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Jaclyn Harlamert Mar 2017
Free the ******!
Live with less clothes!
Live with less ego...
Live with less standards.
Get rid of the borders.
You don't need that bread.
Underneath the pants
we all have the same parts,
There's vaginas,
There's penises,
and people who have both.
Right and wrong is like
***** and ******;
Relative to perspective.
So who's to say,
who should love who,
or what one should do.
Don't tell me
what to do with my body!
Help free the *******!
There's nothing wrong with not wearing clothes!
Its not an invite for ***!
Lets stop judging our vessels of life!
Jaclyn Harlamert Mar 2017
Feel the chemicals burning
                     My heart is already yearning
          I want a taste of your love  
    To be a piece of your life                  
But I want to be careful      
                               not to spoil
                    something so beautiful
Its only potential            
                   and potent
Jaclyn Harlamert Mar 2017
I keep replaying
Last night's scene.
An English man
sitting at a bar,
in a wealthy
side of town.

He was carrying on
with me about
The People
not having
a good reason
to carry a gun.

It's hard for him to see
why I strongly disagree.
I want The People
to fight for what they believe in,
and question authority.

It wouldn't be quite fair
if the law makers
and enforcers
had all the guns
and we had none.

Rebels are going to
have guns anyway,
but they call them criminals.
Then otherizing them,
making it "okay"
for them to be locked away
in 3x overcrowded cells,
for as long as they can keep them there.

Please keep explaining to me
why you,
who lives in a gated community,
are okay with your gun
in your locked safe,
but you're not okay with me,
who lives in the south end,
having a gun
on my hip
as I walk through
a littered park.

Or why it's not okay
for a women,
looking good
for a night out on the town,
to keep a gun in her purse
as she passes the downtown alleys
and begging homeless.

You're right about the terrorists.
They don't really exist,
but do you realize who
did bomb the towers?
Do you realize who is creating
the fear of black men, now Muslims?

Please keep telling me
that there's no reason
for a revolution.
That there's no good reason
For The people
to carry a gun.

There's nothing wrong
with fighting for what you believe in,
but blindly taking away
ones ability to fight back,
that's wrong.
Comment with your opinions on gun rights if you want!! Here's my opinion.
Jaclyn Harlamert Feb 2017
The s k y has come down from it's p e d e s t a l
Chilly m i s t is layered over the c i t y,
Blurring the e d g e s and l i n e s
That define what we know as r e a l i t y

Keeping us from worrying
About w h a t  i s to come
Until it is actually in front of us
Though w o n d e r keeps us on our t o e s,
C r e a t i o n is at our **f i n g e r t i p s
Jaclyn Harlamert Feb 2017
Always something new to learn
For the passion I yearn
To the left I turn
And the right I will reach
With everything in between
As bright as beauty can be
Jaclyn Harlamert Feb 2017
Being a homosapien,
It's a trip my friend.
A little more brain than usual
That we're trying to figure out what to do with.
Letting it have it's way with us.
Believing everything it says.
Figuring out all life's "problems".
Wondering what our purpose is.
Thinking we are separated,
But can't handle being alone.

When you make yourself a victim,
You want to be rescued,
But you need to save yourself
Because only through knowing who you are
Can you know you're never alone.
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