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18h · 24
You are the reason,
but the bad one.
4d · 22
Wish me luck
He has a Life
while i wish
I have him.
Nov 22 · 34
Life bud
In a moment of time
I want to experience best of life
and the next moment,
the mystery of death
and how It progresses
The circle of birth
the story of first breath till last

Till it circles back to me.
Nov 11 · 116
is it the same?
Here goes the story,
a parallel sitting along
it is just identical
there we go,
witness it happen
but it is just so action
in different retrospection
with varying intention
all I think about is
this in recursion
If I could just
change the friction
what could it have been
there is no comparison.
Nov 6 · 29
The signals are weak
the road ahead is steep
a giant leap,
the wait is real
every step is a hurdle
It is coming.

must be
and little time
surmised a while
I am hoping for a blanket
engulfing me with warmth
but the rain showers
and cool winds follow.

the signs outside the door is misleading
every intruder is entering
I am magnet to the things I avoid
I see it coming.

It comes.
Oct 18 · 484
let's read more
We are a community,
We are more
We think in poetry
every view is a scenery.

Lately, it is seen
the poetries remain largely unseen
I am not too keen
but sometimes it turns disheartening.

Forgotten scribbles of me and you
nothing zings through
it will slowly die without all the love
we need to see that eyes see.

Not just a number, it is more
It is rather significant than the score
The breathing beyond the screen
it is the question do I fit in.

It is a pleasure to read every day new
but the contents just go skew
how did it go out of hand
I am so invested with the time that I spend.

Let's give love ahead,
for every word rhymed
This place is flourishing with talents
let us not lose them.
Oct 15 · 80
Is empathy lost,
sometimes I forget to carry
do you have yours
let's share our thoughts
build it again
it won't be in vain.
Oct 14 · 35
I simply don't
Sometimes I wonder
Do I need you
And then I see that
you do not,
So I'd leave you.
Oct 1 · 482
Pages of my Life
Skim through the pages of my life,
Skip through the lies I've been entwined,
It is the story of the girl trying to please
You, me and everybody, trying for your love.
I loathe the very picture she becomes,
It is very like she wilts without your approval,
She'd be giving pieces of her to all,
but next day, naturally, she finds herself in trash.

It isn't kind, the life she creates with her head,
her best attempts causing natural disrupts,
the purpose to be everyone's friend,
makes her enemy of her own self.
She lost everyone, love and inspite
and despite everything, she writes another write.

It is terrible, what I do with her,
She has been ruining everything for me,
Her and I, together, we make a lonely picture.
Skip this, and be free from this.
The end chapter, what went by,
no one knows, maybe she died alone
in the worn out sweater she had grown,
She hoped, her end might have pleased them all.
Sep 22 · 67
My love story
It is not even struggle,
Nothing I can fight
It is just heartache.
Sep 21 · 61
Am i a drug,
People just continue to use me.
You know me so well
I share everything with you first
You know everything about me
Things I might not even be aware about
You bring me to Utopia with each touch
A single swipe, and I get my cup of tea
But how bad could you be for me
I have increasingly decreasing attention
I am just a tool to you
A point to collect more data to sell
And sell away to manipulators
And attack me with new intelligence
I am always gullible
Technology, I can't live without you
I need you more than I thirst for water
why do you set out to destroy my entire race?
Sep 13 · 52
Living disease
I have never given anyone peace
Why was I born to be such a disease.
Sep 2 · 214
Smiling face
I am smiling,
        An exercise I do with mouth
My teeth clear white.

I am smiling,
        Looking so happy
What a perfect disguise.

I am smiling,
        what a beautiful day to
have all my sad thoughts come for me.

I am smiling,
         It is a practice
an ongoing progressive learning.

I am smiling,
          There is absolutely nothing I can do
Here, I smile to you too.
Sep 2 · 148
How do I write it?
Where does the right side of history originate?
Sep 1 · 161
Book weather
After the end of cold evening
I pull through the sleeves of my sweater
Keep my hand wrapped around my coffee
Get ready to dive into a new adventure
The book resting on the table
The one who'd keep me up till early morning.
Aug 31 · 144
Stick to the light
Of people that matter
  and the paper that glitters
Perceive the light around you,
     there are dark corners, every corner
But stick to the bright rays within,
    they'd guide you every way and between.
Aug 31 · 431
The things I have gained in past few months,
is back pain and weight,
and the knowledge of the things that I absolutely need,
and what I can do without
The question of wealth,
the importance of health
And praying for well being of all.
I hope you are doing well.
Aug 29 · 290
No views || Glitches
Am I even visible,
I see no view coming
Is this a glitch
Or just how it is, it is.

