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she wants to go alone tonight
In a quite lonely flight
But how can she tell her boyfriend
That tonight she wants an end
Of life.. sometimes he's the only one
Who stops her from being gone
and ever
She loves him too much
Like the pain that hurts so much
Sep 24 · 35
Over the years
Stephanie Sep 24
We're just staying under the same roof
Eating the same foods, sharing the same goods
How about the "how was your day?"
How about the thank you's and I'm sorry
How about the hugs when we fail
How about the forehead kisses when in pain
You all just said I love you when all I want is to feel it
We supposed to be a whole
But over the years, we are just pretending
We are just pieces that has been gathering together
I am sorry, I ran out of adhesive 
Now, I am comfortable to watch us broken.
Stephanie Sep 16

Since I could not stop the pain,
I just taught myself to love it.

It is working :>

I cut the flesh that covers me
I cut the only thing that truly protects me

Then there is blood.

Red. Vibrant. Brave.
That was the last beautiful thing that I saw

Til my eyes are no longer heavy
Tears burst like they wanna come out for years

Then there was my wrist, pumping heavily
As always
I wonder why I have this very shallow pulse
That you could easily notice in one look

I have a two sided sword
But in a cute size

Nah, it gives the same satisfaction of pain.

Billie Eilish songs overpowered the silence

I love this.

My definition of peace and pleasure came into the form of violence.



Awaken, I heard the other ego
Saying go
you will love it.

I wish I was alive.

The bells rang, I had to go.
Hello, welcome home. -nobody
Sep 10 · 785
Stephanie Sep 10
I can hate my life forever
But still love one part of it
And that is you
Stephanie Sep 3
How far can our minds could take us?
Mine brought me in a place so full of you
Where there exists so many figures and I'm almost lost
Little did I know that an idealist mind can break itself too

I came to crossover between the red lines and see you
I thought of salvation, but oh, it seems to be danger
Either a made up one or maybe an existing one
I don't know, I'm still searching for answers in your words

Having the urge to feel so I would know that it's real
Because I couldn't trust my reckless mind anymore
It could be the most treacherous thing in the world
I want reassurance when troubles feel at home in me
Sep 2 · 131
lies cut deeper
Stephanie Sep 2
Di bale nang masaktan,
Wag niyo lang ako pagsinungalingan.


I would rather take the pain of honesty,
Just please don't lie to me.
Sep 2 · 50
Stephanie Sep 2
I almost made it
I almost have my dream confidence
But why am I here
At a point where I still do my best
For the world to be impressed
Covering up with a smile,
Finding myself convincing the world
That I am enough by just being me..

I'm not tired of reminding people how wonderful and lovely they are, that's what I always believe

...But I guess I couldn't help my own self anymore
Aug 29 · 93
Shout your battlecry
Stephanie Aug 29
It all starts with I want to
I want to gather myself
Even if it is parted into many pieces
I want to see myself
Ceasing the fire that is fed by insecurities
I want to be better
At being myself, not to be somebody else
I want to be that good daughter,
Even if I think I'm not that smart
I want to find peace and live it
Even it is too chaotic to start right now
I want to gather myself
And build all of these

It all starts with I want to
And I wanna end this with I will.
c'mon self, we have a battle to win.
Aug 21 · 53
Stephanie Aug 21
and please be careful when you say that it was over
I will not come back when you say that you miss me
I will not come thru when you beg me to save you
I will not go to places that will remind me of you
this is a part of a song I've written.
Aug 15 · 123
Hey you...
Stephanie Aug 15
you are not invisible,
they are just blind

you are worth it,
so don't lower your price

your ideas are bright enough
to let 'em be shown to the world

you are beautiful,
be deaf when they say you're not

I see you doing your best
honey, I'm so proud of you!
*hugs* :)
Stephanie Aug 5
Sometimes like a fireworks
Just full of colors;
Sometimes like a bomb
Just so destructive
Aug 2 · 58
Stephanie Aug 2
Have you ever felt nothing
While carrying so much heaviness
In your heart?
Have you ever said nothing
While having that deep desire to scream out loud
Have you ever understand nothing
Because you are continually hearing everything
That confuses you, your identity, your worth?
Have you ever see nothing
But blurry, shady, foggy made up truths

Wait wait.

