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Emmanuel Davies Jan 2021
My Body My Right
A sequence by which I live
Violating the twist of the night
To tell a tale of a life time
If I must my wish
To do accordingly
To my body as I will
To tell the story
Of how I violate my body
Without the fear of justice
Lost in the plain
Of painful pleasure
With the assurance of the night
Sitting closely
Beneath the cool
Of the moonlight
I tell the tale
Of the violation
Of my right
My body and my pride
Emmanuel Davies Nov 2020
Sorry I've not posted
In a while
Time as been
Very so tight
Or I just couldn’t
Find something to write
Emmanuel Davies Nov 2020
Morphemes clustered in unison
Dancing wistfully
To the melodious tune
Of ink dabbed on empty pages
Drawn from the deep well of art
Framed from freely forged phrases
Adorned in a symphonic clause
Of well taught sentences

Oh the simplicity of it
The art of writing!!
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
When nations beckon
And the world refuse to reckon
Desires begins to burn
To the very last one

Heart throbbing against self *******
Fighting false battles
Along the way
Liars exonerated in white robes
Perambulating, freely reassuring false hope
Beggars bellowing bad breath
Living luxurious lives like lords
Tailored tight thieves take turn
Chopping cheap chops
On platinum platters
Thinkers in their infinite wisdom
Making hilarious decisions

What's there to it?
In this vain world
If not that by your greed
We should be crushed
Into nothingness
Then maybe our eyes
Will open to see the world
For its cunningness.
A better nation would be achieved if only we would take off our blindfold both people and elected.
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
A very big thanks to all
For your appreciation
And for giving me an opportunity
Amongst poetic elites as yours
Emmanuel Davies Oct 2020
Power down
A short while
Flip the switch
Bring back to life
Thank you all for your appreciation
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