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Mar 2017 · 4.1k
Censor This
Jaclyn Harlamert Mar 2017
Free the ******!
Live with less clothes!
Live with less ego...
Live with less standards.
Get rid of the borders.
You don't need that bread.
Underneath the pants
we all have the same parts,
There's vaginas,
There's penises,
and people who have both.
Right and wrong is like
***** and ******;
Relative to perspective.
So who's to say,
who should love who,
or what one should do.
Don't tell me
what to do with my body!
Help free the *******!
There's nothing wrong with not wearing clothes!
Its not an invite for ***!
Lets stop judging our vessels of life!
Mar 2017 · 304
Jaclyn Harlamert Mar 2017
Feel the chemicals burning
                     My heart is already yearning
          I want a taste of your love  
    To be a piece of your life                  
But I want to be careful      
                               not to spoil
                    something so beautiful
Its only potential            
                   and potent
Mar 2017 · 351
The People
Jaclyn Harlamert Mar 2017
I keep replaying
Last night's scene.
An English man
sitting at a bar,
in a wealthy
side of town.

He was carrying on
with me about
The People
not having
a good reason
to carry a gun.

It's hard for him to see
why I strongly disagree.
I want The People
to fight for what they believe in,
and question authority.

It wouldn't be quite fair
if the law makers
and enforcers
had all the guns
and we had none.

Rebels are going to
have guns anyway,
but they call them criminals.
Then otherizing them,
making it "okay"
for them to be locked away
in 3x overcrowded cells,
for as long as they can keep them there.

Please keep explaining to me
why you,
who lives in a gated community,
are okay with your gun
in your locked safe,
but you're not okay with me,
who lives in the south end,
having a gun
on my hip
as I walk through
a littered park.

Or why it's not okay
for a women,
looking good
for a night out on the town,
to keep a gun in her purse
as she passes the downtown alleys
and begging homeless.

You're right about the terrorists.
They don't really exist,
but do you realize who
did bomb the towers?
Do you realize who is creating
the fear of black men, now Muslims?

Please keep telling me
that there's no reason
for a revolution.
That there's no good reason
For The people
to carry a gun.

There's nothing wrong
with fighting for what you believe in,
but blindly taking away
ones ability to fight back,
that's wrong.
Comment with your opinions on gun rights if you want!! Here's my opinion.
Feb 2017 · 587
Inspired by city fog
Jaclyn Harlamert Feb 2017
The s k y has come down from it's p e d e s t a l
Chilly m i s t is layered over the c i t y,
Blurring the e d g e s and l i n e s
That define what we know as r e a l i t y

Keeping us from worrying
About w h a t  i s to come
Until it is actually in front of us
Though w o n d e r keeps us on our t o e s,
C r e a t i o n is at our **f i n g e r t i p s
Feb 2017 · 597
Poem for Hula Hoop Dancers
Jaclyn Harlamert Feb 2017
Always something new to learn
For the passion I yearn
To the left I turn
And the right I will reach
With everything in between
As bright as beauty can be
Feb 2017 · 722
Jaclyn Harlamert Feb 2017
Being a homosapien,
It's a trip my friend.
A little more brain than usual
That we're trying to figure out what to do with.
Letting it have it's way with us.
Believing everything it says.
Figuring out all life's "problems".
Wondering what our purpose is.
Thinking we are separated,
But can't handle being alone.

When you make yourself a victim,
You want to be rescued,
But you need to save yourself
Because only through knowing who you are
Can you know you're never alone.
Feb 2017 · 201
In Life
Jaclyn Harlamert Feb 2017
You have no control,
but all the influence.
Feb 2017 · 439
Alone isn't lonely
Jaclyn Harlamert Feb 2017
I dont talk about the past
There is no point
Life is happening really fast
Where's the joint?

