown.

It all fell apart,
right at the seams.
Why can't you do it?
Just for me?

Why can't this life,
work like it should?
Why all the pain?
why am I lost in the woods?

As I turn 16,
and I look back.
I see the life,
I have sorely lacked.

This life and curse,
what is it worth?
I can't stand much longer,
all of this hurt.

So I look up ahead,
at this fork in my road.
Should I leave this place?
Or keep to who I know?
Jolene Perron Aug 2010
The picture in the mirror,
what do you see?
The anger pain and scars,
revolving around me.

A friend who knows the truth,
but she always goes against.
When I ask her one thing,
she goes around the fence.

I'm shaking and crying,
but she doesn't seem to care.
When I need to talk to her,
she's hardly ever there.

She makes me question words,
and her every action.
Was it really meant?
or for his satisfaction?

How can I even trust,
someone who goes behind.
My back is bleeding buckets,
he carries a heart that's mine.

But it doesn't seem to matter,
and no one seeems to care.
They merely look away,
as my "best friends" stand a tear...
Jolene Perron Nov 2010
Your eyes your smile,
your age and mine.
Your touch, your lips,
my undying mind.

My thoughts, my words,
living a fairytale.
The butterflies, the heat,
this seems so unreal.

Three years ago,
never would I have imagined.
We'd end up this way,
my heart started to blacken.

But you pulled me in close,
for that longed for kiss.
Your embrace, your smile,
and everything I've missed.

Did you know while you were gone,
I thought about you?
Your music, your voice,
the emotions you pursued.

But after all that's happened,
things you don't know yet.
All the things that stress me,
over which I've wept.

These things, well darling,
they have me terrified.
I'm so scared to just let go,
let you into my mind.

Give me a reason,
say to me some words.
Something no one else knows,
something to heal the hurt.

The age, the history,
the touch, the kiss.
Everything I want,
you're everything I miss.

I'm scared, I'm crying,
give me a reason please.
To let you in my heart,
I'm down here on my knees ...
Jolene Perron Nov 2010
I'm done, I'm done,
I'm screaming to the sky.
It's over, I'm finished,
my final goodbye.

I wish there was,
another way but.
It's over, I'm done,
enough is enough.

My paradise so gone,
far away disappeared.
This place I'm in,
is everything I've feared.

I'm gone, I'm gone,
and I'm not coming back.
I'm changing, I'm growing,
I'm dieing in this hole so black.

I'm sinking, I'm fading,
and I'm falling away.
Do you think you could,
for once maybe save.

This little lost girl,
so confused and yet.
Trying to find meanings,
in things not meant.

The razor, the blood,
dripping scarlet red.
As she lays, fading,
curled up on the bed.

The world fading,
as she falls into the black.
This is my final goodbye,
and I'm not coming back.
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
Scarry goblins in the corners,
witches vampires and more.
Halloween is any girls' excuse,
to dress up like a *****.

But me and my friends? No,
we get together and chill.
We get a few to do our bidding,
stealing their candy is our thrill.

We sit around and laugh,
we poke fun at one another.
It's time to just be ourselves,
and time to laugh with eachother.

This Halloween was easily the best,
that I have ever had.
No one cried, everyone laughed,
and no one even got mad.

We just sat around and laughed,
we joked and we had fun.
These are my Halloween friends,
I hope we have more than this one.
Jolene Perron Nov 2010
Have I ever told you,
I miss you very much.
Every single word,
and every little touch.

Have I ever told you,
you mean the world to me?
Everything inside of you,
is all I wish I could be.

Have I ever told you,
how beautiful you are?
Your eyes shine so bright,
that they warm up my heart.

Have I ever told you,
how warm you are to feel?
That you make me smile,
and you make my world unreal.

Have I ever told you,
you fill my life with joy.
With every text and each message,
each and every story.

Have I ever told you,
I couldn't live without you?
If you left me here and now,
I don't know what I'd do.

Have I ever told you,
you're my very best friend.
And if it turned to more than that,
I would never want to see the end.

