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Aubreana Rose Dec 2015
I want to talk to someone... Anyone...
But I cannot talk to just anyone...
Not a single soul will understand my pain...
That is why I must write...
Paper is what became of a once beautiful soul..
Don't you see...
It's just like me...
Being killed til I lost my soul..
Now being used as disposable...
Being ****** dry by parasites in her life...
The only problem, she lets it happen...
Aubreana Rose Apr 2015
Short breaths
Heart racing
Hands shaking
Legs weak
Can't speak
The way you make me feel
It's something I've never known
And it's oh so real...
the thought of you is suffocating
but exhilarating.
I'm gasping for air
but there is no oxygen
and that won't stop me from diving deeper.
You continue to take my breathe away
and I won't stop
until it kills me.
Aubreana Rose Apr 2015
I had you for a moment
Looking in your eyes I knew I had to turn away
Or I'd get lost, not being able to escape
I had you for a moment
Feeling butterflies at the sight of your smile
And hearing your laugh, it made me feel whole
I had you for a moment
Kissing your lips and being held tight
Made me feel infinite, more than alive
I had you for a moment
I started chipping away at your walls
And you chipping at mine
I had you for a moment
I gave you parts of  me I can never take back
And times spent with you that made me feel more buoyant than with any other man
I had you for a moment
And going to sleep with you and waking up to you next to me
There are no words for how blissful I felt
I had you for a moment
And you said you wouldn't leave me
But you were gone at the first sign of trouble
I had you for a moment and in a moment you were gone
Now I feel like I'm drowning when I think about you
And the empty side of the bed is a reminder how I wasn't good enough
And seeing you makes me want to weep with the hurt and disappointment in my heart
You left me to my dismay
And for a moment I was happy
And in a moment *it was lost
Aubreana Rose Feb 2015
The pain of reality fills her mind
Anguished thoughts are constant
It slowly consumes her heart
Her soul turns icy cold
Shes's dead inside
Aubreana Rose Feb 2015
Pressing the blade to her delicate skin,
Crimson red leaves her body, releasing the pain in her soul
Aubreana Rose Feb 2015
Picture us hand in hand, taking a stroll by a glittering lake
Picture me kissing your lips in front of all our friends
Picture me smiling, gazing into your eyes
Picture us laughing, feeling on top of the world
Picture through every hardship I would be right there
Picture us holding each other so close, feeling complete, safe
Picture me calling you mine and only mine
I can picture us, I see it every time you smile
However, this picture will never be complete
For your feelings don't go as far as me
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