Live it while its here,
There is nothing to fear
Why not shed a tear?
You never know when end is near

Observation is the key
No one cares about you or me
There's pleasure in the pain
There's dancing in the rain
Silence is louder than words
It can help you hear the birds

So, alone isn't lonely
Its the least of what she's shown me

Free is the ultimate
I'm pretty sure I'm far from it

My hear will grow wings
And fly far away
The true bands will sing
Or will I stay?
Jan 2017 · 325
Just Flowing
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
The sun while burning up the sky
behind the horizon it falls with grace

Companion of mine
Play a tune softly,
I will hum, lay back and
sing the words I don't know

There is something about this place
This moment...

My body is overstuffed
with euphoric satisfaction
I love the way the breeze blows
Jan 2017 · 579
So many strings
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
I will untie all my loose knots of string attached to me and cut the strings when the knots are too strong. Yet still a piece will stay attached, but I'll be able to go down my own path.
Jan 2017 · 237
Fortune cookie
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
No One can be different
If no Two are the same ..
Jan 2017 · 249
hungry society
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
I'm obsessed
I want to be pelted in the face
With all the information
Many different perspectives
Of what I'm eating

Our bodies are temples
But we are filling them with junk
Its time to clean out our toxins
Push out the sweets addiction
And input real life

Learning how to love myself
An even better way
Because I want to live long
Getting back to the basics
But With all the new science

They don't sell us what's healthy
They tell us its happiness
But deprive us of nutrients
So we are always left hungry
Feeling the need for more

What we need is in nature
Growing from the ground
Where all things come from
Its where good foods are found
I've been learning about what we eat, how its made, and what studies have shown is actually good for you.
Jan 2017 · 354
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
What the **** is this?
******* do your dishes!
If I was boss you would hate me.
Jan 2017 · 205
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Well hello there again
I haven't seen you in a while
This feels all the same
Just like when I was a child
The past coming to visit. This one person used to be my weakness.
Jan 2017 · 261
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
The trees are getting brighter
leaves are catching fire
The air is getting crisper
I hear a faint whisper
Am I listening to my chest?
or is this a new mindset?
My balance is unsteady
I hope that I'll be ready
I might just fall
The outside change small
Its a new season inside
I'm here for the ride
For The Now I strive
I tell you, Autumn is alive
Written at the park Nov 4th 2012
Jan 2017 · 260
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
My eyes are prettier when I cry
My heart feels stronger now that I've tried
When you give it your all, do everything you can, but still get let down, at least you know you did your best. You didn't disappoint yourself.
Jan 2017 · 2.8k
Losing your insanity
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
It will happen to the best of us
losing our insanity
I climbed into a tree of lust
to feel reality
We're only living on the crust
and the earth is really deep
We humans always think we have it figured out; the way we're supposed to live and love. But to never question your beliefs is real insanity
Jan 2017 · 670
9/15/2012 Tattoos
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Regret is for the people who live in the past

I believe that my heart is here to last

The ink in the skin draws a picture

The hope for an interest to flicker

Sharing your life and new thought

An old perspective shall be taught
"Do you really think you're going to want those forever?"
Jan 2017 · 323
Are you here right now?
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Are you doing your best at living?
Are you giving it all you have?
We all have something to give to the world,
So dont be shy
Are you making yourself happy?
Or are you making yourself cry?
Listen to your feet, not your head
Show your teeth, hold a hand
Are you here right now?
Or are you in another land?
Jan 2017 · 811
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
I hear a dinosaur knocking at my door
I think he always wants a little more
The dinosaur is the past, or history wanting to survive in memory so it will continue to exist
Jan 2017 · 516
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
There's a puddle on my cheek
And its there because you won't speak
When you're silent, my mind runs more than it should
And it never makes up anything good
I try to see from your eyes
But that only makes me want to cry
I've lost my own eyes in a smog
I'm not sure of where to walk
I haven't heard anything from either ear
So far, no sign of direction is clear
Emotions before a break up
Jan 2017 · 811
Hallmark Love
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
I wish I could be with you, sleeping in your arms
Even when unconscious, you keep me safe from harm

