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 Nov 2013
Jaimee Michelle
This is crazy
It's gone on for far too long
And the bridge between us has been burnt to the ground
No ashes remain
Just her stupid face in the picture frames with you, instead of mine
Just her laying on the side of the bed that was once mine
Anger seeps through my veins
And you'd like to call it jealousy
Not likely my snake of an ex
I'm angry because I just want to know, I want to know WHY?
WHY did you drag me through the mud for so long
That my heart still yearns for your comfort
And I'm foolish enough to allow myself to miss you still
To miss you..
The you I knew
Not that arrogant liar in the picture frames beside her
Do you.. Did he exist?
Was this all a dream?
Can someone shake me until I wake up
Until I wake up screaming shrieks of relief
To open my eyes wide, no lingering shadows of you in sight
No more web of lies to fight
Cause if my life's a nightmare without you in it...
Ill never close these eyes to sleep again
 Nov 2013
Samantha Louise
Can we start, all over?
And never, look back
on the past
Make new memories
Things will get better so fast.

Just trust me baby
I've already got a plan
It's hard to live without you
Maybe I really can't.

We don't have to be whipped
There's just some things we have to fix
I know you love me
as much as I love you

I don't want anybody else
I just want you
and you are my baby,
and if you take me back
I promise you'll never lose me again

I wanna reminisce with you all night
Laying under the stars
doing things that feel so right
that make us who we are again.

Baby what happened?
We didn't lose eachother
We've lost ourselves

We can be friends
but there is no doubt
that I'll be tempted to kiss you
Hold your hand
hug you forever
I know you understand

Can we start all over?
And never look back,
on the past.
Make new memories
things will get better so fast

Can we be happy together
hold each other and smile
keep that feeling
make it last for a while
because it never get's old
I can't ever let go
and baby I want you to know
that you're my one and only.
 Nov 2013
Taaliya Prescott
You're the reason I write
I write for you
Listen to my words
Let them sink in
Listen to my cries
I'm in trouble
This love thing
Crazy love
I'm hooked
No turning back
The ship has sailed
And you left me
You're the reason I write
I write for you
 Nov 2013
The Noose
Who she could have been is who she was
Going back to trace the remnants of her former self
but you can't leave footprints on concrete
Permanent alteration

She can't imagine future
The past is too harsh to mention
The words stick in the back of her throat

Obscuration of triumphs by all the tragedies that reign
A sullen disposition ingrained in her entire being
Looking at the world through jade-coloured glasses
She's too young to be this cynic

You can see the sadness in the brown of her irises
A kind of sadness that strikes a chord
 Nov 2013
The Noose
I admit
I am pathetically in love with you
Frightful it might be irrevocable
Girl pining away for someone whom she's invisible to
The oldest story in the book

I pale in comparison to all the others
I know, I get it
Not aesthetically gifted
Perhaps if you had taken a peek into my soul
You'd have found how stunning it is

I grow more delusional by the day
envisioning how your hazels would sparkle
When halation encircles you in auroras fluorescence

I am wrecking my brain
Trying to sound profound
Words splattered on a page are all I have to offer sometimes
Verbalisation fails me
I suppose I'll have to be content with this unembellished declaration
( which you will never see)
It feels organic anyway
I am plucking all this from the bottom of my heart

As I force these feelings to wither away
I attempt to convince myself that this was just perhaps an inflated crush
I am saddened by thoughts of what could have been
It burns
The catalyst I need to move on is my acceptance of the fact that even though we live under the same sun
the problem is, it doesn't cast the same shadow
 Nov 2013
Kriti Gupta
And I'm really an hour ahead and you're in a state of denial
Your words laced with the remains of sober thoughts
But it's the stench of the truth that pulls through
But leaving me lost in translation
Like those misplaced love songs
And stolen letters
Never reaching their intended place of acceptance
A broken limb being held together with string but what you really need is a shotgun
Only it's one with too few bullets
Those bullets that hurt but never ****
 Nov 2013
You ****** all the air out of my head,
making me dizzy, spinning
until I feel almost dead,
and that's just the beginning.

The shaking starts at the tips
of my fingers and my toes
then spreads to my lips
until on my whole body it shows.

I'm gasping as my body falls apart,
since you tied my stomach in a knot,
which swings around and bruises my heart.
My chest soon becomes boiling hot.

What do I do, what have I become?
Tears are rolling down my face.
Luckily, a good friend stops by
to give me a relieving embrace.
 Nov 2013
I don't live, I exist.
I don't smile, I lie.
I don't cry, I'm too strong.
I do not meet new people, i get nervous.
I do not go out, that needs friends.
I do not trust people, other than a few.
I am not just me, I have a brother and a sister.
I am more than just a girl, I'm a complicated mess.
I do not dissolve like aspirin, I'm more like a capsule.
I do not melt like the snow, I'm more like an iceberg.
What you see is a calm surface.
When really, it's a storm inside.

I am not just me, I am everyone.
 Nov 2013
JW Harvey
We all have a past,
We all hide it well;
We all forget that
We all hurt inside.
 Nov 2013
Morgan Young
the worst part of being an overanalyzing introvert is unintentionally ruining
every relationship
i have ever had.
i need to be alone to motivate myself.
being alone is how i create energy to take on another full day.
there's a lot of time in a day.
time i will never get back.
so i try my hardest thinking about how to make the best out of it,
which is kind of ironic,
because i'm laying in bed writing this.
wasting precious time.

when it comes to romantics,
there is always a huge price i must pay.
i will spend so much time debating
if you're worth my energy.
i will fight with myself over all of your pros
and your cons.
i'm not trying to push you away,
i'm trying to predetermine our relationship.
it's nothing against you.
i want to love you.
i really do.
but it takes me so much time to motivate myself,
i can't even fathom how i could double this minimal energy to propel someone else.
and the time i have spent trying to write this,
is time i'm wasting while you're sitting wondering what you are doing wrong.
and when i look up from this "poem."
you will already be gone.
and all i will have left.
is this.
some half-assed writing that will one day be dust.
just like you and i.
before i was even done writing it.
 Nov 2013
C E Ford
I want to hold your hand.
your fingers threaded in mine,
or hands cupped,
either way,
cells touching;
The valleys of my fingerprints
accenting the mountains in yours.

