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Mars    I'm just a weird kid with a lot of fuck up things grow in my head
DC raw love
Alexandria    I write from my experience in life, my past, people that i have met, about death, about happiness, about my addiction to heroin (finally in ...
Ember Evanescent
I live In books + my mind    They say you can tell a lot about a person from their biography So I hope mine proves useful in that regard I was born ...
J M Baker
32/M/Alaska    The Spell of the Yukon - Robert Service "...The Winter; the brightness that blinds you. The white land; locked tight as a drum. The cold ...
Ben Skross
Pennsylvania    I like the way flowers die in the winter and come back in the spring and the green on the insides of baby sticks
Christopher Doyle
Wexford, Ireland    Child of the world, jack of all strengths.
Eliza Sterling
East Hampton   
JC Lucas
Seth Connor Jackson
New Jersey    I am a 24 year old guy just out on his own adventuring this big and beautiful world. I'm from a small town in New ...
A B Perales
San Pedro Ca.    I wrote my first Poem in 2007. I write only about the things I know,the things I've seen. Copyright 2007-2015 all rights reserved.
Kuzhur Wilson
41/M/Cochin, India    Kuzhur Wilson Poet, India Kuzhur Wilson is one of the major voices of young generation Malayalam poetry. Wilson represented India for Dubai poetic heart 2017. ...
Damian Acosta
Painting with words.
Jordan Resendes
Back n Forth, Ont. Canada    I'm a performer at heart with a passion for words. I love humor and often write funny clever poetry. For the most part, these are ...
lauren rose
Maxine Robbins
KSQ, PA    Just in college I guess that's it
22/F/Lost    "One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple." Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums
Tim Knight
I prefer writing in a notebook. All works are my own, even the notebook. All works are copyrighted.
Nigeria    I live to write and inspire. From Monday to Sunday My words live on FOUR WORDS - grit, grace, guts and gumption
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