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claire elisabeth Apr 2016
I was feeling blue, so blue
I thought I had drown. Sat on the ocean floor
for quite some time and what I saw was so profound,
mysteries were all around, but the only one that mattered was
why were you no where to be found?
I would like it very much if I could stay,
but I imagine you in a much better place.
high in the hills, or down in the valleys; you would fit right in.
You would never dip a toe in the ocean
because you never bothered to learn how to swim.
claire elisabeth Apr 2016
I thought all I needed
was self-deprecating lies
given to me in the
form of a sadistic mind.
It took me twenty-one long years
and lots of wrong for me
to see the light.
All I really needed was help,
hope and thoughts of love
washing over me,
pulling me further down
that sweet riptide.
claire elisabeth Apr 2016
she's still coming-of-age,
like those bad films with those bad boys
trying to tell her secrets that aren't really secrets;
to lips that only turn out tricks.

they all don't dare forget her
because, when she leaves,
she's never gone too long.

she doesn't have time for quitting--
she's a dreamer with an "ever after" in sight.
she's a winner, she's a sinner.

get too close and, you won't regret her,
until she's left you for dead,
lying half-conscious;
gasping for more in the **a.m.
claire elisabeth May 2015
daylight, filters through the blinds,
promising paradise.
i was so *blinded
all i could see was your light.
and even though it’s been some time,
since i’ve even talked to you
i probably deserve it,
i was always the one who was uncertain.
claire elisabeth Jun 2014
She loved staying up all night.

He loved getting up in the early morning.

She loved coffee shops.

He preferred tea.

She loved listening to music that made her want to dance.

He was a wallflower.

She loved old books and the stories they told.

He wasn't much of a reader.

She loved writing poetry.

He was her muse.

She loved rainy days and cuddling all day in bed.

He had better things to do.

She missed him when he was gone.

He hardly noticed when she was there.
claire elisabeth Mar 2014
if i could, i would
grow you a whole field of sunflowers
and take your hand
and run with you across the dirt
with our bare feet
and our hearts pumping
and our chests heaving
and if i could,
i would make sure that:
every one of your endings is a happily ever after
claire elisabeth Feb 2014
his rough lips whisper secrets
against her rose petal skin,
telling her that his biggest fear
is that he'll wilt without her sunlight.
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