I want to hold your hand
in winter,
to take off your gloves,
and mine,
and warm up your thumbs
with my slender bones
under wine colored nails.

I want to hold your hand
with each digit painted
different shades of blue,
so when your hand meets
the red running down my knuckles,
we make the perfect shade
of violet.

I want to hold your hand
when we’re eighty,
skins of protruding veins,
blinking the dust
from old eyes,
laughing from tired lungs,
because we made it.
 Nov 2013
down the hallway
where destiny led
inside a room
where inhibitions shed
white miracles bled
I’ll lay my head
to dream beneath
a non de plume
I’m not me, are you?

riotous beauty will bloom
where it is aptly
smell the sweet perfume
told our sweet, sensual song
will long be often
down the hallway
where destiny led

But this is reality.

What I am thinking, believing,
She, I,
cannot speak to is that

On the edge of Saturn,
watching 3 moons
sink and burn
drowning sorrows
in a intergalactic tavern.

I just can't find
the energy to believe,
so I keep asking,
who is inside my body?
not you, not him,
who is me inside of me?

On the edge of me,
is not the endless roses or
the fact they seem
to placate themselves in repose.

It is not even the field
of riotous color
that undulates endlessly,
what I was led
to believe.

Not even the heady scent
that has slowed my feet,
can compete
with what I believed,
and what now,
no longer do...
There is one who
reads my shreds.

feeds them back to me,
returns to me
the tapestry I saw,
but did not believe
was mine.

woven from my words,
woven from things
they discerned,
that tho I know them
to be me,
he led me to believe.
and now I know them
no longer as shreds,
but as mine,
mine tapestry.

shredded lettuce becomes a gourmet salad ;)
I wrote this back in July;
I was going to leave it private due to "personal discretion,"
but I feel that allowing it to be openly read will be good.
I've posted and taken down this poem a couple times,
but this time I'mma leave it up for they who are interested.
If physical ******* closeness
equates to you Peace of Mind,
then go **** them all, ******,
and I hope it ******* works.

Though, ******, I think you'll find,
there won't be Peace of ******* Mind
unless the person you tend to ****
is the person you tenderly ******* love;

I know it can be ******* nice
to just be close and ****,
but even then, a simple ****
is never ******* simple.

I respect your ******* right to chose
to **** without a thought of your ******* "love"
but it is that it was so ******* easy
that makes it hurt so ******* much.

While I'm sorry to be writing this,
I know ******* well I shouldn't be.
It's as if you embarked on the Path of Revenge
without the foresight to first dig two Graves.
I'm not going to ******* dwell and brood;
I'm going to express my ******-for mood:

While I appreciate your ******-up honesty,
and don't mean to make you regret it;
you ******* had an opportunity to chose,
and you sure made your ******* choice!

You ****** it up.
You ****** him.
You ****** her.
You said you didn't know why,
but you sure ******* did it anyway.

I forgave you twice, ******.
You wanted me mad at you.
Then, you ****** him and
got what you wanted.
******* two.

Don't you regret it?
If you somehow didn't,
I bet you ******* do now.
You've made your choice,
now live with the consequences.

You've ******* sickened me.
Third time's a charm.
Maybe it's a ******-up Karma
for how we got together;
"I don't do this kind of thing"-
*******! It's become a trend!

Maybe I should have gone and ****** my ex, too,
the day before our friends' wedding
without even a ******* thought of you, Love.
What a Lover you proved to be!
Congratulations, you ******* sickened me.

You don't have to say you're sorry,
I know you are; if you have a heart.

I respected you.
I trusted you.
You ******* disappoint me;
maybe you're better off this way:

So, I wish you the best of ******* luck
with whomsoever it is you decide to ****,
but, being hit yet again by that emotional truck,
this time it's yourself who you can go and ****.

[Stop and Breathe]

I do still ******* love you,
though I don't ******* know why.
That's what makes it hurt so much;
it makes me sort-of want to die.

**** this feeling,
and ******* for leading me to it.

I do still love you,
though I don't ******* know why.
I will try not to hold it against you,
I will try to rise above such a Grudge.
[Stop and Breathe]

**** this feeling
and ******* for making it so real.

I do still love you.
[Stop and Breathe]
You don't have to say sorry.
Just be sorry
for a minute.

You are young.
You have things to experience
and lessons to learn.
You need to be free.
You need time.
Live for now.

I, too, am young,
I have things to experience
and lessons to learn.
I need to be free.
I need time.
Live for now.

We are all young.
We all have things to experience
and lessons to learn.
We all need time.
Live for now.

I'm happy I get to help you, I'm sorry it can hurt.
I truly mean no harm; I seek Catharsis.

Catharsis is a form of Self-Discipline;
to be able to be there for your self;
to not **** it up for someone else just because you're peeved.
To outlet things constructively,
if sometimes offensively,
in order to further your self
and your self-understanding.

I do still love you,
for what it's still worth.

Maybe after the tides have changed
after the ******* firestorm of pain has subsided,
we can try again to hang out
but, I must say, I wouldn't hold my breath;
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