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Kay Jun 2019
I remember ascending to the surface of the river,
And grabbing the other end of your float.
Exchanging a smile, I wanted nothing more but to hold onto you instead.
The clear river pushed us along for awhile, then I looked behind, sighed and rolled over, to give her the space to drift along with you ahead.
Kay Dec 2015
Take me back to the Mountains,
with a soft breeze in my hair,
for steep hiking, leaves crunching,
and short intakes of air.
You were a speck in the distance,
from a climb through the ridges,
so I clambered over rocks
to make it to the finish.
With one last pull to the peak,
I saw a smile on your face,
then I brushed off the dirt
and fell into your warm embrace.
Kay Dec 2015
you like to sleep on the ground
of a forest or cave.
with the world as your roof,
it breaks you out of your cage.
it's uncomfortable to most,
but it's comfort to you,
to be hugged by the earth
instead of swallowed by a room.
with the music of insects
and the rustling of leaves,
you fall into a deep sleep
with the sweetest of dreams.
or to the dripping of water
and the flapping of bats,
you get peaceful, calm rest
to each drop- split, splat.
it's the outside that's freeing;
the shackles are cut loose,
but for now, you are stuck
in society's abuse.
Kay Nov 2015
Poetry is a band-aid to pain- it helps heal wounds.
Kay Nov 2015
Why does anxiety happen in
An avalanche
The weight can't be held
It plunges
Piling on and on
It smothers
The frost encloses me
It numbs
I'm losing feeling
I'm frozen
Kay Nov 2015
you make me want to
create art
run faster
write poetry
climb further
see the world
dive deeper
read to learn
hike longer
listen to music
and fly higher
Kay Nov 2015
Around the world
I'd follow you
Across the ridge
Into the valley
Through the cave
Up the mountain
Along the waterfall
Off the cliff
I'd follow you
Around the world
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