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3.0k · Sep 2018
Emmennarr Sep 2018
Shy girl,
Don't run out of sun;
Sky cries as you wilt,
And in the end the day's done;
There's no growing back.
1.6k · Apr 2017
Symptoms Of Stress
Emmennarr Apr 2017
Death surrounds both options
Your only chance is to wait
To stay where you’re at
Or you’ll never come back
To seal your ultimate fate

They cannot see your true self
With that mask of yours
You use it to hide, for your health
But some see through, that is sure

You will not die for you will hide
But yet they try but cannot find
The answers to why there is nothing here for them

A constant need
From multiple directions
What you can see
Does not have affection

You hallucinate
Smoke figures only dissipate
They are not who come for you
But something else is lurking too

The constant doubt and uneasiness
Is driving you with cowardice
The monsters within are waiting
To attack, and leave you quaking

Your purpose is to distract
Before your fears attack
And make it through the night
Without a surfacing fright

A light tries to guide your way
You shall not be led astray
The fears within are still around
What’s more is they surround

They approach from different angles
Screaming, biting, harming devils
You cannot see what’s killing you
Until the killing’s done and you are too

The stress of fear
The stress of panic
The stress of dread
The stress of terror

Stress is out to get you
And it’s coming quickly too
So prepare for stress
With all your best
Or, then you won’t get through
1.1k · Aug 2018
Drunk Asleep
Emmennarr Aug 2018
Let your words linger on your lips
As the wine drips from your pores,
Forming a puddle of blood
Upon the crimson stained floor.

The burning red reeks of love
And acidic sin scalds the rug,
The carpet scorched and house ablaze
But yet you still return his gaze.

And though the embers fall like leaves
With fiery passion amidst the trees,
The night will cease as though your lust
Left nothing more but washed up rust.

Had the ocean swept it all away
So morning could arrive with peace,
You wouldn't let this dream decay
Although it was the last you'd ever feel.
1.0k · Apr 2017
Déjà vu
Emmennarr Apr 2017
I follow someone else's tragedy
And I'm willing to mend it
But the emptiness reflected
Was as lonesome as the one before.

I seem to have forgotten
We are dead.
909 · Aug 2018
Dear _____,
Emmennarr Aug 2018
You're so selfless,
Picture perfect in your essence,
Your future and your presence,
Sketching scribbles with your red pen,
Your ink and your corrections, permanent,
Like the letters that you sent,
Kept inside a pink ribbon,
Brighter than the sunset,
Vibrant like a sunrise,
Priceless like the sun sweat,
The golden glare that shines,
A stream that drenches me wet
With the letters of your name that I will never forget.
835 · Dec 2018
Emmennarr Dec 2018
The longer you linger on my mind
Resides louder the jarring thought: "hatred".
To think that similar synonyms
Could never have previously left my mouth
Was simply a mistake.
You were angelic, a muse at least,
But now the idea of you has turned into
A rusted tombstone littered with dust.
I have learned to despise rather than admire,
Turned from your eyes rather than inquire,
And, perhaps, may yearn to retry rather than conspire...
In a different timeline.
742 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
There came a time where I despised my presence.
Present on week days only when I gave a ****.
I lived with it and hadn't cared about
What time lunch was or when I had to figure life out.
I was ill.

Someone always stood on the side
To analyze my eyes every time that I cried.
Yes, I'm talking about a teenage crush;
I was stuck and she was able to see who I was.
She was sick.

Our infection grew between us.
We'd seen that it never burst.
And our connection seems to hold strong,
Her love and my endurance.
We are dead.

715 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
There came a night I thought I found love.
The covers warm and the scent of fruit
Lingering where empty space seemed filled.
It mystified me when the next morning
Was as lonesome as the one before
And I sat by myself, waiting for the sun to give me hope.
711 · May 2017
Farewell From The Outside
Emmennarr May 2017
I would always think of her,
Every night we'd cry our pain
And say that we were both dying
But only one of us ever did,
And I never told her
How I felt.
706 · May 2017
Run Away
Emmennarr May 2017
She ran.

