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Feb 2011
Going through pictures,
the moments, the laughs.
Going through memories,
when I sat on your lap.

I captured a moment,
who we were back then.
Wasn't long ago,
but I remember when.

The exact moment in time,
when my finger hit the button.
Who we were then,
it seems to be forgotten.

I'm tired of moving on,
I just want to stay still.
Be me, as I am, forever,
I'm wishing with all my will.

I don't wanna grow up,
don't wanna lose this.
Who we all used to be,
it's something I truely miss.

Back then, back when,
we were loving and laughing.
University was far away,
life seemed like a simple thing.

But now, I'm struggling,
school, social life, work and sleep.
Seems we can only ever have,
one, two, maybe three.

And as we grow up , get older,
things are constantly at change.
People grow up,
and sometimes feelings fade.

I hate change,
and I only wish it would stop.
But it doesn't matter,
what I wish, what I want.

Because life is going to keep moving,
and I just have to hold on.
Look at this picture and memory,
and accept that it's gone.
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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