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Nov 7 · 42
No Catch
Chelsea Rae Nov 7
If you love someone, then why is it hard to say it?

Why is it hard to tell them and count the ways they have somehow

Rooted themselves within you as your favorite person?

Quite a confusing conundrum.

Because in my head we live in world's unknown, and

I can bare the deep vulnerability that comes with the words.

I can say it, shout it, sing it, paint it, all in my own dream world.

Why couldn't I say it in depth, in description,

even if I lay on death bed?

The desperation that builds in my chest, in my throat, and sinks and wrenches my stomach until it sinks

Because I just want to tell you.

Yet, when it's time I go blank in mind.


This makes me feel like I don't love you at all..

But that answer isn't right either..

I just hate that I am bad with words.

My own articulations are like hooks without bait.

And I cast and I cast and I cast my line

but yet, no words come to bite..

I'm just a stranded, confused girl, on a boat in the middle of the sea of love, ultimately at a loss with myself.

I'm sorry that I have never really been that good at fishing.
You're quite a catch and I am not sure how I
Oct 28 · 346
Waltz with Shadows
Chelsea Rae Oct 28
She dances in the Underworld

because it's the only place judging eyes do not see.

Dancing in the dark,

Elegantly twirling and falling back into the arms

of the Great Unknown.
Oct 28 · 70
No Filters
Chelsea Rae Oct 28
I am starting to see now why you always hated being called


If everyone keeps seeing you through rose-colored glasses,

Then they aren't really seeing you.

It's some personal daydream caked over your persona.

I want to see you.

Just you, no filters.
Idolization is condemnation.
Oct 27 · 49
Forgiveness Types
Chelsea Rae Oct 27
Maybe there should be a different word for forgiveness because there are two kinds.

There is the forgiveness that we all automatically think of when we hear that word.

The kind where when they apologize and you feel the betrayal and pain come crashing down, collapsing on top of you all at once. Your world falling apart, or maybe just the walls of defense but as they begin to crumble, you can hear their, "I'm sorry," echoing through the back of your mind as you let the pain wash over you.
With each wave that comes you begin to bathe them in the cleansing waters too.
Your pain transmuting through a hug and three little words and you can feel it all wrap around you both like a big warm hug and you just...
Let go.

Then there's the kind of forgiveness that happens with boundaries.
This kind gets you stuck in your anger because more than likely the other person isn't going to come to you at their knees and try to show you they wanna make it better.
Or maybe, they just plain have run out of chances and your good graces wore thin but this kind of forgiveness will bring you to your own knees.
Begging for reprieve from the knives that have been stabbed into back. You just wish it was the person who put it there to give it but it won't be them.
It'll be you.

And you don't ever really "forgive" someone when you've finally removed THEIR knife the way you do when someone takes accountability for their half of the pain.

The other half of forgiveness is painful and lonely.

But you do it for you.
Just like they did it all for them.

You don't get a loving hug.
You get rug burnt, bleeding, hot trembling hands as you finally let go of the weight that was slowly about to drag you off the cliff from holding on.

But the minute you let go you find relief as the cool wind lightly kisses your callouses.

So you let it go.

Let go.
Forgiveness with love or with boundaries.
Oct 25 · 80
Everything Day
Chelsea Rae Oct 25
Today I woke up and I already knew
It was going to be
An Everything day.

It's what I call the days that you wake up and feel like your head is already full of bees,
And your stomach doesn't quite feel easy but rather queesy.
When I roll over to try to assimilate while I take in deep breaths, and as I stare at my ceiling I feel like my chest is exploding with every feeling under the sun.
I close my eyes as I try to decompress the vast,
Swirling Galaxy trying to remain contained within.
And the sounds of the fan in the background feels like the winds of a high mountain top and the light that randomly billows in feels like it's absorbing into my skin.

I breathe in
And feel it all fill my lungs with more than air but

And on the breath out, it all zooms back to me.

I go from the top of the cold Mountain view and it's icy winds that I was just breathing in, pulled back to the fan and the light in my window and as I exhale more air; the further I come back to my mind, my eyes open and there's that ceiling again.

The emotions and the thoughts still slowly swirling in and around me like the creamy designs that twirl clockwise in coffee after stirring.

I try to breathe,
But it just expands me more,
I breathe out,
I shrink into nobody
Until I become
No Thing.

