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Mar 2021 · 93
The Sleeping Child
A child lays down and wants to sleep,
Some kind of love, some kind of peace,
A fragile child who has learned no fear,
Her parents are close, both are so near.

She breathes and yawns as she does,
Outside her window, now waits a dove,
The hate to come must now be learned,
A sad reminder, a curse she'll earn.

The dove so patiently stands so tall,
Her parents show her, show her all,
With differences, all people show,
Of worldly things, she does not know.

From birth, we are most a clean slate,
We know no prejudice, know no hate,
We do not steal, we do not reap,
Or do we have what we can't keep?

The little children playing at school,
Have they been taught the Golden Rule?
What people will they all become,
With eyes darkened, hearts so numb?

When they awake, these young people,
Who works so hard to climb a steeple,
Then pushing others far, far aside,
They can not linger, they can not hide.

These lessons come with many years,
We're taught to separate and to fear,
Grind all who are different into the ground,
Humanity lost goes round and round.

The little child wakes up and now sees,
Her parents laughing, she wants to be,
But, will she learn that love paves the way,
For better lives and most loving days?

The little child won't know.
Jan 2021 · 103
Now rabbits are fine in the morning,
But I must now give you a warning,
When the time comes to make all the food,
Sometimes all they can be is rude.

One fellow who now comes to mind,
Was so private and silly and fine,
But his jacket of gold stood him proud,
And his voice was so sweet and not loud.

His mother awoke one fine morning,
Said "it's time" without any warning,
When the babies came early that day,
Little Timothy had nothing to say.

His brothers and sisters were wild,
But Timothy was tender and mild,
Never speaking long in his growth,
His mother loved him now the most.

All the others laughed when he fell,
Falling headfirst into a deep well.
Neither mother nor father aware,
One less rabbit, who really cares?

But Timothy lay lonely and sad,
Scared his parents yelling and mad,
When they learned what he had done,
Deep inside the well with no sun.

But his mother yelled, "where is my son?
Other rabbits, what have you done?"
No one spoke or told her of the well,
Or, how Timothy had so clumsily fell.

All the children stood silent and still,
Until one had felt bad and so ill,
"Mother, I pushed him into the well,
and I'm sorry, I hope you can tell."

All was good when Timothy rose,
Showing his little and small nose,
At the top of the well, he jumped down,
Ever smiling and not wearing a frown.

"No more ever silent will I will be,
I forgive you dear brother can't you?
Timothy rabbit now stood tall,
Finally speaking to one and to all.
Oct 2020 · 66
A Call For All
Someone said the time is past,
With hatred, darkness, will it last?
Why do people have anger inside?
What are these people trying to hide?

The separate notion we are singular beings,
Block out the sun with no one seeing,
Of all what Earth has now to give,
Must now we focus on how to live.

A little child with the skin of brown,
Feels lost, alone, is nowhere found,
The child, so beauty and happiness,
Does not have to be hardily pressed,

An Asian child comes skipping here,
She's singing hope and has no fear,
The man sees her and knocks her down,
She cries and screams so lying ground.

The white children know they belong
Together dancing and singing songs,
But, here the man comes racing to see,
Just how to make these children flee.

The reservation holds many at bay,
They try to speak, kept far away,
No one cares much about them now,
Why such injustice is allowed?

The final analysis tells us one thing,
We're only humans, let all of us sing,
We need to share and learn to grow,
Our children never have hated to know.

Here is my heart, my pledge to you,
To spread the love, not just a few,
Some want to hate and still to slay,
But their day is coming, anyway.
Sep 2020 · 69
the meeting
grab, grab, grab the gun
run, run, run along
crowd, crowd, crowd here
****, ****, **** the march
laugh, laugh, laugh out loud
see, see, see  children now
want, want, want to speak
push, push, push alone
scream, scream, scream to hear
soldiers, soldiers, soldiers fear
bullets, bullets, bullets on skin
ranting, ranting, ranting words
listening, listening, listening horn
lights, lights, lights at night
cold, cold, cold the wind
sudden, sudden, sudden now
gas, gas, gas fly at us high
burn, burn, burn the eyes
blood, blood, blood on face
fight, fight, fight human race
wish, wish, wish for light
glass, glass, glass gone from stores
panic, panic, panic is clear
run, run, run from the fear
trucks, trucks, trucks clear
men, men, men hate the place
freedom, freedom human race
race, race, race to our cars
hope, hope, hope not so far
living, living, living is gone
who took democracy and our songs?
Sep 2020 · 108
Just a Man
Just a man, a simple man,
Living all alone and sad,
Stuck inside hurt and pain,
Poor man, lonely once again.

Living life, without a hope,
Walking slowly on a rope,
A rope that holds on too tight,
Going to bed, alone at night.

Just a man, who's lived long,
Forgotten times, missing songs,
Partners come, and they go,
Remembering names, who to

Married long and married love,
Just one morning, life was shoved,
Buried deep in some lost land,
Couldn't help it, deep in sand.

