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Feb 2011
I'm looking at myself,
in the mirrow in front of me.
I'm picturing who I was,
who I'll never again be.

Someone who's been forgotten,
and lost within the year.
The time that's passed in which,
I've shed millions of tears.

In searching for someone,
who was lost so far beneath.
The lies, the scars, the hatred,
couldn't stand on two feet.

I was always falling down,
I was always on my knees.
Crying out for help,
screaming "Someone. Please!"

I used to be someone,
who gave everything but.
Left nothing for myself,
and dug myself a rut.

I crawled down deep,
hiding in my shame.
Losing myself,
forgetting even my name.

But now as I stand,
confident and tall.
I see where I was,
and I'm tearing down the walls.

I'm loving who I am,
and where I am  in life.
I'm making a change now,
and everything is right.

My grades, my work, my life,
new friends I'm surrounded with.
The boy by my side,
who reassures me with each kiss.

I've taken myself from the drama,
the cruelty and lies.
I'm moving forward now,
leaving it all behind.

I'm someone different but,
never will I forget.
Who I was before,
everything that was meant.

For where I've been back there,
and where I am now.
Is the secret to the life,
in which I have found.

I'm standing tall and proud,
beautiful inside and out.
I didn't run away from it,
instead, I found a way out ...
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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