How can I constantly feel
Everything and Nothing
All at once... For eternity...
All is One and One is All. Between worlds.
Oct 25 · 102
Fresh Eyes
Chelsea Rae Oct 25
Maybe we cry sometimes

to be able to see with fresh eyes
Oct 23 · 152
Tomorrow's Tomorrow
Chelsea Rae Oct 23
You make Tomorrow sound so beautiful baby.

The way that the false promises
Fall right off your tongue
So gracefully
Like silver waters.

I love the ways we're always waiting,

Waiting on Tomorrow.
Procrastination with a lil bit of doubt and fearuxed in and voila! You have a life unlived.
Oct 15 · 180
End it All
Chelsea Rae Oct 15
I scream inside a body

That feels it is not mine.

I scream in soul.

I scream in mind.

I beg and weep for suffering to end.

For clarity to strike me.

I feel I am on a strange planet I do not yet recognize,

in a foreign land,

in a struggling body.

End it.

Please, if you must,

End it ALL.
Just be done with it.
Oct 14 · 416
Artists of the Gods
Chelsea Rae Oct 14
See the deepest beauty in things

The simple minded never could.

Simple minds lead to shallow hearts.

Artists create

Just like God creates.

We are all artists within because we are One with the All.

If you don't see beauty, feel beauty,
You don't create or express, and if you don't create, you are seperated from the God Self within.

Express the Soul within
And show em your work of Art.
Where is the deep artist soul?
Oct 13 · 1.4k
Stars that Shine
Chelsea Rae Oct 13
Stars begin to doubt their shine

When surrounded by the blind.
Sep 16 · 40
Cry it Out
Chelsea Rae Sep 16
The cry it out method must have
Stemmed from God.

Because you know
They hear the wails
yet they do nothing.
Cry it Out Method
Chelsea Rae Sep 16
I saw weeds peaking through cement cracks, and I thought,

"Thank god humans could never bury you, Mother Earth,
Even if we tried."

I gazed along the leaves and long vines stretching out for sun,
And my eyes landed on a small, pretty, yellow flower growing too.

I looked to the sun and smiled and back at the flower and saw
A fly had landed there, washing his paws.

And then I wondered if flies ever wish they were bees
and instead of living in ****, wish they made honey.
Sometimes I feel like a fly just tryin to be a Bee.
Aug 19 · 434
MY Light. Not Yours.
Chelsea Rae Aug 19
They let themselves feed off my light
So that they could remain sustainable in their void.

Choke on the darkness.
Get your own magic bruh
Aug 18 · 243
Kings of Pain
Chelsea Rae Aug 18
You opened up my Pandora's box
And out sprang forth a geyser of forgotten traumas.

Years of hard work of disassociation,

You yell at me for not loving you better but I was loving you just fine before this and if I didn't then that's on you for never speaking up.

Your intimidation isn't my problem.

You yell and kick and scream
About abandonment
While I'm fighting off the demons
You activated for abandoning yourself and with that, your life.

You don't get to dictate how I handle the pain YOU opened up.

Idc about your half hearted attempts.

Admit that you're weak and you fell and you're knocked out and stop pretending to play confident king.

Delusional men who think they sit on a throne of truth but they sit upon half-truths, broken to pieces by your fractured perceptions.

Just admit it.

You are defeated and I refuse
to lie down and die in your coffin with you.
Toxic habits and cycles will end NOW.
Aug 18 · 40
Drooling Zombie Sex
Chelsea Rae Aug 18
I'm so tired of *** being
The "only way" you can feel me.

I'm so tired of ***
Instead of laughing and having fun.

Of *** before a quiet dinner.

Of *** being on the mind the whole time we watch a movie.

I'm so tired of seeing *** selling
But killing mind's.

Expecting eyes to see a one size fits all.

Tired of ***

And no true connection.

Tired of ***

Being so important to everyone.

I'm tired of how shallow humans are just to pretend they're in love so they can feel tingly for 5 minutes.

I'm tired and I want deep love.

I want to be seen
And understood, not seen and admired. Not seen and glanced by.
Not seen and merely acknowledged.

Seen fully,
Without drooling,
Just because I might have some nice eyes and hips but maybe because I have so much more than depth.
Too deep for the sheep.
Aug 7 · 33
No Sense
Chelsea Rae Aug 7
Humans aren't experienced with

The world sped up and shifted away from meaning.

They don't have time
To stop and think,

Let alone,
Stop and wonder.

They need things simple and quick,
To the point and definitive.

But I never was any of those things.

Anomalies stitched together with
deep complexities.

A walking contradiction
To all that is non-fiction.

I'm like ridin' waves,
Up n down.
Never staying the same.

I don't make sense, they say.

