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And your glance,
Was the aroma of an orange tree...
That used to turn my body green;
When I'm seeing you,
Spring grows in me...
و نگاهت
بوي درخت نارنج اي ست
که تنم را
سبز مي کند
نگاهت که می کنم
بهار در من مي روید
 Nov 2020
Emma Elisabeth Wood
I cannot promise you


only this red wine soaked moment of


under a carpet of stars, sighing as our hearts


infinite and unfathomable

a mystery for the universe to

unpick as we sit


for the moon fold around us

safe and complete

a second of ecstasy

amidst the chaos the turning Earth

but I promise you

 Aug 2020
Kevin Wilson
Passion pulses
Lips red glisten
Eyes consume
Skin petal soft

Passion for life
Lips to kiss
Eyes to drink
Skin powder white

appetite, breath, life

When it comes time to go
These things shall carry me to the heavens

Not yet I pray

Allow me to love you just a moment more....
Ever learning my poem has evolved so I present it anew
 Mar 2020
Christopher Elwell
Sometime in the future
Exactly when I am not sure
I would like to come back
To you
One last time.
Not in a dramatic way
I hope you understand
Nor to frighten or
Upset you.
I promise to choose
Something small
And insignificant,
A single drop of rain perhaps.
I will settle on your cheek
But only for a moment -
That is all
Before you mistake me
For a tear
And brush me away
 Oct 2019
Was it too much of a sin to want you?
That to learn my lesson
I would have to have you
lose you
 Jul 2019
She wished for me.
A subtle longing for
Emotions and proximity.
Unable to resist,
I followed her call
Throughout a mild breeze
Of a starry night.
Caught by the beauty of her eyes,
I surrendered to her presence.
Green, crossed by brown,
Like gates to another world.
I was drawn to her
By a promising glance
Of her beautiful eyes.
Lost in the very moment.
Closing in,
I felt her soft lips
Gently upon my own.
A smile on my face
And the rhythm of two beating hearts.
Held her close
For as long as I could.
A treasure meant to be kept.

But time is relentless and
calls for goodbye.
A long passionate kiss
On the doorstep
Echoes on my way home.
Engrained in my mind,
I long for more.
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