Have you ever loved that nothing?

Because I'm starting to.
I think i am nothing today
Aug 2 · 50
Stephanie Aug 2
Wordless is when my mind is full of unnecessary thoughts,
Goosebumps run down to my spine yet still numb
Tears-free eyes are the worst
It shines but it means collision of doubts and self hate
Sometimes i just dont like me :)
If others do the same, i'll understand
Wordless is when I can put these into poetry but will remain void
For it will never be heard and
I will never be heard
I am the noise that nobody wants
Stephanie Jul 25
I've encountered a beautiful poetry
the day I looked into your heart
I saw stories that could
make me listen in fondness
may deliver pain or happiness
yet it is worth every ounce of it
and unlike any other poems,
yours is the only one
that has the perfect rhyme,
a lullaby to my restlessness
just as the poetry itself,
the one upon you is mysterious.
still you are worth it;
you are worth seeking
I will devote discovering
every piece of you every day
Have I told you before?
I like poetry but...
yours is the one I will love endlessly

I love you.
you are the poetry that I need.
Jul 19 · 77
Stephanie Jul 19
do not underestimate the villain out of vulnerability,
in which it is even dangerous,
the toxicity in your mind,

****** up was never you

it is no one
it is something you ought to defeat
once, twice, thrice of a hundreds and over again
monsters were convicted long ago
so as those in your mind; they aren't real anymore
so don't curse yourself whenever it blinds you

I hope you commit alliance with your inner self
the willpower within you, that is strength
you are victorious
do not be deceived.

****** up was never you
nor your mind, your peers, your ****** whoever whatsoever
go on, let the lion in you rawr the loudest
pick up what was already yours long ago,
and that is -- freedom
Jul 19 · 160
this girl
Stephanie Jul 19
The darkness of the clouds fit
In her tired eyes but still it lit
Everything that it sees
Beyond failures, there will be good deeds

You will not always hear her say a thing
But her mind doesn’t denotes a dried field in spring
Look at her, she smiled when you threw her fire
She turned it to a stunning  sapphire!

No is her answer to your why
She’s genuine enough to not lie,
Yet wise enough to realize that she never owed
Anyone an explanation for what she sowed

You see black and white
But there are too many colors on her sight
Blended together not to be aesthetically pleasing,
Just enough to give her soul a nice feeling.
Jul 16 · 125
Stephanie Jul 16

I couldn't even write a poem when I'm too sad.
Stephanie Jun 29
I can't stay

...being mad at you,
...being stone-cold at you,
...befriending pride and hating the things you do,
...being a coward by not letting you know how much I care
how much I love, how far I could run for you and with you

I just can't stay any longer without you :<

and so I'll go

...start every morning with you
...back to your arms when life's going rough
...fight not against you but with you

I'll go wherever you go,
you are home.
Stephanie Jun 18
a sad word it is;
not so often a someone's favorite
and neither do I
because leaves
aren't always from trees
sometimes it is an action word
that brings out
a million liter of tears
if time goes back and
won't take you away again
I promise to whisper six words
a thousand times then
"I love you, please never leave."
How much it would take to have you back, tatay?
If these words aren't enough, I hope my tears will.
Jun 17 · 75
Stephanie Jun 17
aren't we suppose to die once?