Suddenly there is a jump,
but there are numbers reading
This place is forever changing
Am I vain to keep a track of count
But there is no count
and then suddenly there it is
But it is static now.

It seems everything is fine from outside,
I get no notification for the poem I sent out
I do not know, should I even post it?

The people I follow,
I don't see them on my homepage
Their works are available,
but not simply accessible.

What features come, what goes
update us about
I am curious.

it is just me,
am I invisible to all?
Has anyone observed these glitches on this portal?
Aug 28 · 133
We are making history
The lives we are leading right now
being at the home,
being at the heart,
cherishing little things
when world is falling apart
we are making history,
we need to be there for everybody
uplift everyone
common, poor, needy and hungry
from calamity after calamity
save the economy, the country
contribute to the best efforts
Be the survivor of twenty-twenty.
Aug 26 · 64
Away from this
How do i leave this world,
Yet live in it?
Aug 25 · 66
I yearn
The yearning is unending
It is just starting
all day waiting
The corner I occupy
I sit, with dying patience
yearning with experience
it seems you have forgotten my existence
with growing distance,
Why my yearning still grows,
It should have died till now

I am still in waiting room
sitting, with constant reminder
I am waiting for the flightless dream
a sightless vision,
A weightless endeavour,
The yearning goes up and down
with every sound in my ear.

I am jumbled being
Dying with constant yearning
Living in the past
Fighting for my future
With no end of this thirst.
Aug 23 · 55
Tis' Life
Visions blurred
Future unclear
Aspirations silly
Disturbing insecurity
Dreams incomplete
Untouched gifts
Hope wilts
Cryptic wit
Uncertain relation
Suspicious intentions
Difficult conditioning
Unresolved mistakes
Hesitant risks
Seasons passing
Age increases
Tis' Life.
Aug 19 · 150
Self-ish ?
Everything I try I have lost faith in me
it is the story written of my destiny
there is a lot to what could be
but the pages of my thoughts are left empty
I owe lot to the belief of my family
They're still wishing the best for me
but I want to check the exitdoor
I just have no self belief like before.
Aug 18 · 123
The pen





The pen.
The end.
Aug 18 · 39
Battling with me
I'm in battle
trying to win over my heart and mind,
I'm in battle
trying to get control of my actions and thoughts,
I'm in battle
trying to restrict temptations and attractions,
This battle,
might last till my last breath
for its ongoing
for years over years
to  achieve  peace
and this battle
Won't end
everything in me will be satisfied
and nothing will ever hold power over me,
I'd be finally free and out of here.
Aug 17 · 303
longing boat
It is much suited, isn't it
the separation
it brings its own melody
the only thing
Everyone who listens
feel the same
It is the same longing
we all feel
all the same for all the difference
deserted in middle
met again in the same boat as travellers
finding place to soothe the thirst
rhythm of the same beat
echoing in the same heartbeat.
Aug 16 · 91
Present times
All that is
What it is
Future is imagination
Nothing concrete
Present has never been kind
I live through it with hope
Survive like every day
But to what end
Present will never be kind
And what I am building,
The future, it is in my head
An imagination
it is there and gone.
Aug 14 · 479
Masked girl
The mask you see me wear
The mask I put on
They are different
I am protecting both
You and me
Aug 10 · 121
Same being
We are the same being
different bodies and shape
different species
it is the same
but alive in this moment
same part of ecosystem
how do you **** a life
same pain as mine
is it so easy
would you **** me too,
but you are killing me
all the same
Aug 7 · 181
Is it fate
I was a mystery
   To you

But I was a broken piece
   A tired soul
     feeling unease

I closed doors
built fences around my home

all I wanted was control
  Of the car
   My life was driving

and wasn't it nice
      every other sunsets
   a shadow beneath the surface
we collided

a disruption
    my routine gone
   and back to drama

It was uncontrollable
  the fifth gear
    I am scared

The wind flying my hair
    car radio, top volume
it was going too fast

   It was beyond
me, my white fences disappeared
and my living room couch is occupied
        Why cannot I stop this mess

Soon it will be too late
   A repeat of fate
       Or maybe this is not a mistake
Jul 18 · 366
Forgive me
It is not simple
It cannot be given
So simply
Without the intent
The mind won't rest
Till the end
But forgiveness
Gives the freedom
To move on.

Is freeing,
It is the peace,
It is so much more.
It is a step taken
To move ahead,
Leave behind
The history
In the past.

It is the best gift
Given and received,
It can be the beginning,
it is the end of bitterness.
It is just like a necessity
To be a human
Who makes mistakes
live with harmony.

