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I wish I could be
Anonymous to the world
Like I am here
Don't you know
Am slipping away
My thoughts are numb
I exist
Or am I just existing
Life is a blur .
with most things blotted out
I can't  fight  my way .
Through this  with just a mask.
I need to feel human touch ..
A hand shake .a hug .a smile.
I can't survive .
without connection
I need  to connect .
Socialize for my mental state
I feel deep anguish
Feeling isolation
Cut off
I don't feel the same
God 🙏 where are you
In this awful pandemic
I need to know .
Please raise me some hope
I  am but a human being
Trapped alone in all this despair
Show me  Lord send me a sign .that it will all work out .
Dark days
Fill my mind
I cannot hide
This painful
Thing what
Am going through
Can't sleep
Those empty
Youre no idea
How am going
To pull through
Rack my brains
If I could go back
I'd turn the clock
Time don't heal
But  I carry  the seal
Loved one gone
It's why I can't soldier on
Empty  are  theses days
I can't find you in this maze.
Lost soul
I  miss you .
I can't live without you.
I need hope
But just now
I can't  find my way
I feel like am drowning
In this liquid poison
Is runs through my veins
It  makes my blood boil
When will I be free
Of  the chains that enslave me .
 Oct 30
Today I made love to myself with the windows open
The breeze blew my legs ajar
The wind whistled and tickled me all the way to my core
Today I made love to myself with the windows open
Mother Nature called me a *****
 Oct 27
Francie Lynch
Upon my life
     I swear;
Unto my life

Upon my words
     I try;
Unto my words
     I cry.

Upon my soul
     I sigh;
Unto my soul,
     I writhe..

Upon the grass
     I lie;
Beneath the grass
I die.
 Oct 20
Captain Trips
Slipping into
Something more comfortable;
This sordid state of mind,
Feels almost

I've been here before,
Angry and petty,
Wading through red water,
Knee deep in my contempt.

Sometimes the little things
Can have the biggest impact.

Meanwhile the grand scheme
Goes on, obscured by routine.

Blind to the signs,
Willfully or maybe
Just through a
Simple lack
Of self

Is there a benefit
To being ignorant,
To feign stupidity?

Motivation and the lack thereof.

I am saturated with sudden
Icy clarity,
As the autumn sun
Tickles my memory
And paints my heart
With nostalgia.

To live in ignorance,
To merely waft through existence...

Or to change?

Time is short.
I know I've been here
A thousand times before.
 Sep 21
Brandy Nicole
Thinking about you
 And those words
   It burns like fire
    Thinking of all the ways
You never loved me
 Sep 21
Brandy Nicole
I regret telling
them about
you back in
bringing you from the

Even with the looming fear
of your absence, I crave
your bitter affection..

I'm hooked
see the look in your eyes
and my name on your lips
has me dancing
with sin
 Sep 21
Brandy Nicole
I’ll miss you
My love but it's best
we part ways
You've been my joy, my comfort
but it's hurts
more to stay than to leave
So I hope you dream of me
in the night and miss me too
 Aug 23
Francie Lynch
I lift pens.
(You can never have enough of them)
Funeral Homes leave them lying around. They're the only good thing about Visitations.
Banks tie them down, but there are others, here and there.
There are those who want to take your pens too.
People with petitions are always asking to borrow a pen.
They want my ink and blood.
Be sure you get yours back.
I have a legit fountain pen collection.
Proud of my Parker I got in Oxford years ago,
During a different life that lead to this one.
Biff Loman lifted Mr. Oliver's pen,
After his epiphany.
Just runs in and steals it.
Am I a tragic figure as well?
Are we all playing our parts in
The Death of a Nation.
 Aug 16
Captain Trips
Eyes like two high-beams,
Felt them sweep over me,
And focus to a point
Like a dangerous laser beam.

Then when I turned my head
And peered back into them,
If I looked closely enough
I could hear moaning in my head,
I could see her in my bed,

Or her bed, or on the floor,
Or right here against this door,
Or inside my car, or behind those trees,
Or down in the dirt, down on her knees.

Her eyes told me stories,
That I wouldn't believe.
Those intense high-beam eyes
That washed over me,
And flooded me with light
Shining from radiant memories
Of everyone else that she's looked at
The same way she was looking
At me.

Did they all see her as I did?
Wet in the dirt?
In a light floral skirt?
Or is it different for everyone
That peeks back at her?

I still feel them
Looking at me
Across all these miles
Stretched in-between.

Maybe that's wishful thinking.
Maybe, indeed.
It's hard to describe.
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