Have I ever told you,
you mean the world to me.
And I wish that you were here,
and you are all I see...
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
Have you ever wondered,
if you'll ever find someone.
Who loves you, for you,
whose heart is unconditonal.
Someone who lives to make you,
happier than you could ever imagine.
A person who holds you,
and makes you feel safe.
A man who you can hug, kiss,
and fall into completely.
Someone who you can trust,
with every secret and every mistake.
Someone who doesn't judge you,
who loves you right or wrong.
A person that, with them,
everything is right.

Have you ever been scared,
that nothign will work.
That it all falls apart,
because you're doing something wrong.
That it's all your fault,
that nothing is right.
Have you ever doubted yourself?
have you ever doubted the world?
Have you ever wondered,
when will it be my turn.
For things to go right,
for things to work out.

The world keeps spinning,
while I stand here,
*Why ...
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
Hey there, morning glory,
in this brand new light.
My mind is going in thirty directions,
I'm thinking fight or flight.

Your touch is like fire,
your kisses burn my lips.
My tummy's turning like never before,
your hands upon my hips.

You moved in quick at first,
I was almost caught off guard.
Even after knowning you,
for three years, I was alarmed.

But it's never felt so right,
and not quite so intense.
You broke down my brick wall,
put a hole in my fence.

And now you have me singing,
my, oh my, oh my.
You've shown me compassion,
and trust so hard to find.

You're the only person around,
who's never left my side.
Who could know not a thing going on,
but be there immediately to confide.

You've held me close before,
told me reassuring words.
You always know just what to say,
to take away my hurt.

And now here we are,
our friendship's taken a turn.
Would you have thought three years ago,
it would be for my heart you's yearn?

When we sat reading to eachother,
our stories and poetry after school.
That now you would be holding me,
could I have been that much of a fool.

Not to see the way you look,
that compassion in your eyes.
I'm seeing you differently now,
after all of my goodbyes.

I'm hoping that just maybe,
this is true, for real.
Because, darling, I've fallen for you,
and I'm going head over heels.
Jolene Perron Aug 2010
I thought you'd be the guy,
I'd fall for head over heels.
The time I spent with you,
almost seems unreal.

You made my fly so high,
our friendship getting strong.
When I was with you,
nothing was ever wrong.

You made me laugh and smile,
a great friend to have.
But my heart got involved,
resulting in something bad.

You chose again my friend,
seems to happen all the time.
Just when I was getting ready,
to really make you mine.

But that's all done,
it's over now I guess.
I'm left here crying,
and cleaning up the mess.

Nothing I'm not used to,
I'll try up all these tears.
I'm fed up with this now,
you became all my fears.

So good ridence to you,
say goodbye to how I felt.
Friendship moves forward,
feelings on a back shelf.

I hope you're happy with her,
just know how I felt.
Because when I was with you,
you made my heart melt.
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
The gun's in my hand,
the thoughts in my head.
The feelings are gone,
the words have been said.
The end if near,
there is no hope.
A head filled with friends,
friends can't help me cope.
My finger's on the trigger,
I'm about to let go.
no hope from what I figure,
no hope so let me go.

Lately it doesn't feel right,
lately it doesn't make sense.
I've tried my hardest to fight,
I've tried to break down this fence.
Nothing's been helping,
nothing's been right.
I'm tired of fighting,
I'll never be alright.

Help me take my finger off the trigger...
Bring hope to what I can't figure.
Jolene Perron Sep 2010
The smiles and happiness,
                             The laughter and jokes,
                                                The reasonable discussions,
                     "help me get there."

Confident and happy,
                             Smiles and rights,
                                                Okay and sunshine,
                       "help me be her."

Truth within a lie,
                            Bottom of the mess,
                                                 Civil within anger,
                       "help me find it."

Try to understand,
                             Try to see my view,
                                                  Try talk with me,
                   "help me sort it out."

Be there for me,
                              Let me cry with you,
                                                    Let me vent to you,
                        "help me heal."

