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Holly Jul 2013
I am bored
of routine,
of familiarity,
and of repetition.
I just exist,
I am unimportant,
but really, we all are.

Who created us?
What do we live for?
Why are we here?

Top of the food chain,
the most advanced product of evolution,
more intelligent than all other creatures
and yet we barely understand our own kind.
I don't even fully understand myself.

Humans are ignorant.
We are just the inmates, eternally confined
and restricted to the spherical dome-shaped prison that is planet Earth.
There is no way to escape.
We are trapped.
a bit pessimistic but I wasn't in the best mood when I wrote this poem so meh
Holly Jun 2013
If you've never felt the piercing cold of winter,
How would you know the pleasant warmth of a summer's day?
If you do not know of sorrow,
How do you know what is joy?
If you are yet to experience unfathomable failure,
How can you revel in success?
If you have not suffered,
You will not appreciate happiness.

If you've never felt weakness or vulnerability,
How would you know of strength and compassion?
If you do not know of oppression,
How do you know what is freedom?
If you are yet to experience paralysing fear,
How can you be courageous?
If you have not been through heartbreak,
You will not appreciate the beauty of true love.
True love is love that is always returned.

To value the good,
You must first encounter the bad.
Holly Jun 2013
Words can evoke many emotions.

Words can be like little paper hearts;
messengers of love and happiness,
if shot from Cupid's bow
carefully and aimed
at the right person.

Words can be like bandages;
able to heal wounds,
to make amends and
to fix someone,
to make them better again.

Words can be like knives;
sharp and strong,
they can hurt you,
slash straight through you,
they can cause pain.

Words can be like echoes;
all those thoughts
that you don't want to remember
can be heard, repeated in your head
over and over and over again.

Words are capable of both inflicting pain
and remedying it.
**Words are powerful.
people should remember how strongly their words can affect others sometimes.
Holly Jun 2013
"But I don't want to die." said a tiny young girl, tearfully.

"You don’t die, not really,
There's another life afterwards, a better life,
Just waiting for you.
You'll be able to see Nanny again,
When you're up in heaven." replied her Mother at once, comforting her.

How do you escape death?
Truth is, you can't.
It's the only guarantee of life,
The only certainty.

Humans try to conquer their fear of death
By painting wonderful mental pictures,
Creating a mirage of white lies,
Of reassurance.
Convincing themselves that there's a better life.
Dreaming of heaven;
Clear blue skies,
Songbirds chirping harmoniously
From dawn until dusk,
Rewards for good behaviour,
for those deemed obedient enough.
But realistic?
I'll leave that for you to decide.

Heaven symbolises the escape from the fear of dying.
An attempt to comfort,
To put minds at rest.
Created to make people feel less frightened, and
followed by those scared of death,
scared of the unknown.
I don't mean to intentionally offend religious people in any way through this poem, I'm just expressing my personal opinions about this topic.
Holly Jun 2013
Time waits for no one.

Every day,
Every hour,
Every minute,
Every second
I get wiser.

Every day,
Every hour,
Every minute,
Every second
I get older.

Every day,
Every hour,
Every minute,
Every second
I get slightly closer to death.

Closer to peace,
Closer to serenity,
Closer to heaven.
Holly Jun 2013
Genuine intellect is often falsely understood.

Brainpower cannot be measured by grades or exam performance,
Nor from one's tone of voice or accent,
Or the complexity of their vocabulary.
It is not always proportional to the size of an income,
The exclusivity of a school,
The grasp of understanding of trigonometry or algebra,
Or one's apparent IQ.

Difficulties and struggles do not make you unintelligent,
They make you human.

Clarity of insight,
Being a good judge of character
and showing an understanding beyond thought
indicate subtle brilliance.

Having an aptitude with words,
Knowing how to comfort, to console,
Delicacy and precision
And showing empathy to emotions
Signify the intricate beauty of the mind.

Intelligence is sensitive, and has a certain elegance.
It is knowing, but not saying.
Holly Jun 2013
how is it fair
that everyone else
fits in
but I don't.

how is it fair
that everyone else
is happy
but I'm not.

how is it fair
that everyone else
knows what they want to be
but I don't.

how is it fair
that everyone else
is in a relationship
but I'm not.

sorry that I'm not pretty enough
sorry that I'm not funny enough
sorry that I'm not interesting enough
sorry that I'm not good enough
for you.
not as deep as it sounds, something somebody said earlier made me think about the little things that are universally worried about during teenage years and this poem happened lol
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