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Nov 2017 · 304
ekta Nov 2017
How many lamps of light
We have to Alighten
To enlight the lamps of life
Oct 2017 · 186
ekta Oct 2017
Just one question to ask
Why all the problems
Of every categories
Comes to me???
Jst fed up.... Why dont problems take a holiday
Oct 2017 · 267
ekta Oct 2017
got a new life..
After you left Me..
I realized my importance
in your absence
Only one thing to say
My family is my true friend..
And for Me whole world
lies in my parents....
Aug 2017 · 336
ekta Aug 2017
Why god has made things
Which will not be with us
Until we die
Why only whom we love the most
Goes away from us
Why our parents can not live for 1000 years
Why happiness comes for a minute....
If sadness was to be carried away for whole life...
Aug 2017 · 231
ekta Aug 2017
Who is more brighter??
Sun,moon or star
Man thinks he is a superstar..
Jul 2017 · 335
ekta Jul 2017
Life is like a sea
Our problems, feelings memories
Are its tiny creatures
Our body is like an island
Floating into its water........
Jul 2017 · 598
ekta Jul 2017
Maths is like a vampire
Which eats our mind
And make us tired
It is having a different chemistry
Sometimes i think it is even worst than history
If we arrange your chapters like trigonometry and geometry
I think it will be a good symmetry
Leave me alone and go out of my lif
As if you will not i will **** you and you will be not alive
Very dangerous subject..
Jul 2017 · 403
Is life is a lie
ekta Jul 2017
Life is a lie
But i dont know why
It is like an illusion
Which has many great fusions
The fusions of emotion, devotion and expression
Who cant get out of these illusions
I think life is a lie for those humans
Understand the meaning of life
As if you dont life can become a lie for you
But if can understand you will be alive only because of you
Life is not just about #sadness #tears #problems ... It is beyond these illusions
Jun 2017 · 486
broken belief
ekta Jun 2017
She said she will bring us at the top
The only person who encouraged me the most
Someone said people changes with time
But i refused and didn't believed this line
When the judgement day came
Standing there with hope i was the only one
The result was announced
With shock and sorrow i sat down
Tears came into my eyes
I felt like my heart, my trust all were stolen
But i was again standing there with a courage and believe in my heart
Leaving all that i heard apart
I told her this was not the result that i expected
She looked at me and chortled
I tried to burst my anger on her
But she left
She left but i was standing there
With a broken heart that can never cared
Is all my mistake was that i believed someone
This is the reason that why i am in despair
Sometime its better not to trust anyone....

— The End —