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Nov 2021 · 123
Where do I go
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2021
Hard to take a step back,
When million miles remain forward,
It took me years to get to the highway
Passing through many bylanes
But I need to know where I am going
has beautiful scenery I wish to explore
I am not looking for lost paradise
Nor do I want to walk the barren lands
I want to experience eternal sunshine
not chase behind pretty butterflies
that won't stay in the palm of my hand.
Sep 2021 · 409
Stepping Stones
Druzzayne Rika Sep 2021
Skipping three steps
I fell on the fourth
the fifth, I missed
Sixth, Seventh,
using all of my strength
Soon it will be the tenth
But what I didn't know
that it never ends.
Jul 2021 · 373
Hugging the skies
Druzzayne Rika Jul 2021
I fell. Hard.

On the floor.

It was gravity's fault.

I did nothing wrong.

I am heavier than I seem.

The sky won't tuck me in.
Jun 2021 · 185
You mean the world to me
Druzzayne Rika Jun 2021
You wanted the world
Now the world won't let you be
Till you cease to be
May 2021 · 187
Sinking ships
Druzzayne Rika May 2021
I never knew relationships come with an expiry date,
past that everything goes stale
and what to do with it,
how do I know,
that this Titanic will not sink
May 2021 · 96
Three minutes and
Druzzayne Rika May 2021
here comes the midnight
or the dark morning.
May 2021 · 167
Druzzayne Rika May 2021
Am I blind to my own truth
that I do not see what you do
what people see when they look,
who am I even fooling,
Or am I the biggest fool?
May 2021 · 80
Self worth, questions
Druzzayne Rika May 2021
How to quantify my worth?

by how people value me,
or by the contribution I made in my eternity,
or all the intentions hidden from you,
by my every thoughts I have ever had,
or can I by my social media presence,
or by counting tears when I die.

Am I even worthy enough?

I may look tough
but I do not know
what you think of me
or you and your worth
do not matter to me at all?

Do you know your worth?

Am I asking the wrong questions?
but I do not seem to care,
not at present when I am in trance
I was always born to die,
I have done less than what roses do
in their lifetime.

Am I worthless in the face of world?
May 2021 · 533
I don't see you
Druzzayne Rika May 2021
Are you lost in the time,
or lost in the space
Just out of my face?
May 2021 · 86
Druzzayne Rika May 2021
For if only this is the beginning,
then how will it end?
Apr 2021 · 164
Sitting at the spot
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
I found everything when I was lost
In the valley of my thoughts
every second paused,
but lost every thought as I came back
to the present and the same spot.
Apr 2021 · 349
House arrest
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
It is gone.

I was once a free bird,
but jailed in my home now.

I can go out but I won't,
Freedom has a big price tag.
Apr 2021 · 255
bogo shipda
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
It has been a year and more
I have been at home alone.
Apr 2021 · 284
A long trip
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
Flutter of the heart
Takes me to a trip of
emotional gutter
Apr 2021 · 74
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
A birdie flew away,
another birdie flew towards
to sit on the same spot
on the tree now
Apr 2021 · 281
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
Fleeting glance
it is a memory
I see it
every bit
my leg up
And down
around my
tiny visions.
Apr 2021 · 114
what universe
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
a perfect human
and the imperfect God?
Apr 2021 · 233
who knows?
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
why is the luck so tricky,
how do I trick luck in my favour,
or have I been lucky all along,
till the pendulum swung
the other way.
Apr 2021 · 179
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
Is it true what they say,
I was born in this world
to do the work in
endless ways.
Apr 2021 · 262
Hear the voice again
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
I don't have a face for the man who just died.
But it is true indeed that my heart did cry.
I have been hearing his voice all through the last year.
He was firm and strict and kind in his own way.
The year has been too cruel that now I fear.
The news hit me hard to know he is no longer here.
I feel the numb as I hear more terrible news filling in.
Someone I knew or someone my friends knew.
They got affected and for few left and few are leaving.
And it will be hard to see the world around with them missing.
Apr 2021 · 702
I need to cut the strings.
Apr 2021 · 86
what a fool I am
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2021
Last year's April looking me in the eye
where did all the days go by
Mar 2021 · 77
Hollow heart
Druzzayne Rika Mar 2021
Huge chunk of my heart is missing,

What is it that is still beating?
Mar 2021 · 786
You know who
Druzzayne Rika Mar 2021
You'd remember to appreciate me one day a year
For one whole day, It is so surprising
my thoughts would be heard
While I'll remain a piece of furniture
from the very next day.
Happy Women's Day
Mar 2021 · 130
Druzzayne Rika Mar 2021
Should I minus my age by one year
it feels like I skipped last year altogether.
Feb 2021 · 95
Druzzayne Rika Feb 2021
How do I not
sink in
drown in the sea
of sadness
Feb 2021 · 139
Druzzayne Rika Feb 2021
I have decided I am done
But who am I to decide anything
Everything I do, pursue
Things will go opposite
Fate takes away all the credit
I am stuck in the muddy waters
Here I am, making plans again
Oh, all in vain
Feb 2021 · 263
Another dimension
Druzzayne Rika Feb 2021
We miss out the dimensions
the way we see the world
It is all present but
I am just missing the perception
It is all lost in time and space
how different would it be
You see me with your lens
how much do you, apart from the face

It is all given,
Various notes are taken
I am just in my zone
with thoughts I have grown
I am biased
my limits of knowledge
how much could I gather
ignorance to be blamed

Everyone is online
seeking information
is it all present
what is the real design
Do we just exist
a body and no purpose
are we as important
Like everyone insists

And as life ceases
and cycle proceeds
The time passes on its pace
It is all forgotten
what intervention
when would it come
the truth is present
but still remains unseen.
Jan 2021 · 451
Druzzayne Rika Jan 2021
I have burden to carry,
This burden to keep
To hide it till my last
My burden of my past.