I thought I died yesterday but here I am, alive, but dying.

not to trigger anyone but this is what the poetess feels today.
Jun 17 · 308
Stephanie Jun 17
I am a tree
The love I gave you today
is my leaf
There are so many leaves
in me
I can give you one or two each day
I hope they'll grow
within you
so when the day I die,
I could offer
my last piece of love to you,
My leaves will continue to live and
You will never forget me.
PS. My leaves will never wither.
Stephanie May 26
you are funny
that's one reason why I loved you
you're so funny that you brought
my laughter to almost teary eyed
- the kind of joyous, always precious
but not until you vanished
I thought you were just ''being funny''
so I laugh while convincing myself
that you didn't mean to made my tears
fall down from my cheeks
yet that was the same tears you promised
to wipe away
- the kind of burden that crashes me inside
the sun has risen, the sun has set,
the moon was there, and the moon left
I watched the same routine for I don't now
how long, I just knew it was hard
grieving for the love I once dreamt to last

'til it was you again, coming back from nowhere,
you used the same bridge that I walked on
to get back to myself and heal

you are always funny.
now, I'm just laughing at you.
May 25 · 257
love will drive us crazy
Stephanie May 25
and that is why
to be fool in love
is okay... I mean...
to smile for littlest reason
and sing lalala
the cheesy lines, PDA's
that's okay

but to fool your love
is never okay,
remember: you aren't a ****.

or are you? hmm
12:12 am thoughts
Stephanie May 23
one day on his time,
poetry meets his prose
he narrates the words
on her verse
while she rhymes the hopes
in his paragraphs

one day on her time
poetry met her prose
she didn't know
he narrated the words
on her verse
so she secretly rhymed the hopes
in his paragraphs

poetry and prose encountered love
yet, they never met on the same timeline.
take the risk or lose your love at all?
you choose.
Stephanie May 23
you are a beautiful mental disorder
that whenever my mind is thinking of you
it delivers me tickling signals in my stomach
giving me smiles in most difficult times,
pressures in my heart but lightly and gentle,
the symptoms aren't visible with bare eyes
so I tried to search my soul and meet yours
my knees are trembling and makes me fall
--in love for you
you aren't a disorder, I was kidding
you fixed me :>
May 20 · 930
Stephanie May 20
I was walking home last night
my focus is torn between
the road that I was taking and
of course you knew it, the moon
it is always the skies, the stars, the sun
the celestial and astronomical "buddies" that I'll always cherish
calling them buddies for they witnessed me
and how I was, who I became and why it is me
it is them that will always have a special place in my heart
and yes, of course, except you
my heart for you can't even compare to those
significantly no, there is a universe-far difference
you are my daylight in the morning
my sun, you remind me to shine with you and smile
you are my moonlight when the night comes
my moon, you shine a light amidst of inevitable darkness
my star, my constellation, I could adore for a lifetime
my sky, you are my favorite shade of blue :>
my world, my galaxy, my universe, my aurora borealis
and all of that beautiful phenomena...

I was walking home last night
I smiled because I realized, even my home is you.
feels like home to be back at writing poems again! <3
Stephanie May 20
a great way to start a day,
and a peaceful escape from a busy loads of work
sometimes in the night, I spent a sip
a really cozy taste of a brewed milky coffee!
'coz why not? ??
it makes everything back on its place (my mood for example hehe)
no one would notice that it smells like home
but I always do so whenever I recognize
an espresso or a latte, I close my eyes and smile
it is more than just a coffee, it is goodness in a cup!
1:45am and yes, I have a nice coffee for some company :>
May 9 · 201
Stephanie May 9
walk on tiles
not on lines...

this must be just right here
that must be just right there

just few more millimeters
dang! rulers are life savers

walk on tiles
not on lines...


go back to the top!
right foot, left foot, stop

wash your hands, wash it clean
wash til it's bleeding clean


walk on tiles
not on lines...

