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Jolene Perron Jan 2011
There are things in this life,
that I live for every day.
Things in this life in which,
I lose myself in every way.

Your eyes, your hands,
the way you hold me just so.
They way you kiss my lips,
as I'm wishing you would never go.

The way the clouds in the sky,
looking so fluffy one afternoon.
Then suddenly, they take a turn,
and there's no sight of even the moon.

The way the music flows,
softly in my ears.
As I sit and listen with you,
and it drowns out my fears.

You, you're beautiful to me,
and if only you could see.
How strong you really are,
how amazing you can be.

You give me butterflies,
and it's truely amazing now.
How the world can be collapsing beneath,
but you're with me anyhow.

We're so afraid of change, and yet,
it's so prominent in our lives.
Things fall apart, things fall together,
things left like destructed coal mines.

Life can fall apart,
and our world can be in ruins.
But this is the road to transformation,
let us let it begin.
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
Hey there, morning glory,
in this brand new light.
My mind is going in thirty directions,
I'm thinking fight or flight.

Your touch is like fire,
your kisses burn my lips.
My tummy's turning like never before,
your hands upon my hips.

You moved in quick at first,
I was almost caught off guard.
Even after knowning you,
for three years, I was alarmed.

But it's never felt so right,
and not quite so intense.
You broke down my brick wall,
put a hole in my fence.

And now you have me singing,
my, oh my, oh my.
You've shown me compassion,
and trust so hard to find.

You're the only person around,
who's never left my side.
Who could know not a thing going on,
but be there immediately to confide.

You've held me close before,
told me reassuring words.
You always know just what to say,
to take away my hurt.

And now here we are,
our friendship's taken a turn.
Would you have thought three years ago,
it would be for my heart you's yearn?

When we sat reading to eachother,
our stories and poetry after school.
That now you would be holding me,
could I have been that much of a fool.

Not to see the way you look,
that compassion in your eyes.
I'm seeing you differently now,
after all of my goodbyes.

I'm hoping that just maybe,
this is true, for real.
Because, darling, I've fallen for you,
and I'm going head over heels.
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
This is something moral,
something I believe.
I promise, I won't stop,
fighting 'till I acheieve.

You may call me,
some kind of drama queen.
But there's more to it,
you're not listening to me.

I have a reason behind,
there's truth in all I say.
I'm fighting for a good reason,
in each and every way.

The truth, the lies, the story,
everything I know.
Fighting for beliefs,
or for someone not to go.

For something maybe anything,
but I promise I won't quit.
And I won't put up with this,
none of your ****.

Because what I believe is true,
are my morals and they're mine.
I'll make them heard, I promise,
I'm a fighter, you're out of line.
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
Cut from your mother,
for your own sick needs.
For someone else's pleasure,
and no else sees.

How sick this is,
it's cruel and wrong.
It's horrible, it's selfish,
and it has been all along.

On a woman, on a pig,
any animal of any kind.
Can't you see the sickness?
the cruelty behind ?

To rip the fetus from,
the flesh of it's mother.
It never took a breath,
never felt the weather.

It never saw day,
never tasted the air.
Tell what about this exactly,
is honestly fair?
We were supposed to start our dissection of a fetal pig today in Biology. I walked out of the room crying ... I explained to the teacher I couldn't do it, that it wasn't fair, that it was abortion. These are my thoughts on abortion.
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
Using others around you,
for your own sick needs.
You have them begging,
upon their knees.

Until they realize,
who you really are.
But no one believes,
and you've left them scarred.

You're nothing but pathetic,
and you'll get yours I'm sure.
You're nothing but a loser,
who torments innocent girls.

Who makes them fall hard,
and you get scared and flee.
And yourself look awesome,
smelling like roses while she.

She's left pining for you,
to come back to her.
You claim you care,
then go back on your word.

You spread lies and rumours,
and people believe.
The lie you're spinning,
the ways you deceive.

You get a girl to fight your war,
when you're a perfectly capable man.
And then you scurry off,
to hold the new girls hand.

You're a loser, you're pathetic,
and you'll get yours some day.
You're get hurt and then you'll see,
what you do every day.
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
She grew up too fast,
that tiny little girl.
Forced to mature,
in this cold, cruel world.

Sh never let you see,
no, she never let you know.
What she missed out on,
when she had to grow.

Now she's searching,
for a better life somewhere.
She wants tender love,
sweetness and care.

These people in life,
do nothing but shatter.
They rip her apart,
break her heart which is tattered.

There's a blue sky, she knows,
somewhere out there.
And someone who's gotta,
who just has to care.

She's gonna escape,
out past the horizon there.
Find what she's missing,
in that life out there.
Jolene Perron Jan 2011
There's a girl I know,
and from the outside looking in.
She's got it all,
a job, a family and friends.

Her eyes pop,
her body with curves.
Some days she feels,
like she's on top of the world.

But did you know she falls,
and when she's alone, she cries.
In such a great life,
there isn't happiness to find.

She has all she wanted,
but still feels she's missing.
Something very important,
and no one is listening.

She loses herself,
in music each day.
As she floats to a world,
oh so far away.

But she can't figure out,
just what it is that's gone.
And she doesn't quite know,
just what is wrong.

But as the music grasps her,
and the lyrics unfold.
She thinks of a place,
as she hides from the cold.

A place so far,
very far away.
You go and be gone,
just any random day.

And she wants to go,
to leave this place.
To meet new people,
learn a new face.

Maybe that's what she needs,
is to just get a way.
For a week or two,
more than just a day.

Because something is missing,
you can see it in her face.
She needs to find something,
to get out of this place...
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