Is it because I can't make sense of me?
Aug 7 · 255
Eyes That Can't See
Chelsea Rae Aug 7
You always pointed out what I was not, instead of what I was.

Over-exaggerating what was bad, but never breathing a word of the good.

Focusing on all that I lack, with a mouth full of "Should's."

You never loved me, you loved the thought of what you could make me.

I am not clay for molding your vision of a masterpiece to make
me easier to look at, and lay claim to, boasting about saying,
"Look at what we've made."

I was already the Mona Lisa but all that could come out of your mouth was,

"Why oh why doesn't she smile?"
(I do not lack, you do. For always being something that you're not.)
Aug 7 · 317
Chelsea Rae Aug 7
If I had the ability to choose what I am,

I would like to be colors, light and sound.

To have consciousness swept around me and I spread out freely,

stretching into the atoms and melting into the particles of existence.
Sigh . . . <3
Aug 3 · 218
Chelsea Rae Aug 3
They wanted what was whole but couldn't have it all
So they took pieces instead.

And when they came back for another,
they came to realize there was nothing left.
Aug 3 · 182
Hot Tears
Chelsea Rae Aug 3
Such hot tears, that sizzle and evaporate
as they drip off the sides of hot cheeks.

Mist slowly rising off my shoulders,
out and off my head, and down my arms and legs.

Smokey fog swarming me from the humidity that begins to emit in the room from the heat.

Anger that boils blood
Now secreting through the skin
Through sweat and tears.

I clench my jaw, cemented shut, and squeeze my eyes tight.
Hoping to wring out all the pain and anger through the tear ducts.

Juice it to salty pulp.

Such hot tears pooled on top of burning cheeks.
Turning into hot springs.

One of the warmest things I have felt

In such a long time.
Jul 26 · 33
The Unknown
Chelsea Rae Jul 26
I hear a lofty siren's song that often calls to me.

A voice that sings like fae in Spring.

A voice that sounds like Destiny.

Even though I hear it ring,
Somehow I know,
This goes beyond the sea.

To stars far away,
Other world's the human eyes may
Have never seen.

Angelic tones, calling home
My aching soul.

I take small shy footsteps,
Come what may.
Let's hope trying to be brave,
Leads the way.
Intuition, Trust, Unknown
Jul 22 · 82
Skeleton King
Chelsea Rae Jul 22
I sometimes wonder if it was fated.

Maybe it is my job to be the evil one now.

Maybe we were meant to switch roles this way

And I was meant to experience this pain, this empty, this hatred

For everything for being nothing I ever wanted.

Lately I find myself stopping and wondering,

"Did you feel this way too? Behind closed doors and in your waking every day life, were you also consumed by this?
Have you wanted to be better but every day become
Jeckle and Hyde even though you didn't want to?
Did you experience the loneliness?
The distance? The fear? The panic?
The pure hell that is this existence?!"

Sometimes I really do wonder.
Sometimes I get curious enough to want to ask.
Sometimes I am really glad I can't ask when the moment sparks
because that means opening a whole new door,

Building a whole new bridge again
And DEAR GOD how it hurt growing up and watching the ones
I put so much work into get blown apart, repeatedly set ablaze by the dynamite you set off again and again and I just watched.
Like a child who just had their tower of blocks pushed over
I watched my bridge constantly decimated by fire, as each piece fell into the moat you built around your castle that you built around yourself to continue to waste away like the skeleton King you are
as you whisper your last breath, "You never really loved me."

Now look at you.
King of Nothing.

Who had a skeleton princess who swiped away her father's ashes from the gold laced throne and she took his place.
She dies waiting for her Prince that will never come
because she simply won't let down the draw bridge.
Jul 22 · 51
Spacin' Out
Chelsea Rae Jul 22
Is it normal to have old dreams past slosh from side to side in your head?

A sea of old memories that were never real,

Yet you remember them sometimes better than the ones you collected from everyday reality.

Is it normal to have your mind somewhere in space?

Or possibly it fell out and down the drain instead,

Maybe it is sinking to the bottom of the ocean by now.

But seriously,

I don't know where I am.

Walking between worlds.

I feel so spacey.
Like I'm falling and there is nothing to hold onto.

Like there's a cannon ball
Rolling. . . side to side. . . and side to side in my head. . .

Is it all my thoughts that I could never make sense
now condensed?

Weighing me down further into the silent void.

The Emptiness, the stillness, the calm. . .

