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 Jul 2021
Sarita Aditya Verma

The mind is infinite
The core of our inner being
The world it shows
Admirable and to truly believe
Like nobody knows
Need not know
Connected and righteous in its own rights
For the world to believe in you
The truth of being true to self
For the truth, does wrong to none

As the wild & wide ocean believes in self
Rumbles and roars
From the deepest part of its core
It never depletes
The sun, the moon and the wind
Eternally bound, the bond
The inner circle of life
Oceanic core infinite
When you are in love
Daybreak brings you fairy dust
Glittering on fields of four-leaf clover.

When you are in love
Crows take music lessons
And sing to you Brahms Lullabies

When you are in love
The clock turns into Jello
And time loses all meaning when together

When you are in love
The Moon becomes your closest friend
And you can tell her all your secrets.

When you are in love
The world becomes a magic place
And you’re the Head Magician.
Off the top of my head.
 Jan 2021
phil roberts
I turn my face to the light
But the low winter sun
Is shrouded in unmoving clouds
Offering no warmth at all
The trees are stark and naked
Like jagged skeletons
With ragged crows hovering
And the world is breathless

For this winter
This of all winters
The air is crowded and heavy
With the ghosts of the painful dead
Their accusing eyes searching
For those whose negligence
In the blast of a plague
Caused their breathless deaths

                                         By Phil Roberts
A new one, at last
 Dec 2018
Edmund black
Let your word
       Not be wasted
             In the ears of stubborn
      Let your silence
             Silence  the noise
        Of ignorance and negativity.
                      be still
           Is to be at peace with  yourself
                           Know your worth
                                      Trust the process
                                                 Stay in faith
            create the future you ought to have
                                              And where you ought
                                                                ­To be.
What you hear she said he said is none of your business. BE STILL!
Would you trust Christ even when it does not make any sense.
Would you believe that Them , because they preach the bible.
For if someone belongs to Christ then you can see that as well.
By what they preach the devils are not going to preach salvation.
Also Christ is not going to preach live a happy life and life to enjoy it.
Because they both conderdict the One that is behind it so check the spirit.
For Christ calls Us to repent of Our sins and Love even those that hate Us.
While the hater of our soul wants Us to live for only Ourselves selfishly.
So choose wisely , It shall in the very end decide Your very Fate in the end.
 Dec 2018
yesterday i came

upon a chained up

dog wearing a muzzle.

the dog stood there,

and kept trying to bite

its muzzle.

a poet eating his heart

out came to mind.
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