I give to thee free
To free me from the chains
Of the ill thoughts
I conceive in head
time to time, again and again
To not loathe the trust
I placed in you.

It is a process
To forgive myself
As I forgive you,
I give myself another chance
To believe the best
In you and in me.

Let's mend it.
Jul 16 · 82
Dive inside the soul
You have nothing and everything
Hollowness and infinity
Renouncing the world
To find real world within
It is serene calm
Peace and quiet

Away from the possession
And the violence accompanying with it
The obsession of name
And deceit all the same
It is an illusion of pretty
Get ****** in
To never come back

Away from the life
There is soul calling
It is the presence
Of the divine
Breathe in
And find the strength
Living in.
Jul 12 · 423
One more year ends,
Counting few others.

This is the time
of the blown out candles,
Unaired balloon,
No whipped cream,
And non received postcards.

The closed restaurants,
And unreachable phone lines,
and boredom filled eyes.

It is the time of truth
Looking into my lines,
I have seen many years now,
Never seen times like this.

A very happy birthday to me.
Jul 6 · 404
Who am i?
I am a soul
I am not a body with a name
Jul 2 · 163
I have looked through flowers
They are dying without the attention
So are other beings
Waiting for a notice
A text, a message
A phone ring.

It is surprising,
Not meeting
A sudden situation
missing out on exchange
the needs are simple
short greetings.

You know them
Don't you,
Met in the corridor
The canteen,
In the bus,
In a cafe,
the bakery
The number saved on phone.

You call out
They'll hide
You reach
Be in touch
Kindness needs to be shown
Or they'd be gone
Far far away
Jun 23 · 228
I remember him every day
Not just some sunday.
May 18 · 654
one step outside
and thousand thoughts in my head
five feet distance to maintain
the mask, check
the gloves, check
can I breath, I don't know
my heart pounding, yes
it is crazy, I know
but paranoia won't go
Empty streets, here I come
got to stock up the essentials
May 11 · 50
Try me
supremely trying my best
I fear the ticking clock
racing against the time
what will come is the fate's decision
when everything is already written
but there is a chance it is in my favour
if I give my best try
and I keep on hoping
that my time has come
and rest will become
May 8 · 142
Every day I wake to sad news
Some days I just wish I do not!
May 2 · 755
The world is on fire,
Where is the water?
Apr 17 · 42
Sidekick for life
Always wanted to be show my valour
Be as brave as they were
the characters who I admire
The books that told me the right wins
Always wanted to be in heroic scenes
And I tried courage for days
And each attempt failed
And I slowly took the role of spectator

The sidekick role much suited me
All I couldn't definitely
I still try my best infinity
My sword isn't right
My cape doesn't fly
And every book has told me a lie
No one is rooting for me
I don't fit for underdog too
It is funny how wrong i am
I don't possess anything useful.
Apr 7 · 127
Everything is calm
There is a storm outside.
Apr 5 · 547
Battle ahead
there is light at the end
But I am blinded before
I see darkness around
Shadows dragging me down

When will this end
How long to wait
Patience is dying breed
Time stops as I bleed
The floor is pristine white

The numbers are multiplying
The news is devastating
I am at my home
Trying to catch my breath

Neighbours are distant
Four feet away is miles apart
My phone rings on
This life is breath-taking
I am zoned out

The doors are locked
The empty streets and fridge
There is no more than eyes meet
The same music on repeat.

It is spreading like wildfire
Precious lives are in danger
Difficult times ahead
No one is prepared
Hoping to give a tough fight.
Mar 12 · 206
I need .. you?
Leave me with my thoughts, don't!
Get me out of here, now!
This is hell and heaven combined
Am I losing my mind, find!
It is getting out of hands, umm..
Help me out, someone?
Dec 2019 · 353
Blended view
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2019
I am seeing the colours
Mixing and blending
Without outline
All lines blurred
I can't see you
Red, orange and blue.
Nov 2019 · 259
Out of zone
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2019
Sound and fire
Loud and the lightning
Clouds and the rain
Bound to the walls
Count me in and out
Zoning away
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2019
I don't need more negativity in life
I have enough in me already
I am cutting you off
Avoiding till cannot
Nov 2019 · 268
To the venture
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2019
Venture to the north
The peace in the east
The land in pieces
Going to small places
The pink and blue town
huge marvelous palaces
On foot for days
The sand and mud stays
at the back of shoes
The path left ahead is beautiful
But am I ready to face the shine
Where to draw the fine line
Oct 2019 · 1.8k
Paper Gold
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2019
The black ink pours in
The white page is pure gold
Wisdom seeps through
Transforming the lives
And the knowledge speaks
To the people in every fold
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