People talk of these things like they are comforting

But to me I feel like dry bones walking around,

Dead inside both in heart, and in head.
Jul 15 · 104
Chelsea Rae Jul 15
Crack the sky open

And spill forth all that was hiding behind the curtain.

You will not hide the Truth from us much longer

and you will die trying

as we die fighting.

God always wins.
Jul 15 · 469
Dark Fire
Chelsea Rae Jul 15
I twist the black smoky quartz crystal between my fingers,

Staring into the void of the darkness in it's shimmer,

Remembering how the stars predicted

That I would be, and am destructive.

I used to be the angelic who thought they could do no wrong.

Never fathoming dancing with the Devil.

Oh but not I, no longer.

Satan himself sees me at the ball and bows.

He knows to kiss my rings

Cause what a privilege it'd be to waltz with me.

Lilith my Mother, the one who will never bow.

I glide my tongue across my canine's

Only imagining the fangs of a lion.

I am a fallen angel, who painted her wings black.

I stare with blank deranged eyes, knowing I could disconnect

From whatever little soul I have left at a moment's notice

If it means ripping out throats to get what I want.

There is a fire roaring in my charcoal heart

And all I want is pure power.

More power, ferocious all consuming power.

But nay, not over the everyday people,

Only those who dare cut their eyes at me the wrong way,

the ones who question what I am capable of,

The ones who try to steal freedom,

and most importantly,

The ultimate power over myself completely.  

I stare at the crystal and throw my head back in a deep maniacal laugh, reverberating through my throat.

They have no idea who I am to become,

and really neither do I but one thing I do know is,

No one will be able to match my fire.
Muahahahaha! I will become better, stronger, and free.
Jul 14 · 66
We Are
Chelsea Rae Jul 14
I want a man who remembers his Divinity.

In his full spirit, ready to create with me.

I want the woman who has remembered she is a Goddess.

Let me worship them in love and gratitude.

I want people who remember,

With Me,

Who we really are.

I already Am that I am,

Where are those who are?
Jul 14 · 161
It's So Dry Here
Chelsea Rae Jul 14
How I long for a place of green.

Trees that give the freshest air.

Rain that washes away everything.

Cleansing the land, and cleansing me.

I am so tired of feeling dead inside

from seeing the dried out death all around me.

It feels like I can feel the land screaming.

Screaming like me for just a drop of water.

A drop of life.
Jul 13 · 53
Chelsea Rae Jul 13
I wonder what it must be like to constantly
Degrade your garden,
Neglect your garden,
Give it just enough water to survive
Yet never enough nutrition to thrive,


Still have the ******* audacity to blame the ******* garden
For not producing enough for you.
Jul 9 · 1.4k
Never Brave Enough
Chelsea Rae Jul 9
It feels like my heart

Doesn't have much room to feel

That much of anything

Other than fear.
Jun 23 · 169
Chelsea Rae Jun 23
You will only ever get slivers of people

Until we learn how to mesh souls.
Jun 9 · 50
Pride Kills
Chelsea Rae Jun 9
I realized that day

that I would let love slip through my fingers

every time

before I ever swallowed the knot in my throat

and accepted my pride.

I would set the world on fire

and relish in the burn.

Even if the ashes only bring misery,

watching my painful fire consume everything in it's path

is somehow the only temporary relief you get

from your very small pathetic power trip.
I would watch you walk before I say I am trying.
Chelsea Rae Jun 9
After speaking for so long to deaf ears,

You get sick of speaking at all.

After a while you scream and shout,

Hoping to split ear drums that you have pounded on for so long,

Hoping your words finally form the "correct" sentence,

But it never does

And you fall silent

No longer caring for being heard.
Anger only masks deep deep fuckn pain.
May 27 · 70
Cut Off My Wings
Chelsea Rae May 27
A soul purge so deep

That no one could be there to hold me in it.

A fire so englufing,
that if anyone had tried they'd have just been burned.
I lose control and only love the ones I have hurt.
How does that work?

The surrounding sounds muffle out as my chest caves in.
The kind of silence you endure as your surroundings completely disappear.

All you can feel is your chest pain burning like a thousand suns about to incinerate you alive.

You fight the urge to become a rage-induced animal
Because the pain is unbearable and no one gives a ****
and even if they do they CAN'T do anything about it.

I have to swallow it all and digest it.
I have to fight to not be overcome by it all.

But what do you do when you feel like your soul
is being filleted alive, soul stripped in all directions,
Bare, and ******* raw now..

The shedded lining burnt to a crisp in tatters across the floor around me and the pieces charred flying through the air.