Growing laundry in a pile,
Dishes soiled, no peace, no mild,
Mild moments laughing, and gone,
Where now to be, where to belong.

Eyes of water with vision lost,
Heart is breaking, heavy cost,
Aching body moves so slow,
No medical help, no more to know.

Just a man in a crumbling home,
Feels like he's gone, a stodgy knome,
No feels, no reason, to wake at dawn,
No place to be, where to belong.

A long and winding road ahead,
Someday he'll go, he will be dead,
But no one knows his sorrow and pain,
He walks alone in a heavy rain.

Just a man, with no crowd around,
One day he tripped and wasn't found,
Spent days in pain, lying on the floor,
Then came a knocking on the door.

They tried to save him, what a cost,
Another soul gone, another one lost,
And life goes on, no stopping there,
Who stopped to know, who really cared?
Aug 2020 · 62
The Masquerade
Once again a masquerade,
A simple plan, hide in the shade,
Some people stare and see no one,
I am the one, most forgotten son.

Laugh hard inside, show no fear,
Hold nothing close, no one near,
Lost in a storm that rips the soul,
They tried to place me in a mold.

Just couldn't conform, nothing new,
So many thoughts, what should I do?
No one is here, to record my life,
Most pain and sorrow cuts the knife.

Grand plans were coming on in dreams,
With hopes, desires, a singular theme,
When life goes crazy, stops on a dime,
So many present to record my crime.

A simple man with a mask of hate,
Born much too late, no other mate,
Silently sat, a corner and window,
No stones to toss,  no one to owe.

Sent to the finish schools demand,
In academia lost, couldn't understand,
No social contacts, no friends abound,
Inside my head, lurks the lonely sound.

Came home a youth with wild notions,
Gave in and took society's slick potions,
Pretended to be a father, such a man,
But cries went unheard, in this sorry land.

So, here am I, long gone so mad,
From an older man to a desperate lad,
Retracing steps, reliving my past,
This slipshod life, it couldn't last.

They put me where the damp is new,
A cell of concrete, designed for two,
With silence still rings out in time,
Oh, yes, I finally lost my mind.
Jul 2020 · 59
Life's For The Living
Here comes the eternal day,
The day, where all have come to play,
A time when all times mixed together,
We've braved the storm, the lonely weather.

There is the moment, itched hard in stone,
Where children play, there's those alone,
Together, wondering what is to come to past,
Where nothing is here, and nothing can last.

When off, we go so skurrying around,
There is no judging, there's is no sound,
High on the temple, the priestess sings,
There's hope, where hope, will finally bring.

So, is this life that endures beyond life?
No hate, no longing, no endless strife,
Together melting as souls sometimes do,
The innocent, the loving, the silent few.

We give, we take, we hope and we cry,
Along the path, we sometimes die,
But live the life that begins, nothing ends,
Share what we have and let it be, my friend.

In leaving a message, a creative remorse,
This living a life, I heartily must endorse,
Leave knowing, and sharing, and laughing, true,
Life's for the beginning, one's brand new.

Fear, not the coming, the eventual tide,
The time when there's nothing to hide,
Step lively into the interstellar belief,
That's life's for living, have nothing, grief.
May 2020 · 86
Do Not
Do not

Do not

Do not

Do not
      wonder why.

For this,
     and only this,

Is when,
     we learn to live,

Is what we seek
      before we are gone,
Do not

Do not,

Do not

      what's real.
May 2020 · 67
The Coast
The waves beat heartless against the cliff,
Again and again, they resounded with rain,
Darkening clouds so helpless still overhead,
The ground was so moist with endless dew.

The seagulls like messengers from beyond,
Flying restlessly in circles as they still fly,
No voices breaking the silence surrounding me,
Internal darkening and mystical sounds abound.

Walking longingly towards the cliff and coast,
Staring blindly into space and the far distance,
Wanting something, someone to reclaim this day,
But nothing left and no one will come to speak.

Reaching arms to heaven and beyond the clouds,
Reciting endlessly the prayer we learned as children,
Expecting clouds to part and reveal something new,
But there's no departure or signs of hope gathering.

So, sitting on the wet ground and crossing my arms,
Still staring in space and breathing in lost spirits,
Wondering why I came to this place and time,
Recovering nothing, with nothing there is mine.

The waves still boundless and increasingly pounding,
Well worn the coastline and the sand so slipping away,
I look for any sign or signal to cause me a reason to rise,
But there is only perpetual time and space left for me.
May 2020 · 67
The Pain From Long Ago
Here, all alone along the street,
We have come, come to meet,
Picked this quiet, only corner,
So we both are no longer loners.

Hold, holding hands and here,
Both with feelings and some fear,
Embracing so, as we did long ago,
Remembering, what we both know.

Now, let this be, the lasting time,
Where we both are joined, one mind,
Living and learning how to let go,
All the hurt, the pain from long ago.

You married, but this union didn't last,
Still holding on, cherishing your past,
Never getting over, or letting go by,
Still recalling how you laughed and cried.

