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Half Moon Jul 2014
I cant sleep properly a like human, less than 8 hours.
Lucky me, if I can full the system but the truth is I just took 3 or less hours to sleep.
Im sad and full of anger.
Im sad and full of fear.
Im sad and happy at the same time.
I think about many things over and over till the thing aint make sense anymore for any human to think.

Am I still be me?
Who is the right person I must to talk?
I need someone.
Half Moon Apr 2014
It's not about what was he took from you
it's all about why did you give him everything
and nothing left for
Half Moon Mar 2014
Kamu benar, aku gentar
Kamu malu, aku palsu
Lalu, siapa yag palsu karna malu?

Hukumkah yang membuat kamu harus berbelok
di setiap persimpangan?
Aku tahu kamu letih memilih arah

Kamu buka Tuhan
yang sedang bermain teka-teki kehidupan
Berhentilah dengan idealisme mu
Berhentilah sejenak

Duduk disampingku
Menikmati senja ini.
Half Moon Mar 2014
You are very bad in terms of recall.
I’m very bad at capturing an image.
We complement each other.
whether it is what we might call a

Half Moon Mar 2014
No black
No white
Cause the only voice that i can hear is the hum of my own ear.

Is it black?
Half Moon Nov 2013
Why you crying?
You've been crying in that brightest smile.
You don't need to redouble the tears every night.
Half Moon Nov 2013
Sometimes you need to let the bad go.
All we did just let go, and never mind.
But baby, have you ever imagined that the pieces of broken glass still can relocate the water?
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