I slipped and slept on the dust I used to tread.
It's not like I was dead but my heart just seemed to lie inside my head.
My conscience opposed the opposition to live,
Timid and stiff like fossils in the mud.
Dust just seemed to cover the other memories and theses in my mind
As I lied and pondered why not to die when the one thing keeping
Me here felt peer pressure and rushed off without trying to
Remember what love was.
Doves can get struck by an arrow and reincarnate as a crow,
So just know maybe the next life I'll be better
And you'll lie in the lows of life.

You ran.
618 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
I smiled the uncertainty only a foreigner could muster.
588 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
Her hibernation was a drought.
If I'd known that I would have drowned too,
But now I'm left awake
Thinking of everything I've been put through,
And then I'll fall asleep in my own sort of tomb.
516 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
One life's learnings distilled into a book,
The offsetting chartreuse cover
Covered with dust of decades
I seem to have forgotten
Due to my life's coming to a close.
I read the last page, hands filthy
Then drown in a final cleansing
And purification of my life.
The pages detach and evaporate;
The cover floats to a new shore
With its new sky blue hue
And human to master it.
506 · Apr 2017
Tic Tac
Emmennarr Apr 2017
That Tic Tac is a mismatch
Fitting inside a few teeth's gap,
Feeling left out when the real teeth
Get to stay there when it's got to leave;
Melting slowly and in agony
Its short life is ending quickly,
Then a few chomps til it's done
Now that Tic Tac sees no one.
Ate a Tic Tac when I wrote this.
499 · Apr 2017
Selfish are the humans
Emmennarr Apr 2017
Selfish are the humans who want to be remembered
Those that try their best to impact someone else
Whether through intents of knowing someone
Or feeling obligated to protect them
Selfish are the humans who live
Selfish are the humans who die
Selfish are the humans
491 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
Your journey splits into branches
Upon a dirt path of nurtured soil
Where your roots once grew.
Some live and others have passed,
Whether completely buried among a thriving colony
Or still visible, but pitiful.
Your trunk is large and round
But all the details are what make you unique;
The bike it grew through,
The swing bolted to your childhood,
The pests of society crawling all over you.

Your leaves are brown.
All you can remember is her name and yours.
And as time goes on,
I wonder which leaf will fall first.
485 · Sep 2017
Emmennarr Sep 2017
Why be so depressed and stressed
Just because you're lovesick,
It's fixable with the risk
Of one more set of dead lips.
Don't miss
Ignorance isn't always bliss

476 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
I'm more real here,
No fake smiles to hide tears;
Try to find each grin,
Eventually you'll be happy.
Regrets leave and memories form,
Nothing bothers me here;
Everyone notices me,
True tears are shed.
473 · Sep 2017
Artificial Intelligence
Emmennarr Sep 2017
I want a relationship
But I'm not sure I'm ready
My mind's not steady
And I lie in bed
Thinking about the dead space
Thinking there will be someone
In place of the void
With a face I won't avoid.
I want love to come naturally to me.
459 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
I'm broken;

Great to see it mattered
That a man outside his shell
Would have to witness all your hell
And kneel before the devil
Before the devil ever cared
About him;
Limited at first
Until even that dispersed
And I was alone,
454 · May 2017
Emmennarr May 2017
Time is the capsule that closes around us
As you don't see the gap between
Both times each day that
The clock strikes twelve.

It is the restraint
To deny continuance of progress
And to steal our train of thought
To reverse the train's direction
Until we can turn it around again.

It is temptation of
The sleep we crave
And an attempt
To take away our temptation
Within what seems
Like a few seconds.

I can't track the time
When this capsule constrains my eyes
To the paper ahead of me
Just to tear it up overnight.

This pill is the distraction
To keep me from knowing
When to leave or when to find out
What to do with my life
When all I can ever do
Is learn to restart a day
That will not end.

