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 May 2015
Alexander Anilao
I smile knowing that this isn't a dream.

I smile knowing that you are where I am and I am where you are, in the dark, under blankets, on a cloud that would have felt like nails if you weren't here.

But I smile knowing that my breath doesn't escape into the loneliness of my room, as it brushes against your neck – my kiss of air that pushes you closer into me.

And I'd whisper words like
"I love you"
"You are so beautiful"
that would glide across pillowcases into your ears. And if you aren't awake to hear them, I'd make sure to repeat them the first thing in the morning when you wake.

But for now, the silence competes with the crickets, your soft snores, and my even softer sighs of laughter, in disbelief that such an adorable situation has laid itself out right in front of me,  in my arms.

I have trouble falling asleep, because for the first time, my reality is much sweeter than any dream my mind can ever imagine.
Good night.
 May 2015
Rare but Relevant
You make nothing into something
You argue about little things
You get angry over something so small
You make simple things difficult
You are very controlling
To be honest your just a ****
Everybody says I should leave you
That you don't treat me right
But what they don't understand is that
your my ****
And even though you do all these things
I can't help but smile when you argue with me
Your face when your mad
The way your voice gets higher when you yell
I can't help but laugh
Your just so adorable
 May 2015
Crushing Love
Charmanders are Red, Squirtles are blue
If you were a Pokemon I'd choose you.
Your smile is stronger then a Hyper-beam.
Like Jessie and James  we'd make the perfect

I'll stay by your side like  Pikachu and Ash,
And I'll love you more then a level 80 Rapidash.
You're more legendary then a Zapados,
Entei, or Mew.

But out of all 450, I choose you.
Just something cute and fun!

— The End —