Another phoenix stage of rising through the ashes
But where the **** does the sky take me?

I have been here before.

There is no where to go.

I give up.

I cut off my new wings.
******* God. I don't want to go down this road anymore.
May 24 · 93
Chelsea Rae May 24
Human words oversimplify everything that I am inside.
I wish I was telepathic hahah
May 1 · 73
Chelsea Rae May 1
You would think nature would have been enough for us.

The way you can stand on a mountaintop and see a sea of clouds,
with tree tops barely showing their tips, like shark fins above water.

Breathtaking the way it is now,
Imagine what it must have been like for our ancestors.
No greater sights to be seen then.

You would have thought nature would have been enough

because it's definitely enough for me.
Apr 7 · 333
Chelsea Rae Apr 7
I turned my weights

into butterflies

And became so free and light

That I flew right along with them.
Letting go
Mar 29 · 284
Chelsea Rae Mar 29
As I heard the screeching stop of the garbage truck,

In that moment,

I wished with everything in me
That they could take out
All the trash that's been piling up
Within me for too long.

The smell of the rot
Is becoming unbearable.
Mar 28 · 478
Chaos vs Peace
Chelsea Rae Mar 28
For some reason I keep thinking
That love is getting swept up
By a tornado,

But really I should be grateful
For the soft, light breezes
That delicately float between
The tiny hairs on my cheek.

The way it silently bends
In gently moving peace,
And dips down ever softly for a kiss,
Before it slowly leaves.
Feb 22 · 27
Chelsea Rae Feb 22
How powerful women must be
To remove the feminine from sacred texts,
To shame her into a cage, to burn them for their healing, to convince man he can become Her,
To pervert her in every form..

Oh how powerful women must be,

For them to bury and destroy
Our knowledge of everything
She truly is and can be.
Feb 19 · 107
Grey Tea
Chelsea Rae Feb 19
Take my heart like a tea bag

And steep it in Apathy.

Drink up the dull emotions

Of the day.

The indifference to it all

Warming your belly.

And that's all that you'll feel for a while before returning to
the empty inside;

Just like your dry barren tea cup.
Feb 13 · 77
Before and After
Chelsea Rae Feb 13
I was so ready to join you

that I jumped down to Earth only a month after you.

To think that our souls might have followed one another,

Before and After,

Is quite an endearing thought indeed.

Lovingly Intertwined
Jan 25 · 75
Surrender Sea
Chelsea Rae Jan 25
Why do I keep going back and forth?
Waves that come and go to your shore.

Sometimes crashing and reaching further than before,
Sometimes barely kissing the edge of the sand.

Is it the push and pull of the mysterious moon?
Influencing me to rescind and other times
Throwing me forward?

Is it because I am scared to be tamed?
An ocean so deep it can't even comprehend all that it contains..

Maybe land makes me feel safe,
even if it is so foreign to an element like me.

All I want is to feel the soak,
When I am deep in between the pores of your being,
Deep underground and beneath the surface of you.

Requiring complete surrender
but it is so hard to learn
for the thrashing sea that is me...
Maybe I'll get there one day.
Jan 3 · 55
Pirate Tales
Chelsea Rae Jan 3
When I grew up
I realized that none of us have a clue on
How to navigate these
Unknown waters.

When I grew up,

I looked around and saw
That everyone is still learning how to get their land legs
When we've finally run ashore.

When I grew up,
I started listening
And I noticed
Everyone has their own kraken stories;
Of monsters they have not
Yet laid to rest.

We're all just swashbucklers
And thieves
Still trying to learn to
Navigate the seas.
Dec 2020 · 89
Comfort Zone Walls
Chelsea Rae Dec 2020
Eventually the self work becomes
Another abandoned dream
Because if you go deep enough within
You'll find your wall.

The wall is the limit.

You don't know how to push past this one, or even if you do,
You know you're a coward.
Or a victim.
Or a failure.
Or a loser.
Or whatever it is, you know that
You can't do it.
You've convinced yourself.
You stay miserable to stay comfortable.

The impossible wall, which really,
Isn't that impossible at all.

You just are stuck
In a looping perspective of fear.

Haven't mustered the courage to
Make the jump
Just yet.
Dec 2020 · 75
Do You?
Chelsea Rae Dec 2020
Do you still look for me

In all the people

You constantly escape in

To forget you're running from

How much you hate yourself?
Dec 2020 · 72
Craving Stars
Chelsea Rae Dec 2020
I have this desire lately
To become one with the
Spaces in between the stars.