I am a slave to the time that holds me here
And the only thing keeping me here is time.
399 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
Tired tugs the gashed out eye
Slain from the poison of an ocean
Warm yet still the dead beast lies
Drowned by an endless potion
379 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
Flowers bloom new hopes that never existed for me
The lone girl contemplates that piece of rope
Pollen falls to cover my body in allergies
She denies me so that all I can do is hope
331 · Nov 2017
Emmennarr Nov 2017
Only time can tell the mysteries of the world,
Those unknown to man,
That of both the past and the future,
The beginning and the end.
314 · May 2018
Under the Moon
Emmennarr May 2018
What can I do
When sky turns to blue
Where light fades to night
And dies beneath time
Seen through shade's eyes
And I await you
309 · Nov 2017
Emmennarr Nov 2017
Time; it never gains,
Nor ever does it once lose,
Momentum; at all
306 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
A sting hurts for a bit,
It was more like a pinch;
Began thinking about it
Until it didn't exist.
I then forgot about it;
It was gone that quick,
But you I can't forget
Because you're making me sick.
298 · Sep 2018
Emmennarr Sep 2018
I can't help but
Visit your page everyday,
Wishing that it won't be in vain
And I'm going insane,
'Cause I might never see you again,
You're gone like the rain that never came in the first place;
Whatever, I guess it might be better just to be forgetting your name
And forgetting your face
And the shape of your shades
And the lines across your waist
And your Instagram page
And the time we met at summer school,
The way the teacher called your name
So I turned and saw your face
And the sunlight on your shades
And the shirt on your waist
And so I went home to find your Instagram page
And I've been addicted every single day,
But now to find out that you were already taken away
Ever since I knew you;
It's a beautiful pain.
290 · Mar 2018
That Long, Faraway Day
Emmennarr Mar 2018
You are not yet gone
But one long, faraway day
I shall stand alone

That, I do not want,
Yet I will not keep you from
Exiting this house

It will be your choice
To leave me, desert my likes,
With wind as your ghost

Without company,
Your presence especially,
I will live to rot

Bones will burn like coal
And my heart will turn to dead,
The flames stoked no more

In ash arises
A new form that I've not seen,

The young phoenix breathes,
No longer heavily heaves,
The fresh oxygen

It is no longer
Afraid of death, conjured as
Sparks amongst their chest

Feathers glistening,
It leaves its birthing mantel
So to fly adrift

And maybe one day
We shall reunite again
But for now I wait
290 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
I've got strung up, stuck in the cobwebs of life
As dead as the fly that thinks he has a chance of surviving.
While dying, he's crying out the sights of his dreams;
Nightmares strike his mind like a flood of the sea.
Trying to surf on a tidalwave of tangled emotions
When the ocean still fights him to try to keep him from floating.
Drowning in a master's spindled masterpiece,
Suffocating me through the most perfect technique;
Emma's here.
280 · Oct 2018
Emmennarr Oct 2018
Strike bright like the light
That enters the still room,
Ceiling painted in dark blue
And floor splattered with patterns
Of hypnotic lines
Wavering in the patchy rays;
Perhaps closing the blinds
May let one find night
In case of yet another day.
279 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
My thoughts aren't perceived,
Mystery shrouded by clouds,
My mind still ponders.
277 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
We're all ants in our little farm
Rotated by the axis of the galaxy;
Our grip is impeccable no matter the angle
Hoping to hold on infinitely
To the small part of existence we are
So maybe the toddler holding us
Can remember how big he is
Watching his ant farm of humans.
275 · Apr 2017
Suicide Note
Emmennarr Apr 2017
I do miss you, it's true.

I can't pull myself together.
The situation's kinda dire
And there's no substance
For mending broken hearts
Assuming you could
Even reach that far inside me
Just to see the shade
Match that of a smoker's lungs
And realize a deal with the devil
Is not one you want to break.

I do miss you, it's true,
But I miss us too
And spite destroys the user
Before it even takes its toll
On the corrupted angel's halo
And the being contained within.

