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curlygirl Feb 2017
i have
the unfortunate
of not
realizing that
i love
until its
too late.
curlygirl Jan 2017
we are an enigma.
not because we
don't understand
each other,
because we
don't understand
curlygirl Jan 2017
"you accept the love
you think you deserve."
*i didn't know
i thought so little
of myself
curlygirl Jan 2017
its the oddest
combination of
loving someone
and knowing
**you don't want
to be with them
curlygirl Jan 2017
"i almost told you
that i love you,"
he confessed
looking past me.
"well...thank God
you didn't,"
i whispered
looking down.
curlygirl Dec 2016
he slept next to me
like a shining knight
without his armor,
vulnerable and guarded.
curlygirl Dec 2016
i had a dream
that he loved me,
       and that's how i knew
i was dreaming.
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