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To where the musical notes may lead.
To where the lyrics may start to bleed.
To where my dear hearts resides.
To where my mind continuously decides.
To every beat of the rhythm of the drum.
To every string to where fingers have strum.
To every white keys my fingers have placed.
To every black keys my fingers gave haste.

It was not written by me.
Nor did I see
a new colored hue,
to the beautiful you.

To the love songs that I have never written.
To that pain I have never eaten.
To the hands I once thought to hold.
To the smile that never can be sold.

To the love songs that I have never written:
It was never meant to be written.
It was meant to be read aloud.
It is to be courageous and proud.
It is to compose without ever knowing.
It was felt without the aid of thinking.

To the love songs I have never written.
To the love songs that I could have written.
To the love songs I knew I have spoken.
To the love songs where my heart lies broken.
My heart still shouts for you.
There was once a man
who was known as the dreamweaver.
With eyes open, he knows he can.
Rarely could you hear him say 'Never'.
He stared at the stars
like he knew them one by one.
Never knew he had hidden scars
from a past never begone.

There existed a time
where dreams were weave
to be worn not to sublime.
To recieve nothing is what he believe.
'It is normal' he said
with conviction in his eyes.
It was a dead-promise laid
into a bed of ice.
With realization upon his face,
he began to think
that weaving was not a race.
It is saving something from the brink
of nothingness to become reality.
To become something to cherish.
To help a passionate entity.
To create a blissful wish.

With the whole galaxy in his hands,
he began to stretch the cosmic-fabric.
Shaking what dares to stand,
and to colorful music and lyric.
With happiness in his face,
he continued to weave and weave
until the moons began to cross maze
to chase a dream that began to leave.

He continued to weave until the galaxy
loses all of its life.
He knew it was his destiny
despite ending there he still strive.
'If only there was someone
who could weave the same as I do.
Then everyone will be left by no one.
No one is outgrew.'
There lies in his dream
the weaver of dreams
forever it was only him,
and his story in the cosmic-stream.
There are times that it will be only us, and no one else.
The trees sip through
the vast rivers of the Earth.
Like a man worried to death.
Like a man walking to and fro.
The alphas guide their weak.
Not giving independence,
but claws burrowed tense,
like a pleading sick who seek.

Why do stars twinkle at night?
Why do stars twinkle at mere sight?
Why do stars give its light?
Why do stars twinkle at night?

I paint my mind
with the colors of your smile.
Those precious smile
that makes everything rewind
even time that we cannot hold.
It is quick as the dunes of the desert.
It is as fragile as dirt,
but held and not foretold.

Why do stars twinkle at night?
Why do stars twinkle at mere sight?
Why do stars give its light?
Why do stars twinkle at night?

