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Thank you for being love when my soul craved it most.
Thank you for being refuge when I needed peace.
You are my favorite melody
A song I have yet to sing
Anybody can make promises.
I want you to keep yours.
I was never a fan of the algebras or trig
And I guess it showed
Because you were the ex
& I was always asking why
But our functions always remained undefined...
I’d like to take a raincheck on your love
Pupils dilated-
Pulse racing-
I should have known you were toxic
Not the good toxic but when is it ever good

Walking on eggshells was never fun
Yet I couldn’t seem to walk away
I guess misery loved her company
And you thought I didn’t know

I was hungry for something you could never give me
You picked at my skeletons,
Feasting on my emotions while tasting of my pride for dessert
My pride wants your attention
Somehow though
My heart knows you’re no good for me
I was always honest;
But with you I was vulnerable.
And that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.
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