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Jul 2019
Who Am I

I think a lot about this question
Who am I?
And who am I, really?
I’m just a girl
Who looks like she’s ten
And is really a woman
I’m a college graduate (oh my!)
Who has a great path set out for her
But isn’t sure it’s the one for her
I’m just a dreamer
Who thinks about bugs and books
Being a park ranger, a writer, maybe president
But prefers to hang out with her dog
I’m just a tryer
Who makes a lot of mistakes
Who used to believe embarrassment was the best teacher
But now thinks it’s probably just the fastest
I’m also a sister
Both an older and a younger one
Who loves her siblings
But also hates them
And desperately wants to be a good example for them
I’m a traveller
Who has been to more countries than states
But really would rather stay at home
And read a good book, or watch Lord of the Rings
I’m a worrier
And God, do I worry
I worry about my family, and my pets
I worry about money and losing my skills
I worry about meeting people and embarrassing myself
But often I just worry about that question,
Who am I?
Gillian Annie
Written by
Gillian Annie  21/F
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