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Mar 25 · 145
Emmennarr Mar 25
The deep hum
Near the end of the
Shadowed hallway

Shall you follow
The note that leads you forward?

Where else to go
But the place that
Calls for you?

Comfort is heard
In the dark tone.

Your path awaits
an action.
Jan 23 · 36
Emmennarr Jan 23
Though the flame may flicker
Perhaps it can linger,
If not only for another hour,
For then my passion dies
As I can no longer see the parchment
On which I write.
Oct 2021 · 191
Breath Unspoken
Emmennarr Oct 2021
Words become fewer,
Thoughts less unique
And rather simple now indeed;
Maybe the autumn breeze
Will help me eaze up
And find some better rhymes.
Jul 2021 · 34
plain yet bitter
Emmennarr Jul 2021
The sun faced
Of a pale paste,
That which reflects
A most sour taste;
The mirror upon my pallet.
Beer and chocolate,
In the rain, Under the awning,
Or perhaps a helpful umbrella.
Emmennarr Jun 2021
The longer the time
And the farther the distance
I distance myself
From my ink and my pen,
Restlessness sets in;

And yet,
Where, now, are my words?
wish i still had the inspiration to write and post, might try to again; suppose i'll see
Nov 2019 · 131
Conflict Convict
Emmennarr Nov 2019
You're parasitic,
So acidic
You burn through my tongue
And deflate my lungs,
But you're always there
And I always care
Even though you're nothing more than
Spare feelings I thought I needed.
Jul 2019 · 138
Emmennarr Jul 2019
I don't know how you came back in,
Whether you slithered through slits in my skin folds
Or slipped back on the ***** into the same hole
That once upon a time we used to call love,
But is now a void of null emotions,
An "impenetrable bubble" that only one person could ever pop;
But yet you managed to do so twice.

Shame on my optimistic past.
Jul 2019 · 111
Emmennarr Jul 2019
The bitter melancholy
Stings the open wound on my lip,
Bit through the parched skin;
Words which I tartly exhale
Only find their way out
After catching;
Perhaps my mouth would be best
Kept closed.
Jun 2019 · 138
verbal melancholy
Emmennarr Jun 2019
The words that trickle through your gullet,
Just to pour out your mouth,
Either mean absolutely nothing or absolutely everything,
Whether regurgitated or not;
I just hope you find your balance again...

Jun 2019 · 88
acidic sleep bubbles
Emmennarr Jun 2019
There were times that I slept
As nothing greater nor nothing less
But when the times came that I dreamt
There was no way to supress
My thoughts of you as something more...
Until every color finally digressed
And I was left, staring
At your outline.
Jun 2019 · 159
Went Away
Emmennarr Jun 2019
The sky is aligned
In an array of blues and pinks
Almost like the hue of cotton candy,
But perhaps a more somber tone
Than the sweet I would eat
Under the red and white cone
They called a circus tent.
Jun 2019 · 111
Emmennarr Jun 2019
There are some nights I remember you,
Never sure if I want to.
Perhaps if your memory would pass,
Life could elapse at a quicker pace;
Or perhaps that day was always meant to stay
In touch;
I suppose that's why it would matter so much,
But not as much as today,
When I would remember you.
Apr 2019 · 193
Emmennarr Apr 2019
You were the art
I once inhaled slowly
Piece by piece
Until I realized
The puzzle didn't feel whole.
Apr 2019 · 144
Invisible but to I
Emmennarr Apr 2019
You were a facade,
A mask I never saw through
Because you never fit,
A mirage I depended on
For far too long,
Only to reach for the nothingness before me,
Thinking I'd found salvation,
When in the end,
All you ever were
Was a facade.
Mar 2019 · 223
Emmennarr Mar 2019
The oxygen you breathe
Is merely the stream
Coming from the leak
In my fishbowl
Jan 2019 · 154
Emmennarr Jan 2019
I depart into the downpour.
You cannot hear each step I trod,
Nor can you smell the petrichor
That resonates beneath my feet;
Feet that were seldom worn
Yet often used.
Jan 2019 · 109
Emmennarr Jan 2019
Before I can find myself
Lost in your phrasing and prose,
I'm enchanted by a single symbol:
A rose stained with wine red
That guards the words inside,
Making you precious all the more;
Its design is so simplistic,
Yet so complex,
So you;
I'm sure your words hurt the same.
Jan 2019 · 158
Beauty from Afar
Emmennarr Jan 2019
Looking for an antidote
To love and to heartache,
You would suffice.

You are as bright as a sunflower,
As cold as the night,
Sheathed in a haze of smoke
That spirals in front of
Your eyes of jade,
With beauty that compares to none.

