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Arpita Banerjee
New Delhi    A believer in the magnificence that constitutes everything.
RJ Days
Pennsylvania    I live and I sometimes write poems.
S Olson
I see I feel I think I write And do it all over again
Rafael Melendez
23/M/Austin, Texas    Love is my passion. Writing is my redemption. Let us see if I get a resurrection, eh?
destiney dawn
Memento Mori.
Rob Sandman
Dublin,Ireland.    Rob Sandman is the Dream walker, Night stalker, Life taker, Breath stealer... The Creak in the corner,the Shadow under the bed. It really shouldn't need ...
Shannon Lee Rohn
38/F/Barstow, California   
living to learn, learning to live
Amherst, MA   
20/F/Hell    I'm Ciara. I have a passion for words.
Vinnie Brown
Iowa    I'm not writing for you, these are just the midnight thoughts that hit me in the darkest hours.
Kaley Kerchaert
23/F/U.S. MI    ♡♡Kaley♡♡ °•☆Music ☆•° I believe in God. I love writting. Like in depth writings to whatever's on your mind Birthday: Nov. 4th
F/Laughlin, Nevada    Wrote my first lines at age 10. Never stopped. I write because I can't not write. Every word is ©, protected by barbed wire, quicksand ...
ontario, canada    sporadic stuff from my head space inquiries:
Cameron Banowsky
30/M/Los Angeles    DevOps Engineer / Musician / poet
Shibu Varkey
india    Eye surgeon by day and scribbler by night. I believe, being poetic, is just that uncontrollable urge to put on paper the simmering words that ...
Badee Uz Zaman
Pulwama, J&K    Mystery unfolded !
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