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I have lived a thousand lives and died a million deaths.
And somewhere in between, I finally found myself.
  Dec 2014 The Quiet Poet
Becoming myself
More and more every day
Everyday finding myself
In the sky
The Quiet Poet Nov 2014
I would offer you a coffee
but even that can't warm your frozen heart.
The Quiet Poet Nov 2014
Love never dies
Regardless of what people do
The Quiet Poet Nov 2014
Tears cascaded down my face
as blood cascaded down your chest.
  Nov 2014 The Quiet Poet
.   )          (                          )      (
      (              )         )            (          )   
               )      (        (        )        )             
              (          )        )     (       (    (           
                     )               (                       )              
there you are...sitting right across •
and here i am...fidgeting in my seat
•searching for words...but seeming-
ly at a loss•only the eloquence of
my racing, thumping heartbeat•
trading only in silent words and
coy gazes•mingling within the
tendrils of  wafting steam•
divine  moment  as the
heart rapidly races•

over our hot cuppas, soaring into caffeine
fueled dreams•
Inspired by a topic in a chat earlier today.
  Nov 2014 The Quiet Poet
I am the product of my mistakes,
attitude, the way to success,
sometimes they make me stronger
sometimes a sense of pain.

Poetry is just the thread,
that sneaks out of my face,
basting those feelings,
with the rest.
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