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 Nov 2014 frankie crognale
 Nov 2014 frankie crognale
I remember that night,
You said you were alright.

I remember you saying that nothing was wrong,
and turning the radio to your favorite song.

I remember knowing that you lied.
I remember the night you died.

Hi there. I think you are beautiful people and poets if your name is on this list.

Here is the list.
There are more and I have done another one like this but if I just paste every poet I like on this site's name then it doesn't meant anything there are too many so I'm going to post later ones with the names of the poets I really like but I'm going to limit it to ten per post.

I strongly suggest you check out their poetry because it is amazing.

The order of the names has nothing to do with the quality or my favor they are all equally loved by me in different ways for their work which is all a different shade of beautiful.

I invite everyone to post a poem with 10 beautiful poets' names on this site that people should check out.

Yet another one of my challenges. If you do the "10 Beautiful Poets Challenge" add "10beautifulpoets" as a hashtag so people can find it.

Also feel free to message me if you post one of these so I can check them out too :)

Just a great way to let people know about specific beautiful poets out there.

Include something about their poetry specific to that poet beside their name. :)

Here is my list for the day:

Pamela Rae moving and powerful seriously incredible work also super amazing person

Frank Ruland Amazing person amazing poetry amazing work

Just Melz Strikingly stunning poetry deep and brilliant pieces brave person so strong

Jennifer Weiss Wonderful poet and person lovely work very heart-touching

Bipolar Hypocrite phenomenal poet and strong person work is extraordinary in a magnificently unprecedented way

The Girl Who Loved You Lovely souled person, lovely poet, work is gripping and positively outstandingly fantastic in every possible way imaginable

Elsa Angelica Achingly tragically and beautifully relatable poetry internally and externally beautiful poet, her poetry is beyond exceptional it speaks for itself a MUST read type of poet

Frankie Crognale Addictive poetry exquisite person with a flawless soul strong and insightful poet with an eye and heart for seeing deeper into life

Nurul Unbelievable poetry marvelous person and work is so perspective altering and dizzyingly astonishing

Starry Night Breathtaking poetry. Literally. You need to read it, it will tug at your soul. Awesome person and I can see Starry Night's spectacular poetic heart expressed through the words of her work.

So yeah!
Check them out! :D
Repost if you get the chance so more people see it and check out these beautiful poets!!

here is todays list!
Even when you're asleep next to me in bed

I still miss you

Because I know one day you'll be

"I love you;

    But I love her too"
If i could
i would take that smile
and inject it directly
into my bloodstream

my parents warned me
about drugs in baggies
sold on the street

but never the ones
with teeth
and a heartbeat
i wanted to stop loving you
so badly
that i cracked open my own heart
only to reveal it was a locket
still framed with pictures of you
on each side
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