Because the night was right
to embrace you tight
in this warm delight.
And that is why,
my love,
stars twinkle at night.
They are twinkling for us.
Let us take a drive
to a road where flowers
are smiling upon us.
To a road where
the smell of summertime
is flowing through our veins.
The breeze of the wind
that carries the wishes
of the dandelions.
To a road where
every word uttered
by our lips
are syrups of chocolate
and strawberry.
To a road where
the stars shine the brightest
when we look up the nightsky.
To a road where
smile is all you will see.
My friend,
it takes a mile
to smile.
It takes a while
to smile.
Always hold unto hope, and smile.
Bibigyan kita ng tula.
Hindi panghuhula...
kundi tula.
Hindi magiging napakahaba.
Hindi ka naman palabasa
para iyong mabasa
ang mga bagay-bagay
na sumasangay
kung ano ba talaga
ang tunay na halaga
ng tulang isusulat ko
para sa utak mo
na tuliro.
Sa mga nabasa kong libro
wala na sigurong mas magulo
kaysa sa iyo na kapag hindi mo
na nakuha ang iyong gusto
ay bigla-bigla ka nalang babato
ng mga salitang magpapaginhawa
sa iyo.
Pero tandaan mo
bago ka pa magbigay ng mga salita mo
ay marami na akong alam na salita
sa diksyonaryo na
sadyang binabasa
ko kasi umay ako sa mga salita
ng mga tao na paulit-ulit
at sadyang parikit nang parikit.
Hindi mo narin na
kailangang pagsabihang kumain na
sapagkat ako ay may isip
at hindi nagpapaihip
sa mga bagay na
dapat na ginagawa
ng taong may tamang isip.
Nako. Sentido kumon mo ay naihip.
Wala akong inaasahan na
pag-uusap na magaganap
dahil matagal ko nang tanggap
na tinuring na akong mapagpanggap
dahil lang sa desisyon
na ninanais ko lamang ng aksyon
dahil ayun ang magiging paraan
kung paano gagaan
ang mga bagay na
ninanais **** balikan.
Hindi na ako makapagbigay ng ****
na lubos na kasing laki ng dati
sapagkat hindi mo naman talaga
kayang isantabi ang iyong mga saya.
Tila nakakahiya naman
sa mga salita **** dapat na malaman
ko ba talaga kasi
mga payo ko ay dumaan lang sa labi.
Payo ko ay narinig at dumaan
pero lumabas lang sa isang lagusan.
Ako ay iyong narinig
gamit ang tainga **** mahilig
sa mga tunog na panbasag-pinggan
kaya ako ay hindi napakinggan.
Hindi rin naintindihan.
Naging gusto kita kahit
hindi naman kinakailangan.
Para sa utak **** tuliro.
Uulitin ko ulit para sa iyo.
Hindi na kita gusto
ayan ang kailangan na malaman mo.
Ibaon mo sa isip mo
katulad ng pagbaon mo
sa galit at sakit na ipinaglalaban mo
na nakakatulong sa iyo
na mapaginhawa ang pakiramdam mo
na sinasabi mo ngang hindi ko
man naisaalang-alang kasi
hinahakot ko lang ang mga kati
ng mga nakalipas na hapdi at kirot.
Ang pwede ko lang pala maramdaman
ay ang sarili kong kurot.
Pinapaligaya mo ako
pero hindi kita kailangan.
Hindi kita kailangan para
ibahagi sa mundo
kung gaano ako katalino.
Hindi kita kailangan para
ipakita ang mga halakhalak ko
sa maraming tao.
Hindi kita kailangan para
malaman ko na may
nakakaintindi sa akin.
Pasensya na
pero hindi kita kailangan.
Kung nirespeto mo lang ang naging desisyon ko na makakabuti naman din sa iyo, hindi parin magbabago ang pagtingin ko sa iyo.
I am going to play
on a hot summer day
the song
that you will remember.
A feeling that is tender
that will make you want it forever.
A song for you
who have been always true
despite of the blue
that seperated me from you.
Take my hand.
Let us walk through the sand
where our friends are waiting,
the crowds cheering,
the birds chirping,
the choir singing.
I lend you this ring
not to make the night sing
but to make Heaven's bells ring.
A beach wedding would be fun.
She is licking her fingers...
Why does she?
Maybe of me?
taste of me.
I cannot believe it.
WHY am I so helpless!?
Why did I do?
Have I done wrong?...
My knees.
Help me.
I cannot feel them...
They would not budge.
Even my wrist!
There has to be a way.
What now?
What is she doing?!
She is removing my nails...
It hurts!
It hurts so bad.
I can feel the pain
my body.
Just stop!
I told you to stop!
Who is there?
'**** her.'
As I hear the voice in my head,
she started to bite me.
Those teeth were like of a wolf.
It made me...
She keeps on doing.
Spreading every saliva
she could give.
Biting every flesh
her mouth could detect.
SHE is a monster!
A mad scientist.
A perverted one.
Her long finger nails
reopened my heald wounds.
Now, she is rubbing it with
Why do you keep on doing this?!
'Just do what I say!'
I shall not ****.
I do not want to be like them!
'Just **** her!'
'Or would you just...'
Just what?...
' left to die?'
Something in me snapped.
I was the one...
I was certain.
I was the one...
who must be called...
a monster.
Everything went black.
For a second...
I thought I was dead.
I wished I was dead
so that this pain...
will never be felt.
I opened my eyes.
The room turned red.
Inside flesh were scattered
all over the floor.
The wall...
The wall was left with two
large holes.
Who did this?
That woman?
She was split in half...
She was pulverized
into everything...
Has many syringe marks.
Who did this?!
Then I heard...
a laugh.
The laugh that made
my skin crawl.
'You did!'
There is NO way!
I vomitted.
Why is it red?
Is this blood?
IT is!
'You do not remember.'
'You tortured her.
You were the one who
injected the strain.
You made her bleed
all over again.'
Tears fell down
from my eyes...
'And by the way.
You have been doing that
for three
straight days!'
Innocence from disbelief.
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