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 May 2019
Tony Anderson
Through the centuries it has existed
Through the eons it has fed
A shape shifting beast
Sometimes animal
Sometimes human
Sometimes an object
Whatever form that accomplishes it's goals

You never see it coming
You never know it's there
Until it's too late
Once you are interested its trap
There is no escape
 Jul 2018
you're my blood moon...

my muse,

my sleepless eyes.

hanging there,

skinned raw...

animal and angel.

energetically pulling

on this awakened


you've touched an

intimacy that's made

me territorial.

so i blow out stars

with the authority that

grants wishes.

i want that sky as black

as perfected extinction...

just so you can bleed

and scream Ma~
 May 2018
Yv S
skin wide open and splayed in breadth and blood -
one never thought our skin could be so bright and
that blood would be so red, bone so white.

tears no longer nothing but heavy weights under the eyes -
their cheeks droop under it and bruise ugly and colourful.
the light's reflections are jealous. the rainbow dissolved.

no words to describe them except for what they are.
flesh and guts are human and animal and earth.
that's the grand scheme of every thing.

a drop in the ground and the snow parts like the sea -
is this a shift in colour or is it the sun behind the horizon?
god when you need him often shakes his head no.
 Mar 2018
The Guardian
You should have cried when you still had the chance to,
You should have raised your voice as high to wake the black goons.

Black child the beautiful black pearl,
Never lose your root stay a good girl.

Never follow the pack for you might get lost in the mist of the night, stay natural and wait for the sun will shine as bright.

Black child the beautiful black pearl,
Never temper with your hair to pleas any man.

Rather than drawing your eyebrows, draw your shadow as dark, and let you confidence be on flick. Rather than applying expensive make-up, build your respect and self-love on a strong foundation. Rather than putting a high class weave on your head, let your mentality be of high grade.

Trust your reflection without looking on a mirror, because you are a template to a new era.

Black child the beautiful black pearl,
Never lose your root stay a good girl.
"trust in your reflection without looking at a mirror, because you are a template to a new era" poem inspired by perfection of inner beauty of a goddess
literary food for thought.
Self Mutilation
(ah bet thar iz an app for that!)
within unlit partial "FAKE abattoir"
   sans wardrobe alcove
   where dust bunnies didst allures
completing a simple task among
   my never ending (Matthew's) list
   of domestic chores

this undertaking engaged
   thankfully while completely clothed,
   and scrounging on all fours
nonchalantly picking up scattered detritus
   including food crumbs

   potential critters hors d'oeuvres
the spouse (ideally seated
   on this same swivel chair
   dashing off these lines

   linkedin with this Macbook Pro) -
   housing at least four scores
of word documents, she espied
   the cheeky opportunity
   that triggered many wars

within arms length the taut outline
   of me 'lil derriere - re: rear end
temporarily dormant versus
   when flatulence roars -

   posterior flank hie
   could not de fend
she playfully poked her finger
   that didst dis send
   within close vicinity of sphincter,
   where ****** turgid business height tend

(most likely this husband not alone
   getting ***** twerked) inn me own coal
less cents great movements got made
   jabbing ma *******

   while i happened
   to be "blindly" groping
   upon darkly cutout cubby hole
i.e. without wearing bifocals/ spectacles -

   envision a human mole
thus amply qualified her role
to be literal and figurative
   pain in the *** vole,

where much to my horror a flash
of red hot poker blind
   momentary rage, did lash
out at me, when aye espied

   a kitchen knife and acted rash
(how cutlery got in closet floor
   a minor mystery
   and potential topic de jure

   for another poem)
   to brandish sharp edge
   around abdominal area
grabbed handle with left hand,
   thence commenced to slash

rhythmically thwacking
   wrist of right hand
then quickly dropped sharp implement
(as like a man momentarily possessed)
   before rendering permanent harm
   with a river of blood to wash.
 Jan 2018
branded glaciers GE
we cast down
silence has ****** me
in these ashes
ashes from

 Jan 2018
Benjamin Woolley
Lie still little rabbit
your hummingbird heart
holds you

it’s okay -
     it’s okay -
          it’s okay -

you lie still.
 Jan 2018
I will lay my hands on you as you have laid yours on me
I will bury my fingers deep into your flesh and pick apart your bones
I will come into your house, your home
And pelt you with stones
I will make you bleed
The desire to harm you
To see your face contort in pain
Isn’t a common thing for me
How does it feel?
a letter to my abuser
 Nov 2017
i’m not angry, i’m just scared
i’m put here but i’m not prepared
sink of dishes, pale of tin
it’s too cold not to let you in

i ask my friend where she’s been
she tells me life is full of sin
i ask my lovers where they’ve gone
they sing to me that same old song
they tell me that it won’t be long
before the sun shines in but
i’m still waiting out the storm
the half-moon glows late after dawn

i’m not sure where to start
or how to fix this broken heart
the music, it still plays on
even though everyone is gone
i ask the mouse with the squeaky voice
he tells me that he’s had no choice
the way it is, they way it’ll be
he tells me just to stop and see

the indian, his flute will play
the sky will always be this gray
the soldiers march in disarray
today’s just like any other day

in my head i sing a song
and i know that it won’t be long
before this cloud lifts from me and
i will hum the harmony

the way it is – the way it goes
this ball of fear gathers and grows
the answer’s somewhere i suppose
in the hands of those who know

how i see you and you see me
do we have a chance at harmony?
i guess that’s been our mystery
let it go  –  let it be
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