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Jun 2013
"But I don't want to die." said a tiny young girl, tearfully.

"You don’t die, not really,
There's another life afterwards, a better life,
Just waiting for you.
You'll be able to see Nanny again,
When you're up in heaven." replied her Mother at once, comforting her.

How do you escape death?
Truth is, you can't.
It's the only guarantee of life,
The only certainty.

Humans try to conquer their fear of death
By painting wonderful mental pictures,
Creating a mirage of white lies,
Of reassurance.
Convincing themselves that there's a better life.
Dreaming of heaven;
Clear blue skies,
Songbirds chirping harmoniously
From dawn until dusk,
Rewards for good behaviour,
for those deemed obedient enough.
But realistic?
I'll leave that for you to decide.

Heaven symbolises the escape from the fear of dying.
An attempt to comfort,
To put minds at rest.
Created to make people feel less frightened, and
followed by those scared of death,
scared of the unknown.
I don't mean to intentionally offend religious people in any way through this poem, I'm just expressing my personal opinions about this topic.
Written by
Holly  England
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