"hey, it's been a long time, how are you doing ..."

biiiiiiitch, why the hell she's standing on the crack!
blah, blah, blah, whatever boring small talk

hahaha yeah I'm fine :)


finally, I wonder why most of society
do not educate themselves well to act properly

walk on tiles
not on lines...

good job, self.
good job, self.
Imagine hearing that very very high pitch noise crippling the **** out of you whenever you or someone makes a one, single, minimal, mistake. That's cruelty.
May 9 · 115
Stephanie May 9
one... two... three...
bright sky, nice dress!
'o hi there, my lovely friend,
your smile radiates today

four... five... six...
get away off here!!
leave me alone,

cries and dies secretly inside
raining, storms, thunders,

why are they laughing,
are they laughing at me?

glitches, palpitates and shakes
cold hands are slapping my face

who am I?
you. are. worthless.

seven... eight... nine...
shut the hell outta here!!!

evil laughs are screaming

'o hi there, my filthy, **** other self
you're so stupid todaAaAay

hardly breathing

i bet no one loves you still ****
**** that hurts

head aches, cold sweating

ten... eleven... twelve...
stares at nowhere


"hey... hey, are you okay?"

"oh, yes! what is it again? :)"

one... two... three...
this is anxiety but written in whatever poetic words.
May 6 · 89
The Revival
Stephanie May 6
How many times did she declared herself dead?
Maybe same as the number of stars above the night sky
In which she tell every pain she had before she forgets
How to really live rather than just to plainly breathe

The awakening has now come into her dreamland
She will be dressed as one of those shining stars
She is brave because God her out of courage.
Marvelous enough to bring revival to her soul.

She is a woman.
No other person shall build her
For she can do it herself
She is heaven-sent, a woman of God.

The way God brings comfort to thee,
Is through the shape of her.
She once forgotten her worth,
She is the revival.
healthy self, heal thy self.
Stephanie May 6
of all the vibrant colors
yellow had been invisible to me
all the other had gone withered
but yellow breathe back life into thee
and I, a sunflower with a brown center
had never noticed the yellow in me
I am shining in the amidst of lonely winter!
my petals have endured strong winds
now I can see, I am stronger than ever,
no extreme weather shall defeat me;
for I am not just a flower
I am a mighty sunflower, I will not wither.
Proverbs 31:25
May 1 · 104
Stephanie May 1
bawat kumpas ng segundo sa orasan
ay may katumbas na inaantok na pagkurap,
biglaan naman ang pagbuhos ng ulan
marahil hindi na kinaya ng mga ulap
ang bigat ng dalahin nitong ulan

ang pagtangis ng kalangitan
ang sa akin ay nagpatahan

ako marahil ang kontrabida sa istoryang ito

dahil hindi laging tayo ang bida
at sa kwento ng iba, tayo ang masama...
Apr 30 · 131
along the rivers
Stephanie Apr 30
along the rivers, there flows a magic melody
a wild lion hears it and it was calmed
a bird, who's happy and free, chirps with it
a deer drinks on its waters and it was relieved
but when you passed by, oh darling, it dies
Apr 30 · 110
Stephanie Apr 30
apat na letra lang yan pero bakit parang ang daming kahulugan..
napakaraming nais iparating ngunit pilit na ikinubli sa apat na letra
kumakawala, pumipiglas ang mga patalim nitong may taglay na lason na maaaring magdikta ng libong sakit

at pasensya ka na, hindi ata nakarating ng maayos sa aking pang-unawa ang nais **** sabihin

"bakit ka ganyan, mahal?"
"may problema ba tayo?"
"mahal mo pa ba ko?"

pero mas masakit palang marinig na ewan din ang sagot mo sa tanong na bakit.

bakit mo ko patuloy na sinasaktan?

sige, wag mo nang sagutin.

nagsasawa na ko sa mga ewan mo

ngunit, putangina, hindi sa iyo.

nagsasawa na ko sa sakit na ibinibigay mo, hindi naman ito ang ipinangako mo pero ewan...

siguro nga'y mahal na mahal lang kita kaya't sa lahat ng ewan na binanggit mo isa lang ang alam kong sigurado...

