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As my mind is now empty from our days of delight
The door is now closing on our past, of what was
Forget the love in our days and in our nights
Our love can no longer shine so bright
Your new winds now blow so cold
Your cold has frozen my hurt
My heart will always beat
My tears will not flow
No pain will exist
The memory's
Of you will
One Mississippi two Mississippi three Mississippi four Mississippi five Mississippi six Mississippi seven Mississippi eight Mississippi nine Mississippi ten
She looks at the wall and laughs there's nothing there, and I wonder what's so funny as I lean against the wall with my hands folded in front of me trying to stay calm counting one Mississippi two Mississippi she continues to walk around the octagon starring at her feet with wide eyes as they land on the outer edge where carpet meets fake wood floors. The nurse is patiently waiting so am I my heart is racing I'm scared very scared but not this patient she seemed happy but the kind of happy that you know isn't right.
Her grin is big her blown eyes are so wide and empty she has pasted me 11 times before she stops to ask
"Why are you here did you try to **** yourself too?"
and i know
i should not
miss you
like that
but i can't help
but wonder
if i were to change
my cigarettes,
would they bring back
your taste in my mouth
whenever we kissed?
we are just words on a screen
an impossible reality
yet still a resounding truth
They call it poetry

But I call it life
Please stop hurting yourself, you are enough.
Please, stop. You are amazing without doing this to yourself.
Fingernails tearing off skin
Digging into flesh
That red sticky liquid
dripping down my wrist
my teeth sink in
stabbing mercilessly
viciously with my canine teeth
Strawberries taste delightful!
I can even make FRUIT morbid!
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