Where it all makes sense,
                           Where the fence ends,
                                                 Where we can just along,
                      *"Help Me Get There."
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
Hidden feelings,
hidden thoughts.
The suicide,
never forgot.

Help me,
help you,
All I am,
is everything in you.

I'm scared for you,
you're everything to me.
I can't lose you,
can't set you free.

Stay by my side,
please do not go.
It's been so long,
since I had a smile to show.

I'll sit with you,
from twilight 'till dawn.
I'll stay with you,
'till you battle is won.

I can see it,
hidden in your eyes.
The hurt and betrayal,
that you try to hide.

But I see the truth,
stop trying to hide.
I understand,
and I do not mind.

Talk to me sweets,
I'm always here.
I'll fight your demons,
I'll dry your tears.

I know all this,
I feel it too.
Listen to me,
help me help you.

I understand,
just tell me it all.
I'm here for you,
I'll catch you when you fall...
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
it was a beautiful day
out on the street
the kids are laughing
in the scortching heat

the sun is shining
down on the concrete
the children run around
in bare feet

the dogs chasing them
in the sprinklers
baithing suits and shorts
his and hers

the day is young
the sun is bright
nothing is wrong
and everything is right

the world of kids
what can go wrong
this day will be over
before long...
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
You scream, I scream,
it's become a yelling match.
I tried to get over you,
but I am more attached.

You don't seem to get,
nor do you understand.
All I want from you,
is a caring man.

A friend to run to crying,
but he says I'm beautiful.
Holds me 'till I'm calm,
completlely lifts my world.

You want it all back,
your sweater, shirt and gift.
Well honey this ring,
I'm keeping till Earth shifts.

This ring is all I have,
hanging around my neck.
At one moment, don't you know,
what it truely meant?

"Forever Yours",
it was engraved.
But now I'm left alone,
completely betrayed.

When all I asked,
was for a friendship.
What I got in return,
was a complete heart-rip.

Here's the knife,
now dig it out of my chest.
Don't worry, sweetie,
I'll clean up the mess.

Nothing I'm not used to,
the sweat, blood and tears.
You became my worst nightmare,
carrying all of my fears.

The sweater, the shirt,
take it, it's yours to keep.
This ring and neclace however,
it's mine, over which, I weep.

It has memories,
of the man you used to be.
The one to dried my tears,
who really loved me.

But that man's gone,
and here, in his place.
Is a man I do not recognize,
with a fearfull face.

He carries my heart,
blood all on his hands.
Walking away from me,
leaving me alone again.

I'm cleaning up the mess,
but I'm drowning in my blood.
Save me, honey, please,
don't you see what I've become?
Jolene Perron Nov 2010
I'm sitting down here,
I'm sinking, falling, feeling.
I'm surrounded here,
but I feel lonely and concealing.

They don't understand,
this feeling, those thoughts.
They don't see me,
and how I'm getting lost.

It's hard to understand,
I know this to be true.
Not only have I gone through it,
but I saw it happen to you.

Sometimes when you're looking,
from the outside in.
You blame yourself for not realizing,
the hurt and anger within.

But when you're there,
in that situation at that time.
You don't understand your feelings,
how can they be mine?

I look back on these feelings,
on these times in life.
When all I felt was sadness,
the hurt and anger and strife.

And now I really know,
that all you can do is learn.
From the happiness, sadness,
each and every burn.

Life is filled with lessons,
anf here I raise my glass.
I proudly love me for me,
long time, at last.
Jolene Perron Nov 2010
The world stands still,
when you look at me like that.
And all I feel is passion,
no more confidence I lack.

Everything is paused,
my world on hold.
When you hold me in your arms,
the cards begin to fold.

Everything is right,
nothing is wrong.
This can't last forever,
not very long.

But as long as we are here,
in this moment together.
I just feel right,
I'm here forever.
Jolene Perron Sep 2010
Hey there little girl,
with the ear streaked face.
Hey there little girl,
walking at a slow pace.