hindi ko alam kung paanong magsisimula muli, ewan.. bahala na'ng pusong sawi sa pagbuo ng mga piraso nitong dinurog ng lapastangang pag-ibig na alam mo.
para sa mga nagmahal ngunit hindi minahal ng tama.
Stephanie Apr 11
isinulat ni: Stephanie Dela Cruz


isang daang tula.
sabi ko noon ay bibigyan kita ng isang daang tula
mga tulang magiging gabay mo kung sakaling mawala ka man sa akin, o kung ilayo ka man ng ating mga tadhana, o kung paalisin mo na ko sayong tabi,
ngunit pangako, hinding hindi magiging dahilan ang kusa kong pag alis, pangako yan.
itong mga tulang ito ang magiging gabay mo kung sakaling maisip **** ako ang kailangan mo at ako ang gusto **** makasama hanggang dulo
itong mga tulang ito ang magiging resibo mo, magiging ebidensya ito ng kung paano kita minahal ng pagmamahal na hindi mo kailanman naibigay sa akin

isang daang tula.
alam mo bang tula ang una kong minahal kaysa sa iyo
ibinuhos ko lahat ng mga inspirasyon, pag-ibig, luha at pati tulog ko'y isinantabi ko na para sa kanila
dahil ako rin ang mga tulang ito,
alam mo namang isa kong babasaging salamin na paulit ulit na binabasag ng mga taong gustong maglabas ng sama ng loob, ng matinding emosyon, isang salaming kakamustahin kapag gusto nilang ipaalala sa sarili nila na maganda sila at mahalaga at kamahal-mahal at importante...
ako nga ang mga tulang ito, at paulit ulit kong pinaghirapang buuin muli ang aking sarili, ang bawat dinurog na piraso ko'y sinusubukang buuin muli gamit ang hinabing mga tula
itinago ko sa bawat maririkit na salita ang mga lamat na hindi na maaalis pero pipilitin ko...
at sa huli naisip kong hindi ko lang pala gustong sumulat at bumigkas ng tula..
gusto ko rin maging tula ng iba, na mamahalin ako katulad ng pagmamahal na ibinuhos ko sa mga ito

at ayun nga... dumating ka.

ngunit tanong ko pa rin sa aking sarili itong palaisipan...  "naging tula mo ba ko talaga?"


dahil hindi ka naman talaga interesado sa mga tula.

alam ko naman kung anong nais mo talaga..

ang gusto mo'y musika.

maganda, masarap sa pandinig, masasabayan mo sa pagsayaw... maipagmamalaki.

hindi naman ako musika... isa lamang akong tula.

isang daang tula.
alam mo bang kung nakakapagsalita lamang ang aking mga sinulat ay sigurado akong magtatampo sila
dahil naisulat na ang tulang bukod tangi sa lahat, tulang pinaka mamahal ko higit sa lahat
ito ay ang bawat tulang isinulat ko para sa iyo..
isa... dalawa... tatlo.. hindi ko na mabilang kung gaano karaming tula na ba ang naisulat ko para sayo
ngunit mas marami ata yung mga tulang isinulat ko nang dahil sayo
at wag kang mabibigla kung sasabihin kong hindi lahat ng iyon ay puro kilig, puro saya, puro tamis ng sandaling kasama kita
dahil sa bawat pagkakataong hindi mo namamalayang sinasaktan mo ako ay sumusulat ako ng tula
may mga pagkakataong ikaw ang dahilan ng mga luhang siyang naging tinta nitong aking pluma na pinangsulat ko ng tula

wag kang mag-aalala, hindi nasasapawan ng kahit anong sakit at pait ang pagmamahal ko sa iyo. :)