A story you won't read
An unwritten plead
This burden cut my wings
I have stopped flying

I'd rather you reach the skies
Be not caught up in the lies
Touch the twinkling stars
Not carry the matching scar.

Sometimes the truth never heals
the burn never soothes
No one can appeal
No one knows the truth.

My end will be the end
the time, unburdened
my unmeasured breathe
intake of relief, no air.
Dec 2020 · 701
This year, no pretense
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
It is feeling
the genuine one

The year I've been me
No pretense
No act
I was never fine,
I've seen me be scared me

The confidence coat I've shed
I can see the marks
where I've bled
It is all on open
I am healing this time.
Dec 2020 · 214
Merry Christmas
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
what a way to pass days
I have made no marks
to remember me by
And at nights, as I lie awake
I dream about how different
it could have been
if only if I was seen
with twinkles and gleam
but as the snow gathered
I slipped away
in the warmth I've known
in the bed I've grown,
I lie awake still
It is long night ahead
a merry christmas to you.
Dec 2020 · 335
I share my bits to you
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
Spending more and more time with the ones I don't know
will not anyday meet
I feel freedom to express me
in the ways I could never perceive
To the ones who know me, my name
I can't tell them the same,
Things I share with you.
Dec 2020 · 74
My side of story
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
In every situation,
nobody is hero,
everyone is victim.
Dec 2020 · 427
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
I made you my mother
and then,
you were lost.
Dec 2020 · 164
To grow
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
How do I grow
When nothing in me can move
Dec 2020 · 181
heartfelt and gone
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
Everything you write is sold
there is marketplace out there
what is authentic anymore
every word is carefully crafted,
manufactured and packed
Dec 2020 · 69
my rose
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
Just a bunch of thorns
and the half gone rose.
Dec 2020 · 86
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
You are the reason,
but the bad one.
Dec 2020 · 100
Wish me luck
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2020
He has a Life
while i wish
I have him.
Nov 2020 · 122
Life bud
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2020
In a moment of time
I want to experience best of life
and the next moment,
the mystery of death
and how It progresses
The circle of birth
the story of first breath till last

Till it circles back to me.
Nov 2020 · 221
is it the same?
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2020
Here goes the story,
a parallel sitting along
it is just identical
there we go,
witness it happen
but it is just so action
in different retrospection
with varying intention
all I think about is
this in recursion
If I could just
change the friction
what could it have been
there is no comparison.
Nov 2020 · 62
Druzzayne Rika Nov 2020
The signals are weak
the road ahead is steep
a giant leap,
the wait is real
every step is a hurdle
It is coming.

must be
and little time
surmised a while
I am hoping for a blanket
engulfing me with warmth
but the rain showers
and cool winds follow.

the signs outside the door is misleading
every intruder is entering
I am magnet to the things I avoid
I see it coming.

It comes.
Oct 2020 · 798
let's read more
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2020
We are a community,
We are more
We think in poetry
every view is a scenery.

Lately, it is seen
the poetries remain largely unseen
I am not too keen
but sometimes it turns disheartening.

Forgotten scribbles of me and you
nothing zings through
it will slowly die without all the love
we need to see that eyes see.

Not just a number, it is more
It is rather significant than the score
The breathing beyond the screen
it is the question do I fit in.

It is a pleasure to read every day new
but the contents just go skew
how did it go out of hand
I am so invested with the time that I spend.

Let's give love ahead,
for every word rhymed
This place is flourishing with talents
let us not lose them.
Oct 2020 · 153
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2020
Is empathy lost,
sometimes I forget to carry
do you have yours
let's share our thoughts
build it again
it won't be in vain.
Oct 2020 · 70
I simply don't
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2020
Sometimes I wonder
Do I need you
And then I see that
you do not,
So I'd leave you.
Oct 2020 · 860
Pages of my Life
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2020
Skim through the pages of my life,
Skip through the lies I've been entwined,
It is the story of the girl trying to please
You, me and everybody, trying for your love.
I loathe the very picture she becomes,
It is very like she wilts without your approval,
She'd be giving pieces of her to all,
but next day, naturally, she finds herself in trash.

It isn't kind, the life she creates with her head,
her best attempts causing natural disrupts,
the purpose to be everyone's friend,
makes her enemy of her own self.
She lost everyone, love and inspite
and despite everything, she writes another write.

It is terrible, what I do with her,
She has been ruining everything for me,
Her and I, together, we make a lonely picture.
Skip this, and be free from this.
The end chapter, what went by,
no one knows, maybe she died alone
in the worn out sweater she had grown,
She hoped, her end might have pleased them all.
Sep 2020 · 103
My love story
Druzzayne Rika Sep 2020
It is not even struggle,
Nothing I can fight
It is just heartache.
Sep 2020 · 126
Druzzayne Rika Sep 2020
Am i a drug,
People just continue to use me.
Sep 2020 · 3.7k
technology, friend and foe
Druzzayne Rika Sep 2020
You know me so well
I share everything with you first
You know everything about me
Things I might not even be aware about
You bring me to Utopia with each touch
A single swipe, and I get my cup of tea
But how bad could you be for me
I have increasingly decreasing attention
I am just a tool to you
A point to collect more data to sell
And sell away to manipulators
And attack me with new intelligence
I am always gullible
Technology, I can't live without you
I need you more than I thirst for water
why do you set out to destroy my entire race?
Sep 2020 · 87
Living disease
Druzzayne Rika Sep 2020
I have never given anyone peace
Why was I born to be such a disease.
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