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Mar 2011
She walks through life,
Sunrise, sundown.
She begins to feel nothing,
she's wearing a frown.

Her perspective is lost,
her thoughts unknown.
Not even she,
can decipher this on her own.

Nothing is right,
and it doesn't make sense.
Why there are walls,
who put up this fence?

Is it a fear?
it's something she does not know.
She's oh so lost,
doesn't know where to go.

And she doesn't know why,
where it came from.
All she knows,
is she just feels numb.

She doesn't feel the sun,
she can't feel the warmth.
She's merely sliding by,
putting one foot forth.

The cold wind blows,
but it doesn't seem to matter.
She's standing at the bottom,
of this life's ladder.

And she's not quite sure,
where to go from here.
How to get farther,
how to conquere fear.

All she knows now,
not where she's from.
But all she feels now,
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
   Terry Collett
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