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Gillian Annie Jul 2019
One sits
She’s so haphazard
And the other floats
Also, I guess, haphazard
One crushes the grass and rips up roots—
She plays
The other brushes wings, kisses the earth
Drifts away
a poem about my dog seeing a common butterfly
Gillian Annie Jul 2019
Who Am I

I think a lot about this question
Who am I?
And who am I, really?
I’m just a girl
Who looks like she’s ten
And is really a woman
I’m a college graduate (oh my!)
Who has a great path set out for her
But isn’t sure it’s the one for her
I’m just a dreamer
Who thinks about bugs and books
Being a park ranger, a writer, maybe president
But prefers to hang out with her dog
I’m just a tryer
Who makes a lot of mistakes
Who used to believe embarrassment was the best teacher
But now thinks it’s probably just the fastest
I’m also a sister
Both an older and a younger one
Who loves her siblings
But also hates them
And desperately wants to be a good example for them
I’m a traveller
Who has been to more countries than states
But really would rather stay at home
And read a good book, or watch Lord of the Rings
I’m a worrier
And God, do I worry
I worry about my family, and my pets
I worry about money and losing my skills
I worry about meeting people and embarrassing myself
But often I just worry about that question,
Who am I?
Gillian Annie May 2019
i am not much of an artist
but sometimes, i doodle
and today i found in my notes
a beautiful sunflower
gold and yellow and brightest green
so much sunshine
and yet
carved over its face
i'd drawn a blue frown
Gillian Annie May 2019
I drew a smiley face on the window
And as I watched the fog fade away
I wondered what it meant
fog smiley fade glimpse happy
Gillian Annie Apr 2019
Do you remember being a kid
And video games meant everything?
When you died, or lost,
It was the end of the world.
It was just fundamentally wrong
To say, “It’s just a game.”
But it was just a game.
None of it was real.
And yet you shoved so many people away
Because they didn’t “get it.”
You were so angry and you shouted
And you blamed everyone else
When really, who else’s fault could it be
Other than your own?
games anger blame
Gillian Annie Apr 2019
it's mind bafflingly frustrating to know
that the reasons i like you
are the same reasons i hate you
confusing frustrating love hate relationship
Gillian Annie Mar 2019
Thanks to my obsession with you
I've not been my usual self
And thanks to my obsession with you
I've not been a good student
And thanks to my obsession with you
I've not been the best of sisters
And thanks to my obsession with you
I've not been able to sleep
And thanks to my obsession with you
I've not been able to think
And thanks to my obsession with you
I've not been able to focus
But thanks to my obsession with you
I've at least had happy moments
obsession wrong mistake insomnia
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