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Cristian Healy Jan 2014
With every breath
I hear the storm of life.
With every blink
I see the faith.

I see the sun and know he's there.
I see the dark, and know he's not.

Faith is not seen nor heard,
More taught to disregard loved ones.

For we are all the same,
no more no less.
There is nothing different bar acts of ways.

For this I say,
Happiness is the silver lining of love and caring....
Cristian Healy Jan 2014
Within the Darkness,
There is light.
Within Light,
There is happiness.

Within you ,
There is light.
Within you,
Happiness you're sane.

You are amazing.
Nothing more nothing less.

Amazing is the words for you...

And me.
Cristian Healy Jan 2014
Happiness is your smile,
where I find safety.
Happiness is your laugh,
where I see joy.

Sadness is where i can't see you smile,
where the darkness is.
Sadness is where you don't laugh,
where hate lingers.

And yet happiness is by your side, no matter what.
Cristian Healy Jan 2014
With the rain in the sky,
With me wondering why,
There is life with you,
But not without me.

There is a sun shining
the slums stirring,
in the beauty of your smile.

I love you,
Forever and ever...

Cristian Healy Jan 2014
no ones loves you,
no one hates you,
you're just there,
living in the fear.

Paint this city in their blood
Because they call you a hood.
Find the last lives,
From that above.

For the sky is crashing,
The winds are crying,
There is nothing more.

And empty silence.
Cristian Healy Jan 2014
the smile on her face,
the smile on his...

the darkness in their eyes,
the darkness in their hearts,

the lats moments,
as the bullets ripped through their bodies,

the hour glass still standing,
the fall of the final grain...

her love for him,
his love for her...

that never ending smile...
Cristian Healy Jan 2014
There are a million miles,
From here to the sun.

There are a million smiles
from you to your son.

There is nothing more caring than a mother and child,
There is nothing more caring than me and my son.
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