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Badee Uz Zaman Jan 2017
Dear diary, today is the day-
The day of communion,
The day of impregnation,
After a series of cursed sterile nights.
So, dare not to hoist any **** excuse
To stay behind the draperies of modesty
And hide your immaculate flesh
From the ferocious tip of
My hungry dying pen.
Let your voluptuous pages
Woo the ink out of my pen
So that, its strangulated wish
To scrawl a masterpiece,
May finally get materialized
On the contours of your *****.

©Badee Uz Zaman
Badee Uz Zaman Jan 2017
The nations of the world,
Delinquented by;
The cheapest wine
Of modern democracy,
Chant the slogans of
Equality, liberty and fraternity
But, when this structure
Is looked through
With pragmatic prisms,
This world appears to be
An imbalanced chariot
Driven by
The forces of anarchy.
In the west you see;
The economic liberty
While the east is caught in
Hunger and poverty.
One side is packed with
Neuclear factories,
While others are fractured by
Communal armies.
The structural imbalances
Will never cease to exist
Tis constantly fueled by
The injected worms of
Racism, regionalism
And above all
Demented liberalism.


© Badee Uz Zaman.
Badee Uz Zaman Dec 2016
Oh my callous beloved!
Fabricate an excuse
To visit;
The wretched hovel of
Your secluded lover.
Come once and watch me;
Parched are my thoughts
And bleeding are my senses.
These ominous silences
Have placed me under
The sharp blades of
Taunting apprehensions.
The Draught hit streams
Of our blazed rendezvous
Appeal the clouds of thy mercy.
Amid the dreadful darkness
Of this lamenting night
Your jubilant return is
The only ray of hope.

Will not you come ...??

© Badee Uz Zaman.
Badee Uz Zaman Dec 2016

Oh the imperious whiffs
of this nefarious breeze

dare not to enter
the somber chambers
of my wretched heart

for this decorous sufferer
is drenched in sobs
packed with
limping complaints
on its strewn crimson walls
lend them no passage out

let obscurity grasp them
in merciless clutches
until my soul
divorces my body

© Badee Uz Zaman
Badee Uz Zaman Dec 2016
Let me make this promise fickle
To entomb my complaints morbid
In the impregnable dustbins of
Some anonymous corridors.
Let you invent thousand excuses
To conceal thy wishes ruptured.
Let you deny those eyes scorched
Even the clues of beads priced.
Let's suffer silently in this night
The exultant rays will shine again
Let the swing of time be the Messiah
It will cause our emotions to rise again.

©  Badee Uz Zaman
Badee Uz Zaman Dec 2016
If a nation suppressed
For centuries together
Will discover the potential
Disguised in their resilience,
The surrendered hopes of
This nation tormented
Will be resuscitated
In their darkest hour.
Break not the silences
And let them escape not
The ominous dungeons
Of enforced anarchy.
It's better to watch them
From a distance safer
And ensure their slavery
Lives for ever.
So let not me speak
The despondency of my heart
And abide by this principle
Some words are bound
To remain unsaid.

© Badee Uz Zaman
  Dec 2016 Badee Uz Zaman
Doug Potter
Basil, paprika, cold Hungarian goulash,
bleu cheese and stale cinnamon
coffee cake dominate
the taste of  your
mouth and skin;

it’s not because you are
slovenly that pulls me
into you, I am alone.
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