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he wasn’t a solider
he wasn’t dying of cancer
he didn’t have any great struggle
he didn’t live without even the
most basic necessities of life

he didn’t  do anything honorable
he didn’t make strides in any field
he wasn’t a hero or a god
he was an average guy,
like you or me

his greatest act wasn’t a battle
his greatest success wasn’t in war
his victory wasn’t against other men
his choice wasn’t even conscious

his whole existence was mired in laziness,
his entire world borne of excess and fat,
his brave act, which makes him so great,
was meant to fight against this destructive

he was a man, no,
a boy,
who looked at his brothers,
his friends, his fathers, and
saw pigs, gluttonous animals
meant to live in the mud

he looked to his world and
saw what it had come to:
the mud in a pig pen

and he thought,
not for a long
time, just enough,
and decided that
something was
not right

so from that day forth
he looked to his peers
look at what they did
and told himself:

I will not be like
them anymore
Your boyish beauty breaks
my vacant chest aches

To see you’re fragile wall shatter,
your heart stops the pitter-patter

I’m trying to sew the seam
where the crack ruptured your dream

Being around you helps me fly
And I can’t bear to say goodbye.
We lie awake and dream our dreams, letting our thoughts flow like streams,
Like mist around the moon, on a warm night in June
They vanish.
Tick, tock the time rolls around the clock,
Slowly but surely fought, lessons, they never seem taught
Although changed is expected, it is never fully accepted
A frightening contemplation, but a permanent deliberation
Such is life.
We’re positioned at this conditioned point
As time rattles on, like you’re just a pawn
In this short game.
A careless thought, no longer sought
Left alone life a leaf being blown
Away in the wind.
You can try screaming, just to find meaning
But what you desire will soon expire
As will it all.
Sewing the seam never truly gets rids of the dream
A life without strife
Would be wonderful
The thought of life without good-bye could make one’s heart fly
A million miles above, soaring like a dove
Away from the world.
© Morgan Percy 2011

a poem I wrote for an assignment in English class,
was nearly the death of me
shooting stars
coin tosses
and birthday candles
I wish for you

forever & always
I wish you could see
Morgan Percy 2011 ©
It's like you don't hear them at all
they know what she is
what she's doing
to you

it's like you've taken you're fragile heart
hidden it, far away
and I don't know how to get there
I don't know how to get through
to you

you know what she's doing
still you stay by her side
because in your mind,
she's everything
to you

and here I am, thinking of you
wondering what you're thinking of, or who
wishing I could mean everything
*to you
© Morgan Percy 2011
Laying in darkness
With sand between my toes
I remember everything you told me
And taught me about the stars

Searching the galaxy
For the North Star
I smile thinking of you
When you shined just as bright

The breeze smells of ocean
While the waves crash on the rocks
I take everything in around me
Let my mind wander

Somewhere you may be doing the same
Looking at the same star
Thinking you miss me as much as I miss you
And remember the time you taught me about the stars.
© August 15, 2010. Shanna Howse.
This message you'll find,
A note attched to
My heart on a wire
Will it make you see
Exactly how much you mean to me
The sound of your voice,
The touch of your skin
The taste of your lips
Are all things I don't know how I lived without.
Those short walks around
with nowhere to go
no place to be
just simply walking aimlessly.
The talks at night
that always make me smile.
The sound of your voice making my day go from bad to best
in an instant.
I'd give just about anything
Just to see you smile,
walk by your side
or even just glance in my direction.
I guess what I'm trying to say
Is what I tell your blue eyes sparkling
every day.
I guess all this really is trying to say,
I love you Babe <3
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas everybody :)
I watch you pace back and forth
in your apartment,
grasping at faded memories
and moments long since forgotten

You collapse on the couch
with a heavy hearted sigh
you fidget and fiddle
as you wonder where I am

I always lived like this
keeping a suitable distance
it's almost comical to think my afterlife
would be the same

I wish I could move on
but I can't seem to let go of you
I can't bare the thought of leaving you
here all alone

but I know I have to,
it's for your own good.
I move closer to you
and kiss your forehead

within an instant
I begin to fade
I know you'll be okay,
but I'll never forget you...
© Morgan Percy 2010
clouds are quite a violent thing
the wind, the rain, the storms,
never creating, only destroying,
at least in the short term

but with winter upon us now
and the freezing air drives us
inside, huddling around the
fire, the clouds that come, do
not seem like soldiers, rather
like a blanket, keeping us in,
and everything else out
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