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 Jul 2014 DJR
life's jump
What if
 Jul 2014 DJR
life's jump
what if
love was
stalking me
from atmospheres
beyond breathlessness

sky line lights
would be
the dinners candle

dreams taking turn recalling
fairy tails or becoming
the sheet that
strengthensĀ sails

to place me slightly back
as to recline or comfort
your touch
formed to kiss

what if
 Mar 2013 DJR
Tessa F
 Mar 2013 DJR
Tessa F
Listen to me.
Don't just stare at the empty space above my head, don't let your mind wander, and don't you dare be talking to that voice inside your head. Listen to me. Listen to what I am saying, not that voice. Those are the people that we need to hold accountable for the judgements and dark thoughts, the little devil on your left shoulder that stabbed the right angel to death years ago.
Your mind is a machine gun shooting holes in all of your ideas, all of your dreams, and all of your will power. We shoot down the wings of self-confidence that would have flown us to heights of the impossible.
Have I lost you yet? Are you still out there? How far are you receding back into the depths of your mind? Listen to what I am saying.
Let your fishing pole of will power cast its line into your blood stream. Let it flow down your veins, heart starts pumping again, warmth spreads into your toes until you catch your soul. Reel it in, breathe it in, let it come to the surface and taste the light. Reel in your line to your ear drums, feel the rhythm of your life and your purpose. I mean it when I say to listen to me with your heart and soul.
Now that your soul has travelled this far, fished out of the dark and guarded recesses of your body, I beg you. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Anchor it down with a safety pin of hope and faith, the things that keep you from giving up.
If you are still listening to me, then please, take it just a little leap further and believe me.
Believe me when I tell you that you are worthy. Believe me when I tell you that you have importance. Believe me when I tell you that every action you take, down to the smallest passing smile, makes a difference.
If you are still listening to me, believe me that you are beautiful to your core. I know you are. I can see your gorgeous soul pinned there to your sleeve.
The most important thing that I want you to believe, need you to believe, is that you are loved. You have no right to deny this statement when I tell you, right now, that I love each and every one of you. All of your flaws and mistakes and pains and joys and passions. Whenever you share a little part of your life with me, it makes mine worthwhile.
YOU are worthwhile.
Listen to me when I tell you: always listen to yourself.
This is more of a speech than a poem..
 Mar 2013 DJR
Alice Kay
One of the hardest things

is being in the same room as you

and knowing I can't even look at you

without receiving your look of disgust.
 Mar 2013 DJR
 Mar 2013 DJR
Take it back, please
I do not want
Your gift anymore because
It lives in my sheets
Making it hard to sleep
Every night
I am thinking
About him
And whether or
My gift hides in his
Sheets, or
If it is tucked
Away in a closet
Of embarrassing laundry
His mother will never
 Mar 2013 DJR
Abagail Marie

I was Fifteen.
You were twenty.
Torn and broken,
That's how you left me.
What kind of man are you
To act the way you did.
To break down and destroy me
I was just a little kid.
It's been five years already,
You'd think I'd finally be ok.
But I can still run it through my mind
As if it were yesterday.
There was beer on your breath
And your eyes were red
Twenty minutes later,
I wished I was dead.
You pushed me down.
You called me a *****.
Even after all these years,
There's so much left to fix.
You finally left me
The room just seemed to spin.
Even now I just feel disgusting
Living in this skin.
I don't know what made you choose me
Nor do I care.
Just the thought of seeing you
Is too much to bare.
I hope someday you realize
How disturbed you truly are
For upon my heart
Will always be this scar.

— The End —