Feeling your chest breathing underneath my ear,
There's a steady heartbeat of yours I love to hear

Someone told me that love is an endeavor,
Yet I know, I could lay with you forever.
My squishiest poem
Jan 2017 · 364
The Song
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
There's a never ending rhythm
Listen carefully and you can hear
Listen quietly so it comes clear
Pay enough attention and you'll live the lyrics
Dancing to the beat
Dont forget to move your feet
If someone try's to tell you how it goes
You wont catch the way it flows
Close your eyes, take off your clothes
Watch your breath come and go
When you hear it you will know
Spontaneous reactions
And unbelievable attractions
Being where you are will get you so far
Here in the song
Where there is no wrong
Jan 2017 · 1.5k
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Its hard not to listen
When its part of his ears
The voices dont listen
They just instill fears
Its like he is two
And can't figure which is true
He watch to just choose
A repulsive song was sung
With the black and sour tongues
It puts him in a trance
And they make him do a dance
Stuck in the same motion
They keep feeding him this potion
Its fuel for the machine
Powered by grey matter
But the fuel isn't clean
Soon blood will splatter
On the face of the innocent
She just wanted to help
But all her coins are spent
She just wants to help.
Its a wild disorder
Jan 2017 · 346
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Sometimes I go for a walk without myself
  not really alone but beyond the self
I let the fresh air fill my lungs
  at the same time the windchime rung
Connected to the sound
  I felt my heart pound
I noticed the crickets chants
  as the trees started to dance
One of my favorites. Another one with images of a dream.
Jan 2017 · 357
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Desperately searching
but not moving an inch, standing
Its dark and I'm scared
I can't see past the wreckage
Its too tall and thick
What I'm looking for has to be there
I notice you sitting in the shadows
Maybe, wondering what I'm looking for?
I asked if you knew if it was that way
You came to me and together
With the first step it gets brighter
With the second step it gets clearer
With the third step it gets warmer
Its beautiful, its whimsical
Its stunning, it must be spring
There's a dog caged in behind a fence
He is barking toward us, warning us?
Mad at us? Maybe he is calling for us
To set him free but we don't have His key
What a flower, so rich with power
I want to take it with me,
It has protection that ****** me
A little further there's a stream
In the sunlight it gleams
The water is only the most clean
What else do I need?
Nothing comes to mind so I'll take my time
I like it here
I'm not leaving here
The beauty is worth the stay
This one happened as I was describing the dream I just woke up from. The setting, like most my dreams, was in the neighborhood I grew up in.
Jan 2017 · 599
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Set my spirit free
Hang me from a tree
Sing a song to me
Open my eyes to see
I need a simple reminder
Dont forget to be
Dont forget to breathe
Dont forget to believe
There is real peace
Stagnant waters have ease
Waking up from a deep sleep
Save my soul please
Jan 2017 · 194
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
There is something inside you that you don't want to show
It seems like fear but feels like sorrow,
there's a cause I want to know
you need something to hold onto to keep you afloat yet
you swim far from the boat,
the tides at your throat
Pulling you under you want to let go
  your fingers are slipping and you tell them no!
Its suddenly calm and you think how come?
  You dont get why
A subtle wind blew and told you to try
On the water you lay searching for a reason to fly away
You notice yourself at the surface with ease
You stood up to say
Today will always be a good day to play
I dont like titles.
Jan 2017 · 216
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
.                             Somebody new
                          A breath of fresh air
                     Without somebody new
                            I'm not sure how I'd move on
                         I'm not sure what I'd do
                    Without somebody new
                              Keeping my eyes open
                            For somebody new
                        I want to wonder your kiss
                            And thirst for your touch
                                     I'll fall into you soon
                                         Somebody new
Jan 2017 · 681
Science and Spirituality
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
There's matter and there
is energy

Both are the same
in this way

Neither can be created
nor destroyed
just transformed

Atoms and molecules
and what's moving
grouping them
together to form life

All these little things
making up bigger things
We are so small,
so small we can't
physically see what
we're making.
Is that where all
our wonder comes from?