You know there little girl,
things get better.
You know there little girl,
there's sunshine in this weather.

The tears will come,
they'll fall to the ground.
You'll climb those mountains,
some way some how.

The more you grow up,
the more you'll see.
You don't have to fit in,
you have your own person to be.

You're standing on the outside,
looking in on them.
Trying to fit in,
to be like them again.

But if that's the case,
then run away now.
Don't look back,
get away some how.

Find some people,
who accept you for you.
Or strengthen up your voice,
do whatever you can do.

But look here, little girl,
so matter what they say.
Look here, little girl,
be you in every way.
Jolene Perron Sep 2010
I've kept my mouth shut,
haven't said what's on my mind.
The words that want to come,
well, sweetie, they aren't kind.

I've analyzed it all,
sat down with friends.
I know it better than anyone,
I see how this will end.

I've been there through it all,
every last goodbye.
You watched him destroy me,
you watched him make me cry.

But you didn't see when,
he called me on the phone.
Asked if I was upset,
because I was the one alone.

Threw it in my face,
that he'd kissed another girl.
When honestly I didn't care,
but he made my head whurl.

You weren't there to hear,
him call ******* on me.
He told me I was nothing but a *****,
and that was all I'd ever be.

You weren't there to see,
me throw water in his face.
I haven't said but two words,
because this is not my place.

I wish somehow you'd ask,
come talk like we used to.
You watched me cry a lot,
I always confided in you.

But I feel like there's a wall,
it's hard and brick and standing.
Keeping me away from you,
left me alone comprehending.

All that's going on,
everything and more.
The times he called me fat,
that I was nothing but a *****...

And what he called ******* on,
honey you would fly.
I was still at work,
and I just wanted to cry.

I wish I could tell you this,
everything and more.
But now I don't know what to say,
and I just can't be sure.

Honey can't you see?
all he's done here.
Made me and others cry,
hard sobbing tears.

He was in love with someone,
he felt head over heels.
Claimed he'd never felt that way,
and it just didn't seem real.

Then he went for you,
immedeately to follow.
Where did those feelings go?
because they surely were not hollow.

This is all a game to him,
and it will be nothing more.
He was "In Love" now he's with you,
and I'm the ******* *****?
Jolene Perron Aug 2010
You walked away again,
that man I used to know.
Hanging in the balance,
where ever did he go?

I hate hearing about,
your love, your life, your friends.
When I can never find peace,
and this fight never ends.

All I want is to talk,
to be with you forever.
You used to be the guy,
who warmed me in stormy weather.

I hate everything about you,
but I miss you still.
Why can't I shake the memories?
those nights by the window sill.

That place you kissed me once,
and started something more.
You saved me from the ocean,
you brought me to the shore.

That look you seem to give,
I fall into your eyes.
The colours, they surround me,
how I wish that you were mine.

You embrace is like a blanket,
so soft and very warm.
I remember curling up,
and hiding from the storm.

You touch is like a wave,
of emotion down my spine.
Every time you touch me,
babe I wish that you were mine.

Nothing can compare,
to the way you make me feel.
My dreams and all my wishes,
how I hope that they come real.

For my sweet sixteen,
honey, my one and only wish.
Is that you come up to me,
and give me that longed-for-kiss.

To slowly wash away,
all the pain I've felt.
Take me away honey,
make me slowly melt.

I hope you know just this,
one thing is true.
I'm still holding onto forever,
because I still love you...
Jolene Perron Aug 2010
It's a lie,
it's a twist,
it's a word behind their back.

It's a poem,
it's a fist,
it's the confidence we lack.

It's the truth,
there's no lies,
and it's everything we know.

It's begging,
it's reason,
for you to never go.

The maturity,
the age,
the hormones that race.

The anger,
the frusteration,
written across our face.

It's life.
at it's worst,
and there's nothing we can do.

It's highschool,
it's drama,
it's me trapped with you.

Words fly,
hearts crushed,
life doesn't make sense.

Guys cry,
girls weep,
we all put up that fence.