isang daang tula.
teka, kailan ba tayo nagsimula?
napakabilis ng panahon, lumilipas na kasing bilis ng pagningning ng mga bituin sa gabi
hindi pa tayo tapos mangarap ngunit tumitigil na... natapos na ang pagkinang.
inaawat na tayo ng kalawakan... o teka... mali pala... dahil ikaw ang umawat sa kalawakan
pinatay mo ang sindi ng pinakamakinang na bituing pinangakuan ko ng wagas na pagmamahal sa'yo habambuhay
wala nang natira.. pati ang mga bulalakaw na nagdadala ng milyong paghiling kong makasama ka hanggang dulo ay wala na, lumisan na
at hindi ko naman inasahan na sasama ka sa kanila
hinihintay kong hawakan **** muli ang aking kamay nang mas mahigpit sa paghawak ko ng kamay mo katulad ng una't pangalawang beses nating pagkikita pero
binitawan mo ako mahal

isang daang tula...

teka muna mahal, hindi ko pa naisusulat ang pang isang daan
bakit ka'y bilis mo namang umalis... hindi mo man lang hinintay na matapos ko ang mga tulang ito na nagpapatunay na minsan may tayo

pero pangako...

tatapusin ko itong isang daang tula at hindi ito magtatapos sa pang isang daan dahil susulat pa ko ng mas marami, susulat ako nang mas marami pa hanggang sa hindi na ikaw ang tinutukoy ng mga salita sa aking tula, hanggang sa hindi na ikaw ang buhay nitong aking pagtula...
ipapaalala ko sa aking sarili na ako ang mga tulang ito at hindi ako magtatapos sa panahong pinili **** umalis kesa basahin ako, pinili **** iwanan ang tunay na nagmamahal sayo, sabi mo iingatan mo ang puso ko ngunit hindi mo ba alam? ikaw ang muling sumira nito kaya't heto... may dahilan nanaman para sumulat ako ng tulang magbubuo ng mga piraso ng aking sarili na dinurog mo... pinili **** saktan ako, pinili **** lumayo para sa sarili mo, pinili **** maghanap ng mas maganda at mas higit sa akin, ang dami dami **** pinili mahal ngunit bakit hindi ako ang isa sa mga pinili mo? ah. alam ko na. dahil nga pala may mas higit pa sa pagpipilian kaya bakit nga ba ako ang pipiliin mo diba?

pero pinapangako ko... isa lamang akong tulang hindi mo pinag-aksayahan ng oras para basahin ngunit balang araw ay magkakaroon din ako ng sukat at tugma, ang mga salita sa aking malayang pagsulat ay tatawaging liriko at kapag ganap na akong maging musika... pangako.... huling pangako ko na ito para sayo kaya't makinig kang mabuti...

mapasabay ka man sa  saliw ng aking musika, kailanma'y hindi na ko ang kanta, liriko, musika, at tulang isinulat para sa iyo.
I miss you so bad but not enough to want you back.
Stephanie Apr 9
My whole life recently
Is just about... Escaping.
From the world that is
Fairly unfair, tricky as always
But here's the saddest part
Of escaping:
The one who was running away
With me,
Is now running away
From me
Apr 9 · 266
Stephanie Apr 9
I want to come back home already
But the lights are off and I am nowhere
The road on the way home is blurry
I am gone.. Like your promise to be there
All your promises are now sugar coated lies
No answer but you left with so much why's
when the poetess is sad, she writes sad sestet too... with that ababcc form :(
Apr 3 · 1.3k
believe me
Stephanie Apr 3
my dear...

you are worthy of the purest and sincerest love the world could offer.
the words i wanna hear too.
Stephanie Apr 3
I am a poem who will embrace your soul
my rhymes will be in tune with the beats of your heart

I am a poem who will give warmth to your winter
December will never felt wrong here in my arms

I am a poem who will be forever yours
written in me are the words that will cherish you forever

but why, my love...