Not a legit suicide note, just my mood I guess.
267 · May 2017
Platonic Love
Emmennarr May 2017
There's a fine line between
The people you understand
And those you have a crush on,
You only know one of them loves you back.
257 · Feb 2018
Emmennarr Feb 2018
Growing, shrinking,
Stepping, blinking,
Shaking, breathing,
Chest is heaving;

For you,
A new city awaits.
255 · Sep 2017
Emmennarr Sep 2017
If only existing was as easy as dying,
I'd live.
Time is the most wasted material,
The amount of excess we have
Could wrap the Earth
Plenty more times than plastic.
255 · Jul 2018
Emmennarr Jul 2018
I wish I had the courage
To ask your name.
254 · Jun 2018
Emmennarr Jun 2018
Let me drown in your words,
Sweet whispers
And nectar that stings
The tip of my tongue
When it meets yours
In the shadow of the curtains,
Hung like leaves on our evergreen tree,
Lasting all of eternity
Until we decide to chop it down,
And I can no longer hear your sound
As the tree has fallen
In the abandoned forest
We once called home.
254 · Nov 2017
Emmennarr Nov 2017
My soul dried
On the parchment I bought
For you
And you burned it.
242 · May 2017
Emmennarr May 2017
Dusk stirs the breeze of autumn
Spun to a sudden halt as night approaches
Waves of light appear before him
Those of villagers carrying torches
And within little time the morning comes
Dawn settles on top again
And when the sun will settle
Neither Dusk nor Dawn will win.
237 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
"Stay broken
There's a reason things are unwanted"

The stoked charcoal turns into smoke just to evaporate like a ghost
I'm just a phantom of your rusted conscience
Any more thought and you'd break
We'd be together, but it doesn't matter
Your master is no longer on the ladder
You detached his tattered hands
For him to fall to mossed-over spikes to lie and die

You broke me
I'll follow your last request
I'll make sure to stay shattered
I have always followed my mind
So why betray you now, master
237 · Apr 2017
The Reservoir
Emmennarr Apr 2017
Waves of a breezy day in the valley
Slap the banks that pushed them,
Retaliating not too harmfully
Just enough to irritate the land.
The fight spurs between two opposites;
The pure and the old.
Pureness doesn't cleanse a spirit
That's been around too long,
But the old can't ****
Something that's practically innocent.

The rain decides the winner.
225 · Mar 2019
Emmennarr Mar 2019
The oxygen you breathe
Is merely the stream
Coming from the leak
In my fishbowl
222 · Jul 2017
Never Together
Emmennarr Jul 2017
Her pupils reflect the light which bolts upon her screen
To change direction and find the beauty on her face.
Her hair is the color of milk chocolate and shares the sweetness
With the cotton candy consistency it contains.
Her nose is a newly planted trunk blooming flowers of beauty
And with each bud comes a new light.
Her lips are two rocks exerting energy against each other
As if hesitant to speak.
As if she'd ever speak to me.
And as if I'd ever agree.
Because beauty and nervy were never meant to meet
Much more is that they were never meant to be.
221 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
Heart gashed from your rusted blade
Infection still spreads
The open wound does not heal
221 · May 2017
Emmennarr May 2017
Friends can be as fragile as a bubble,
Sharp as a pin,
Or as hurtful as the needle that pierces my skin
Trying to sew back the delicate petals of a flower.

They can be as dumb as a rock
Or used as a coin
Or a melted block of ice
That fire tried to join.

A match that strikes the box
To turn some wood into ash,
Squeeze you like a sponge
Try to erase all our past.

Chip you like it's golf
Or smack you with a racket in our short game of tennis,
Pelt you with a snowball, pretend you won't feel it happen
Didn't think your building blocks were stagnant.

Mark you with a pencil
Scribble it out with pen,
Rip the leaf that's floating
Shed a teardrop at the end.
220 · May 2017
Emmennarr May 2017
She didn't think I cared
My tears defend my case
As I wait for an ending
Of my life that will erase
All memory of myself
But more importantly of her
But with all that I've lost
I'd be sad to last
Another year.
214 · Apr 2017
Emmennarr Apr 2017
My heart's lovestruck
Stuck with the stuff she's put me through
And asked to make do
With the falling crumbs of a broken relationship,
Warm and sweet til cold and stale
Or it falls apart completely
And it's like it was never there in the first place.
Kinda related a cookie to love.
Emmennarr Dec 2018
You might be here
But you feel so far gone,
And with each step we took
You pulled forward
And I pulled back,
Neither of us certain
Which way to go;
Only now that it's too late, may I confess,
I wished you forever were my compass rose.
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