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sherindream Nov 2017
harmony for wait
find success in sleeping late
ripeness, ready - here i go
harmony for heart and flow

**** the stress and share the tune
harmony, it will come soon
find success in slowing down
then again, it will be found

harmony's this body's sound
drop the faces - buckle down
be complete in all you do
totality will come to you

silence says it will shift soon
thunderbolt this honeymoon
sit in source without report
then friendliness will fill the wounds
sherindream Nov 2017
the tree is breathing,
here in spiritual spring…
and i'm writing,
cause i'm not letting me sing
and i’d talk
but i don't know where to begin
so i’ll play with words,
cause that’s my thing...

i'll write a poem
cause it helps me breath
and i know who i am
so why can't i believe
in myself as i am
and then patience - befriend
because here's the beginning
but where is the end?

so many things
float around in my mind
and how twisted it is
when there's nothing but time
and i know i know God
and i know i'm divine
but i can't be attached
because none of it's mine…
sherindream Nov 2017
remind me of the peace
that comes in with a wave
and stays close when it's saved
and not forgotten

then tell me of the sounds i hear
when no one is around i fear
and nothing's bound to nothing
and quiet's begotten

remind me of the tribal march
when clouds stay close and keep in touch
and worries and woes just turn to dust

then tell me of the orange sky
that god brushed out without a try
and put on canvas for you and i
to revel
sherindream Nov 2017
hold up?  you're trying to register me??
with your weak ***, fake pretend democracy..
you think that history'll repeat?
but the perspective from you box is limited and bleak..
you don't see where we're at now -
but you can feel the vibe has changed somehow..
you're followed by an angry crowd -
but still, whispers of hearts are getting loud..
i wonder - if somehow you can hear?  
what calls out to you beneath the fear??
your wounds are out for all to see
and they're aimed like daggers, straight at me
but i can take it - bring it on
i'll just 'fight' you with one more peace song..
see, i can - cause it's the land of the free
and sorry - that means free for you AND for me
so come - let's battle - i am armed
with truth and all else that trumps wrong
you can not know what you have sparked..
i'm on a mission, let's embark
we'll rip down these tethered times
and we'll come to battle with our rhymes
we'll catapult your stupid walls
and watch this **** injustice fall
i can see it now, clear in my head
a land that's free - where all are fed
and there's no need to cheat or steal
and no wound is still left unhealed
where everyone is in their peace
and all the dark has been released
just close your eyes now, and try to see
the end road, it's true unity
sherindream Nov 2017
she came through, like a thief in the night
with all of the skill, but none of the fight
taunting, twisting, curling tight
she kept me soon as she gained sight

of what it was she chose to have
a chance to scrabble for my bag
my heart, she saw in time to grab
but still she went straight for the jab

but kindness is what hit me hard
the sweeping tears of steel guitars
the earthy tones that soon set in
the flute that’s whistling in the wind

to tell the story of the souls
who came before and then grew old
but first learned of the harmonies
of memorized soliloquies

the stories of the sweetest sounds
when happiness was still abound
and understood and all around
was faith brand new in form of sound

but she will always bring me back
this answer to my heart attack
she’s like a warm touch to my skin
the beauty that words just won’t bring

she is my lover and my friend
so all else then, is just pretend
the only thing that sets me free
the rhythm and the melody
sherindream Nov 2017
It's so beautiful when I step outside
The trees are swaying from side to side
It's almost sunset, bout 5:45
I'm just relaxing – glad to be alive

The birds are singing – palms are highin 5's
The fish are swimming – bugs are buzzin by
I'm finally winning – thank God, it's about time
I feel like singing – the sun just waved goodbye

I'm out here talking to my friend, the earth
She says, "Wo!, slow down before you get hurt –
See how the ocean just sits there like the dirt?
See how the clouds drift – softer than the earth?

And what's the hurry? Where you trying to get?
Why all the worry? Doesn't make much sense.
Here in the moment. How bout love instead?
Of all those fingers pointing some old dread?"

I smile and thank her and of course, she's right
There can't be love with all the fight
Just look around my dear friends cry
Don't let the beauty pass you by

Kaho'olawe is so very pink
My center as I sit and think
Of all the things I want to see
Of all the love right here for me

So drop the mind and tap the heart
This island's shown me where to start
From here, there's nothing left to do
But sit and smile and be with you
sherindream Nov 2017
you know i'm out here on my own
trying to get my own self grown
thought i'd take some time alone

it's hard to see the green from here
only sometimes when cloud's aren't near
they part some days just like my fears

there's nothing quite like that clear day
the view up here from far away
sometimes i think i'd like to stay

far from the people down below
i knew them why back, long ago
out where the river used to flow
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