even if I could be the best version of poetry that I am

Still, I am that poem whom you will never read.
Stephanie Apr 2
you said they're twinkling and that's beautiful
but you are wrong.
they are not twinkling; they are fading
yet they are still trying hard to illuminate brightness
with all their might but soon it will not be enough
is it beautiful if one day they'll completely die?
darkness isn't always bad.. it's also peace
eternal peace
Stephanie Apr 2
it's about an hour when I decided to write a poem again because
everything feels so wrong but what I've only got now is a wordless draft
on a wet paper

then I discovered a thing....

tears can be a poem too.
having a second thought if I could entitle it 'a liter of poetry'
Mar 28 · 3.1k
marso bente dos
Stephanie Mar 28
isang araw lang pala ang hahatol
sa bawat oras na hindi tayo ang sandigan ng isa't-isa
isang araw na puno ng pagaalinlangan ngunit sa huli
ay natiyak ng puso kong hindi panaginip ang lahat
isang araw na tumapos sa lahat ng pangungulilang
akala'y hindi na mawawakasan
isang araw lang pala ang magtatanggal ng lahat ng mga takot
dahil paano kung sa pagtatapos ng araw na ito'y iiwan mo rin ako..
isang araw, at sa unang pagkakatao'y nahawakan ko rin
ang iyong mga kamay, sa iyong tabi natagpuan ang panibagong tahanan
wala nang kilometrong pumapagitan sa ating dalawa...
wala na mahal, pangako
at sa oras na matapos ang natitirang oras ng araw na ito
pangako, hindi na tayo kailanman paghihiwalayin ng tadhana
kahit pa humakbang na tayo palayo sa isat-sa
at kahit pa ilang kilometro nanaman ang sa atin ay papagitna
tandaan **** dala mo ang puso ko, at nasa akin ang iyo
naniniwala akong hihintayin mo ako at ganon rin ako
magtatapos ang marso bente dos ngunit hindi ang pag-ibig ko sayo
marami mang araw ang dumating ngunit ikaw at ikaw pa rin ang hihintayin

hanggang sa muli, mahal.
{edited 4/27/19: dapat na ata tong limutin dahil iniwan mo na ko mahal]
Mar 10 · 104
crowned in victory
Stephanie Mar 10
you come alive
you've hardly strive
to survive
don't let 'em **** you twice

you are victorious!
you've won thousands of battles and you can do it again today.
Mar 9 · 166
a poetess once said,
Stephanie Mar 9
love's never too complicated for a sincere heart and passionate soul
Mar 9 · 65
our music
Stephanie Mar 9
I will gently strum your chords in the key of G
and sing the lyrics of my heart to thee
if you promise to listen very carefully,
so do I will play our music eternally.
Stephanie Mar 9
he is an encrypted cipher
that no one succeeds to decrypt
except I, his devoted decoder,
will lovingly write his untold poetry;
let it be spoken, not in words,
but in the bits of his codes..
01010011 01000101 01000101 01011001 01001111 01010101 01010011 01001111 01001111 01001110
Mar 6 · 647
we are our own galaxy
Stephanie Mar 6
don't reach for the stars
in the galaxy
reach for my hand
and lemme shine for you
and with you..
00:00 | 07032019| mood: a love triangle between me, my bed, and my desire to go upstairs and delight in the midnight sky aaaaaa.
Mar 3 · 218
you know what?
Stephanie Mar 3
we are just breaking one another's hearts.
don't blame it to the universe.
we're all the same.
Mar 3 · 60
happiness (?)
Stephanie Mar 3
i have learned to be wary
of my own smile, of my own happiness
because it costs a lot...
of tears, disappointments, pain
it is very expensive and i fear that
maybe one day, big amount of credits
are ready to swallow me in
i don't want that.
and for a second thought, is happiness
still a choice? or something we always
try to bargain with?
Stephanie Mar 3
the point has come
daggers wounding your skin
walls are pressing you in
then music will play victory
good news you wanna hear
are coming, and that's good
but no such feeling could
reach your core and encounter it
-- just pure nothing.
hold on, worry not my dear..

i will lift emptiness with you
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