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Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
Idiosyncratic Sesquipedalian
Between the lines    If one day I had to drop everything and run away, I would do it.
Jonny Angel
GRB090423    Lover of Poetry “Love conquers all," Aphrodite promised. "Look at Helen and Paris. Did they let anything come between them?" "Didn't they start the Trojan ...
John Edward Smallshaw
68/Here and now    You can follow me on Twitter @jsirony John Smallshaw on Facebook also the 'pantechniconpoet' on Website.. soundcloud YouTube blah, blah, blah ps so many ...
Priya Patel
Texas    I am a simple, loving, caring person. Poetry has always been a part of my past... tucked away in some far away recess. I'm ready ...
Leah Rae
Fan Of Big Words & Loud Music. Iowa Native. Theater Junkie, Creative Arts Editor, & Spoken Word Poet. Social Activist In Training. Into Pottery And ...
Mariah Carie
New York City    It's crazy how your heart just has a mind of its own..
Alexandria Rae Mason
From the heart, these words are my own.
The voice
Wisconsin    'I command you to love one another' So love one another, not just the ones that are like you Love one another Don't exclude the ...
Ellyn k Thaiden
Amongst The Stars    I am a girl who writes Her soul onto a page And she shares it with the world Who's soul is old with age My ...
"When you can't live each day as a work of art, live them in preparation of The Art." Thanks for reading... All rights reserved February ...
Hogwarts    Breathe.
dana green
manhattan    i'm an orange moon reflecting the light of the sun -E.B.
James Gerard
Jamie Lee
34/F/Canada    Living an adventure, and telling the tales.
Angelique Paolucci
27/F    I like to pretend that I'm a poet.
Dark n Beautiful
New York    I am who I am that warm and cuddly a lover of poetry and one lovely lady. that me Dark@Beautiful Perhaps some of my poems ...
Jacob Peters
Phoenix AZ    I spent five years suffering from addiction. I found a solution and now am sober. Im here to share words with those still suffering, there ...
Vincent Yancoskie
A world consumed by chaos    Musings from the mind of a thousand thoughts.
New York, New York    Doctoral candidate at Columbia University
Passion fire hope
If you listen, my story will be heard
F/Paris    I love creativity in all its forms Sometimes the voices talk to me and that is all that keeps me sane and grounded. I have ...
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