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Drifting Down Jan 2016
Dim lights
Deep voices
Darkness all around
Faces floating
Floor shaking
Heart shattering to the ground
No control
All alone
Left with no one there
Danger coming
People shoving
Left lifeless with none to hear

I sit and stare
Wondering why
You left this mark on me
I have to breathe
See my steam
You need to leave my body
I drop down
To the ground
Far from time and saving
Temperature rises
Heartbeat slows
To a line of nothing more
Drifting Down Jan 2016
Every time I hear them talk about you
I perk up,
I listen closely,
My sweaty palms shake against
The firm hold I have upon my legs,
I crave you
in my mind,
in my body,
in my heart.
My body shuts off,
The need to fulfill,
The desire to breathe you in, swallow you down
This battle never seems to fade,
All by the simple sounds of your name,
I'm hooked once again.
Drifting Down Oct 2015
I've never felt this kind of desire-
The longing of your touch,
The taste of your lips.
I've never wanted anything so badly-
To feel your legs intertwined with mine,
To feel your warmth up against my chest,
To feel your heart beating within my ear,
To feel your breath in unison to mine.
I've never missed anyone in the way I crave you-
I've never felt anything quite like this.
Drifting Down Oct 2015
He makes me feel on top of it all,
He's showing me it's okay to fall.
I want him near, I never stray,
He lets me know everything's okay.
He's more than I could ask for here,
He's a genuine guy with his heart so sincere.
I never would've expected this,
Whenever he's away, I always miss.
He caught my attention, there is no way,
I never want him to go away.
The feeling I get, my heart with desire,
It's only him, I'll never grow tire.
He is the guy I want for me,
Baby I can't just let this be.
So come here now, come around,
We need this time, don't make a sound.
The silence makes my heart beat fast,
Oh how I want this feeling to last.
His touch shows me what he's trying to say,
I want him here, I want him to stay.
So let me be the one to choose,
I can promise him, he will never lose.
Drifting Down Aug 2015
touch me as if you desire,
hold me as if you care,
kiss me as if you miss,
talk to me as if you know,
but please,
all I need is your love
Drifting Down Aug 2015
it's like being stuck in a nightmare,
but instead I'm in reality.
Drifting Down Aug 2015
I'm not like them,
I don't drink, smoke, or **** like them.
I'm not that girl,
I don't look, dream, or think like her.
I'm not like him, or her, or them.
I'm not any of this, so why am I here?
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