If only there so happened to be
A way to rewrite the book
That I would never appear in.
Jan 2019 · 101
Emmennarr Jan 2019
Only time can tell
How long this spell
Will last,
Whether muse rings true
Or gives in to
The past,
And if you believe
That you and me
Would do,
Maybe I could try
To learn to die
With you.
Jan 2019 · 197
Emmennarr Jan 2019
If sleep became eternal tonight
I wish you'd come to know
You were the remedy
That I ran out of;
Sleep well.
Dec 2018 · 109
Emmennarr Dec 2018
I'm not literally little,
I'm just figuratively trying
To figure it out,
No doubt,
It's all about the timing
And finding
The whereabouts
Of each and every
Single thing
That tells me why
I'm talking loud
Or wear a crown
Even though I know
That everything
That makes me big
Comes back around
And takes me down
Another route,
Another peg,
Another step
From which I came
Because all I did
Was wander
To some land of fame
And I should just look
Where that's got me now,
Fading out
And shrinking.
Dec 2018 · 84
Emmennarr Dec 2018
Simply put, you're an enigma,
An oxymoron in the least,
My memories of you are less than few
Yet your presence lasts more than weeks.
Formerly I knew you,
But now you've gone away
And I cannot account a single time
I thought you wouldn't stay.
Mistakenly I lent you interest,
Withheld a sliver of your time,
However, never did I realize
That not ever could you be mine.
Emmennarr Dec 2018
You might be here
But you feel so far gone,
And with each step we took
You pulled forward
And I pulled back,
Neither of us certain
Which way to go;
Only now that it's too late, may I confess,
I wished you forever were my compass rose.
Dec 2018 · 835
Emmennarr Dec 2018
The longer you linger on my mind
Resides louder the jarring thought: "hatred".
To think that similar synonyms
Could never have previously left my mouth
Was simply a mistake.
You were angelic, a muse at least,
But now the idea of you has turned into
A rusted tombstone littered with dust.
I have learned to despise rather than admire,
Turned from your eyes rather than inquire,
And, perhaps, may yearn to retry rather than conspire...
In a different timeline.
Nov 2018 · 160
Pencil Lead
Emmennarr Nov 2018
You're just a sketch
Of one of the best things I ever have seen,
A glimpse from afar
Lined in pencil lead;
I just wonder what you would've said.
Oct 2018 · 280
Emmennarr Oct 2018
Strike bright like the light
That enters the still room,
Ceiling painted in dark blue
And floor splattered with patterns
Of hypnotic lines
Wavering in the patchy rays;
Perhaps closing the blinds
May let one find night
In case of yet another day.
Oct 2018 · 159
4:47 AM (Maybe)
Emmennarr Oct 2018
Kettle burns black,
The sun is still invisible
Though the night seem soon over,
Fridge left ajar,
Honey to the right,
But the bitter fight has not yet begun
For this cold war may never be won;
Hands keep frigid,
The clock is still unplugged
Though the time may be five,
Pen left clicked,
Paper right beside,
But the blank parchment has not yet diminished
And perhaps this poem will never be finishe
Pen started dying for the last two lines.
Sep 2018 · 183
Would We Be Okay?
Emmennarr Sep 2018
I wonder if I wish you knew I liked you...
But I'm too afraid that that would ***** us up
Or that you would get more distant
Or that I would just get drunk, on love,
And maybe we would wear pajamas
Or just our undergarments
As we'd talk on thoughtless topics
With two cups of coffee,
Both of them were black,
We'd be under sheets and covers
And the color we would lack
Would be like back inside the 50's
With our TV old and grey,
And as our slumber slept through summer
We could realize it's day
And as we woke together I might just be able to say
"I love you"...
Sep 2018 · 298
Emmennarr Sep 2018
I can't help but
Visit your page everyday,
Wishing that it won't be in vain
And I'm going insane,
'Cause I might never see you again,
You're gone like the rain that never came in the first place;
Whatever, I guess it might be better just to be forgetting your name
And forgetting your face
And the shape of your shades
And the lines across your waist
And your Instagram page
And the time we met at summer school,
The way the teacher called your name
So I turned and saw your face
And the sunlight on your shades
And the shirt on your waist
And so I went home to find your Instagram page
And I've been addicted every single day,
But now to find out that you were already taken away
Ever since I knew you;
It's a beautiful pain.
Sep 2018 · 3.0k
Emmennarr Sep 2018
Shy girl,
Don't run out of sun;
Sky cries as you wilt,
And in the end the day's done;
There's no growing back.
Aug 2018 · 909
Dear _____,
Emmennarr Aug 2018
You're so selfless,
Picture perfect in your essence,
Your future and your presence,
Sketching scribbles with your red pen,
Your ink and your corrections, permanent,
Like the letters that you sent,
Kept inside a pink ribbon,
Brighter than the sunset,
Vibrant like a sunrise,
Priceless like the sun sweat,
The golden glare that shines,
A stream that drenches me wet
With the letters of your name that I will never forget.
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
Drunk Asleep
Emmennarr Aug 2018
Let your words linger on your lips
As the wine drips from your pores,
Forming a puddle of blood
Upon the crimson stained floor.

The burning red reeks of love
And acidic sin scalds the rug,
The carpet scorched and house ablaze
But yet you still return his gaze.

And though the embers fall like leaves
With fiery passion amidst the trees,
The night will cease as though your lust
Left nothing more but washed up rust.