The darkness,
The black matter
Where there is nothing
But also everything.

To be One,
Dec 2020 · 48
Once and for All
Chelsea Rae Dec 2020
Depression for me happens slowly,
And for some reason,
Has never quite felt like drowning.

More like a rut that turns into a hole that I've slowly dug myself into.

And then I hit rock bottom and look up to see where I am..
And in those moments, I become utterly shocked at what I've done. Then it gets worse when I tell myself "there's no way out."

"Oh how tall the grave."

It feels like an overwhelmingly empty pit that I'm stuck in.

So far down, so far away..

But I can see the sky, turning from night to day, night to day.

"I'm wasting time." I say.

I also see the light though,
The light at the end of my upwards tunnel and somehow I always get out because it leads the way.

Yet I dig another.
And another..

It is exhausting.
To be so unwillingly, accidentally, repetitive.

I wonder if there will ever be a day when I'm further than 10ft under but will get so tired that I can't fight it anymore and maybe someone will look in to see a skeleton, and bury me
Once and for all.
Dec 2020 · 100
Orange Juice
Chelsea Rae Dec 2020
Have you ever felt like you were being shoved through a tiny hole,
But like, for your soul?

I feel like right now
I'm getting squeezed into

Squished and turned and wrung out.

Turned to a pulp.

I guess becoming a more purified form
Of what I once was?

Now I wonder sometimes
If it'd be miserable
To be an orange.
High Pulp Soul Juice XD
Oct 2020 · 11
I Never Fit In
Chelsea Rae Oct 2020
I've grown up with wide eyes and a wider smile.
Messy short hair and dirt on the end of my nose.
I loved people and the world I lived in was magic.
Cruelty didn't exist.

As loving as I was
I always kept my mouth shut.
Cause everyone always had gaping mouths and bug eyes
When I'd simply speak my mind.

I've learned to sift through my thoughts and emotions just like flour.
They have always been the worth of dust anyway.
Taken for nothin.
Still I just kept it all to myself.
Sometimes I'd mess up and it'd slip out
and if I got those dropped jaws
I'd stick my nose in the air and pretend
I didn't care.

Writing was my only way out and my journal knew me better than my lifelong friends.
I knew everyone around me, I could practically read minds.
Still my mouth only opened now and then
but mostly just a strong, closed dam.

Now that I'm out on my own
Without people always hovering like vultures, picking at every little thing
that flies out of my mouth,
It's hard not to just let it all fall out.

I've kept a mask and a crusty outside and anything else you could possibly think of
To make sure I never crushed someones delicate eggshells.
My tongue tip toed around words.
To others it always looked like I was putting myself out there
And never worrying
About the wondering stares.

But now I'm just sick of it.
If I'm mad I wanna yell it.
If I'm sad I wanna cry and burst at the seams I kept so well knit.
If I think you're a pretty stranger I wanna say so
I want to be the person I've hidden from the world
Cause I just was never welcomed.

This world is so used to pretending to be delicate flowers but when it comes to others
They stomp and rip people apart.
Plucking every last petal.

I am so tired of pretending you're all delicate.
Like you can't handle it
Cause it was never fair that I didn't get to be who I've always been because you could shout the loudest.
And I'm not mean, but if I have an opinion, and you don't agree
Then stop telling me I'm too young to understand.
Stop telling me I'm crazy or off the bend.

I'm not ignorant, I actually get it.
And ya maybe sometimes its ******* offensive, so what?
I'm learning who I am and sometimes that might come off wrong
But I'm stumbling along
With little to no help from you all.

Everyone has a rule book for how everyone should act.
This is how it's done
This is how its gotta be.
Well to me, you're all just annoying.

I'm just sick of being pushed and shoved and buried.
Somewhere I can't be seen anymore
SO therefore
I can't be heard either.

Well I'm just going to push through the crowd.
I'm gonna make sure that I break free from this "norm"
Whoever deemed it to be just that.

Stop telling me,
For Christ's sake,
Stop telling me how to be myself.
#olddrafts. Still true to this day.
Oct 2020 · 98
Outside of it All
Chelsea Rae Oct 2020
If we were to take everything away,
All of the human ******* responsibilities,
It would be so easy to fall into you.

I love your souls essence
But this world would rather
Tear us apart than ever see us happily together.
It would rather force struggle than ease.
I have a hard time not drowning underneath it all, and losing sight of you.

Just know that even though I hate the human experiences and become someone I'm not,
I love you, the you you are when we're done here and have nothing else to worry about other than pure love.
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