Looking around the room
at the still objects
I see all these
moving particles coming
together to be.

What is holding them
together? What is
their purpose of connection?
Energy is working
always to influence
all of creation.

This energy is always
moving, whether seen or not
always giving and taking

It's so minute
and completely vast
It's the connection
to everything

It is my spirit
that keeps me alive
and the change
into new life when
the atoms change
and the body dies

Only acknowledgment
of the profound energy
can lead to the
answers of our wonder,
the reason for life

Focused on physicality
the bigger picture
will never be seen

The bigger picture
is too big for our eyes
but that's why we have;
Our minds
to sort out
the manifestations
And our hearts
to hold onto purpose

It will always
be hard to explain
something so much
bigger than ourselves
but I know
every part is vital

Every part is conjoined
to the last and the next
making up one

That is reason enough
for me to want to be
a helpful change
a good person
and forgiving.

Anything is possible
Science and spirituality are connected
Jan 2017 · 186
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Can you see through what you do?
It is far from who you are

They are planets apart
What is real is from the heart

Open both eyes then open the next
Open your chest and see us connect!
Jan 2017 · 513
We all deserve to live free
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
We all deserve to live free

Why do we want things free?

I thought it was supposed to be a free country?

We're selling our time

We're selling our effort

All for the paper...

That's supposedly how we get out necessities.

We buy our food

We pay for a place to live in this world,

So this is "the real world".

Why is the education we supposedly need,

To make the big money and land that good career,

Putting us in shackles of debt?

We're paying for this land

That is given to us by mother nature

For free

And we can teach each other and ourselves

To be free of judgement

To be free of oppression

To respect all of life equally

We can stand up for one another

We can stand up for the people in the world

We all deserve to live free
Freedom should come free, who can agree?
Jan 2017 · 281
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
I'm a salty poor person
   in bed
Eating bread and butter for dinner
Peanut butter dipped chips for desert

Water only for me
It's almost time for bed
   and I think
If I fall asleep on the other side
Would I wake up with different luck?

Take in the trees to help me sleep
    and always
Remember to breathe
Remember all those people that are there for me

The dark makes me feel at home
My dog never lets me feel alone

I never had a solid plan
But my 22nd year finished
And I'm understanding what I am

I worked the ******* shift today
    and I know
I can't always have my way

But I think I deserve better than this
I deserve to find my bliss

They say something like
The less you have
The higher you fly
But where the **** am I?

Stuck in this place
I've always been
I'm bound to leave
I wonder when

One day I'll be there
In my own nirvana
   and I'll remember

Those days
When I didn't even know what I wanted
Always self reflecting 12/12/16
Jan 2017 · 524
I can
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
I can feel life hugging every inch of my skin

I can feel life springing from the right side in

I can hear music in all the different sounds

I can hear music in my hearts every pound
Soul searching and finding
Jan 2017 · 391
Morning Glory
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
There was a vine
A flowered vine
Growing on a fence
Poking out the cracks

Someone cut them down
Wrangled them together
And tossed them
In the trash next to mine

Days later
In the middle of the night
Our garbage cans contents
Were pulled out
And scattered next to the ally

Night owl me,
Brought another bag
Found the mess outside
And put the 'waste'
Back in its place

The lid says "NO YARD WASTE"
So I left the abused plant
Where it fell
On the cold concrete sidewalk

With no sleep to show for
The sun rises
The tangled, cut,
Unwanted fence ****
Lay there in the light
Smiling purple blooms
In all their glory

They told me to tell their story
True story
Jan 2017 · 611
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Tell the day she is beautiful
And she will treat you with kindness
Tell the day she is magical
And she will show you love
Tell the day she is worth living
And she will never leave you
Like everything, the day isn't perfect
Be her doctor, not her disease
Dont forget to tell the day she is
beautiful, magical, worth living
The day is here

— The End —