I say,
it's about time,
to break those fences down.

Time to see,
what's really hidden,
deep beneath our frowns.

No lies,
no acts,
just truth down to the core.

What would,
this life me,
if we were to hurt no more?

Constant battle,
constant fear,
hidden deep within me.

Look farther,
look deeper,
and tell me what you see.

I want,
I need,
for this to all make sense.

I have,
the urge to,
please break down this fence.

Let's begin,
from the start,
let's sort all of this out.

No screaming,
no crying,
there is no reason to shout.

It's life,
it's drama,
it's highschool at the worst.

I want to smile,
let's be happy,
be free of all this hurt.
Jolene Perron Aug 2010
You hurt me,
you lied and lied.
Now you could be the reason,
he says goodbye.

You didn't stop,
long after I told you to.
You blame me for hurting,
for doing all of this to you.

Well darling, you don't get,
how much hell you put me through.
You did twice as much to me,
than I ever did to you.

You keep messing with,
my life my love and more.
You wonder why I said goodbye,
why I was so sure?

You never stopped,
when I told you to.
When I said goodbye,
you should have too.

I couldn't stand to see you,
to look at your face.
I found someone better,
to take your place.

How dare you ridicule,
spread **** about me.
Act like the victim,
when in truth it was me.

How dare you act,
like you did nothing wrong.
Like it was all my fault,
and it had been all along.

I'm not a saint from heaven,
no honey, not even close.
But you're no angel,
you ain't no ******* host.
I ask that no one come to random conclusions about who this poem is about. I can almost guarentee it's not about what you think it is.
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
Walking, walking,
let's move on forward.
But every time I try,
it's two steps backward.

Listen, listen,
to the words I need to say.
But they aren't coming out,
no honey, not today.

I wish, I wish,
I could tell you everything.
But I don't know myself,
I can't hear my heart sing.

The words, the words,
so lost in my heart.
I can't decifer them,
and it's tearing me apart.

I miss, I miss,
what we used to be.
The best friends ever,
you were always there for me.

I want, I want,
that someone to always hold.
Who's here to be with me,
and forever grow old.

I need, I need,
someone to just say.
"Baby, it'll be all right,"
and hold me close today.

These days, these days,
getting harder to bear.
The people around,
my heart they tear.

I'm falling, I'm falling,
someone help me up.
These days, I'm telling you,
have never been so rough.

My feelings, my feelings,
have never been so hard.
To decifer, but honey,
there's more and more ...

I'm falling....I'm falling...
I need help now ...
Can someone just hold me?
It's gotta be alright some how ...
Jolene Perron Jul 2010
Maybe I'm a little scared,
to really open up.
Maybe I just feel as if,
I'll never be good enough.

Maybe, baby, I miss you,
and I really want you back.
Maybe you make it all right,
when everything's out of whack.

Maybe I'm scared to fall,
into a new love.
Maybe I just want you back,
to pick me up above.

My life is falling into shreds,
and I just need you here.
To hold me tight hug me close,
and whisper in my ear.

I don't think you understand,
the tears that I have cried.
The nights spent laying in bed,
wishing you were mine.

I'm crying, I'm lonely,
will you please help me?
Come here and hold me,
tell me you love me.

All those feelings,
they didn't just leave.
Where are they in you?
where could they be ...

I miss you,
I miss being by your side.
I just want you back,
I want you to be mine.
Jolene Perron Oct 2010
I ask you to go away,
you text me again.
You tell me all you want,
is to be my friend.

Does a true friend,
hack someone's Twitter?
Do they mess around,
trying to upset her?

Does a true friend try,
to ruin the other's day?
Twisting everything,
and every word they say?

Does a true friend ridicule,
about the other's job?
When they themselves,
can't do much better?

All this happens,
all in one day.
I'm left astounded,
but the words you say.

I've done my fair share,
I do admit.
But for a while now,
I've remained quiet.

You play the good guy,
but look at what you do.
Honey, I'm no angel,
but neither are  you.
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