Had the ocean swept it all away
So morning could arrive with peace,
You wouldn't let this dream decay
Although it was the last you'd ever feel.
Jul 2018 · 123
Emmennarr Jul 2018
Let the rain trickle down my spine,
Frigid lines that breathe upon my back
And turn from frozen to sweat,
From dryland to wet,
In such a short matter of time.
Jul 2018 · 255
Emmennarr Jul 2018
I wish I had the courage
To ask your name.
Jul 2018 · 126
Crying Cycle
Emmennarr Jul 2018
Tears swell on the dawn,
Set to die before the angel arrives
Because to cry in her presence
Would be a sin in the eyes of a wife;
Dawn blinks, they cease,
And tomorrow, today will repeat.
Jul 2018 · 131
Your Murderous Embrace
Emmennarr Jul 2018
I dare you.

Get lost in the metaphor
We could consider a relationship;
The upside-down rainbow
Where words escape from,
Cold at the top,
Purple, blue, green,
Yet warmest near the base,
Energy that rises in tidal waves
To eventually find the hot rays of sun
And warm hands of my embrace.

I dare you.

Feel the strangling grip
We could consider a relationship;
The inside-out skull
Where words escaped from,
Cold at the top,
Frozen, dead, seen,
Yet reddest near the base,
Hysteria that rises in tidal waves
To eventually find the rot state of mind
And cold hands of your embrace.

I dared you.
Jun 2018 · 254
Emmennarr Jun 2018
Let me drown in your words,
Sweet whispers
And nectar that stings
The tip of my tongue
When it meets yours
In the shadow of the curtains,
Hung like leaves on our evergreen tree,
Lasting all of eternity
Until we decide to chop it down,
And I can no longer hear your sound
As the tree has fallen
In the abandoned forest
We once called home.
Jun 2018 · 144
Wish to Live Less
Emmennarr Jun 2018
I wish I could just
Fall back
Into something I never
Lived with
To begin with,
And innocent;

But for now
I live my life
With eyes scarred
And heart tight,
Binded by a lie,
Blinded by your lies;

But I've never wanted to die,
Scratch that,
Never wanted to cry
So much
In the life I once felt,
Back when I fell
Into something I never lived with to begin with.
wish to be lifeless
Jun 2018 · 178
Emmennarr Jun 2018
You called me a masterpiece,
A piece of art in coral reefs,
Me, swimming through this darkened sea
With eyes of blue and tears of green;
And when you saw the one you'd see,
You'd call him a masterpiece,
But I was never meant to be,
And you were such a masterpiece
To me.
Jun 2018 · 97
Emmennarr Jun 2018
I guess love is all it's set out to be,
It's just a bit more between you and me
In which we find ourselves
Trapped in this endless oddity,
Jun 2018 · 130
My Love
Emmennarr Jun 2018
I'd wrinkle my toes on the morning of next,
Slightly pulling the sheets from your side,
So that you would wake up looking in my eyes
And we could continue the rest of our lives in this hex,
And the rest of last night would subside.
May 2018 · 118
Route A
Emmennarr May 2018
You were a shy world with
Glasses and a leather jacket
On our long, dark transit;

Your contacts had hearts attached,
Your eyes were natural
And your hair classical and tall;

You'd twiddle your thumbs on your Samsung
And ride Route A with the night,
There I sat, on the seat to the right
Looking at the little light
On our pitch black bus.
I'll never see you again, but I wish I could.
May 2018 · 131
Never Stay the Same
Emmennarr May 2018
I loved you
But you never loved me too
Or at least you couldn't say
Because I wouldn't say the same
Scared for regrets or past mistakes
Cause in the end you wouldn't stay
And in the end we couldn't stay
The same
May 2018 · 139
Wish You'd Never Go
Emmennarr May 2018
I wish I knew what to say
When you let your mind decay
Betray the things you know
Pick the way you'd never go alone
You could always just stay home
And let that time go on its own
Treat me as your home
Treat me as your own
And know that you're never alone
May 2018 · 314
Under the Moon
Emmennarr May 2018
What can I do
When sky turns to blue
Where light fades to night
And dies beneath time
Seen through shade's eyes
And I await you
May 2018 · 130
Emmennarr May 2018
I'm wasting my time
With waiting and painting these words
On a canvas that turns
May 2018 · 116
Emmennarr May 2018
I feel so full of something
That will come and go
As though it never existed
But the air it displaces
Will soon evaporate
And soon I will suffocate
Without you
Although we never existed
May 2018 · 104
Emmennarr May 2018
Destroy my lungs
The oxygen that each person uses
Abuses each and every day
Heaving away
Breathing until either lung decays
Apr 2018 · 85
Wish to Rewind
Emmennarr Apr 2018
There was a time when I loved you;
Watched your eyes stroll by,
Throwing smiles back at mine
Through these finite lines
Of words you could describe
Like a day that would define my life;
But I didn't respond in time.
Wed. 2-14-18 14:20

wish that you knew you were one of the two
Apr 2018 · 91
My Endeavor
Emmennarr Apr 2018
Some part of me just wants to trip
Upon some tangled wires that send me
Falling straight in love for you

Moving my heart askew
Side to side, day and night
For time and life anew

And if future turns into vows
Then the present of your presence
Is the pastime I'll continue to treasure

My endeavor
i wish i knew who you were
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