And, I, feeling an everlasting belief,
That you, you would be mine to keep,
Never giving up on what could have been,
Here we are, together once again.

Now, let this be, the lasting time,
Where we both are joined, one mind,
Living and learning how to let go,
All the hurt, the pain from long ago.
Apr 2020 · 96
A Heart Away
Today, I gave my heart away,
You took it with no words to say,
Then held it high for all to see,
To show them now you're part
of me.

The heart's a silly thing you know,
It beats and beats until it's slow,
No other would I give such feeling,
The sight of you just sends me reeling.

You took my heart and put it in a pocket,
My love for you roared like my rocket,
But why you hid it far from others view,
Did not seem like the women I knew.

Without someone to share my life,
Would sting just like a very cold knife,
To hoard, my love like no one could,
It makes us how our love is now
and should.

So, take what this man has to give,
Share lovingly when the time to live,
Caress it softly and keep it aglow,
For now and forever for all to know.

My heart is shared with only you,
It's secretly gone know and two,
Dance softly in the moonlight light,
Our love, so sweetly into the night.
Apr 2020 · 67
The Bookstore
Hello, he says and sits alone,
In quiet time and silent zone,
Stared briefly at the others there,
So resting in his lonely chair.

A book and coffee near the stand,
Dressed nicely was this affable man,
He reaches for the bag he carriers,
Pulls out a picture of who he married.

Come over here and sit next to me,
You once were bounced upon my knee,
But you have grown and made your life,
The disappearance felt like the sharpest knife.

When you were just a lad so bright,
You spent the weekends and night,
Had question endless and full of hope,
You broke the rules when your full scope.

This bookstore where you work long hours,
Have helped us all in the impressive tower,
I've come to see my distant beautiful child,
Whose now is a man so far and mild.

So, sipping the coffee and looking at this book,
I've learned somethings of what I gave and took,
But, listen to how as I now have much to say,
Before I'm gone and leaving an abrupt way.

It's good to find your own path now you see,
To discover the world and the things that are free,
But cling to your past and your family that's there,
Who loves you not for the things with no care.
Apr 2020 · 58
Mysterious Awareness
The mystical awareness has finally arrived,
I see the sky awaken and show its clouds,
The birds are flying in their wonderful patterns,
With everything, I'm finally feeling so alive.

The ancient stone has been pushed over by angels,
Revealing the cave filled with the best possibilities,
I hear them singing and crying in mysterious ways,
My path is enlightened and illuminated for me to see.

My body no longer aches and is no longer in pain,
Eyes that were once darkened now begin to see,
I reach for the heavens that were once unattainable,
My hands are touched and electrified with the grasp.

For what does a man who is lost now know to discover?
The map is strewn with the paths of the righteousness,
A temple enormous and lit withmulti-colored lights,
Now beckons me to enter and step up to share all the glory.

My spirit soars and discards the worn and tired body,
The others shout out and rush to me with hearts aglow,  
An intense desire to enter into this incredible community,
Will not be halted or left unanswered now that it's time.
Mar 2020 · 74
Loved You Like A Stone
Loved you,

Like a solid stone,

Standing proud and deeply rooted,

Never wavering with rain and shine and pain,

I loved you like a stone.

Kissed your precious lips,

Drenched inside your savory smell,

Felt a heartbeat like a locomotive screaming,

I loved you like a stone.

Gripped your body next to mine,

Held you like an eternal flaming star,

Longed for more and more and more,

I loved you like a stone.

Lost my hold on you and you alone,

Heard your footsteps pounding, pounding,

The door came crashing, slamming, closing with no hope,

You no longer loved me like a stone.
Mar 2020 · 65
Silent Beast
Reaching across the world I see,
People suffering on wounded knees,
Crying people who need some hope,
Trying hard to learn and how to cope.

The silent monster came invisibly on,
No one prepared with early dawn,
Sickness wanted their souls to claim,
Some would not come out of the rain.

Defensively how would we go,
The help and newness how'd we know,
Some families felt the raging beast,
Some live instead of dying at least.

Those bravest souls came running how,
With plans to treat with timing allowed,
Not keeping pace and being overrun,
Still came the dawn with the darest sun.

But many forces of good and not alone,
Came marching headlong into this zone,
Defied the sickness and yelled silently,
We will defeat and then again be free.

For now, we huddled inside our rooms,
With thoughts of life and not of tombs,
Together faced the beast they feared,
With hope, salvation coming near.
Mar 2020 · 544
I Was
I born.

I live.

I die.

No one.

Mar 2020 · 68
Lonely living man-child mystery,
Living in the trash and misery,
Being lead to where the sky is gone,
Where's the sun, where's humanity?

No meal following from heaven above,
Warmth and cold a distant memory,
Unfriendly faces with eyes swollen shut,
Where' the reason, where's the hope?

Sidewalk hugger with nothing to say,
Staring blindly into the suffocating air,
Trying hard not to impede the humans,
Who barely know what happened to him.

Who created man from mud and solitude?
Why do we not see his face or hands,
Worn-well body just withering away,
Sense of direction now gone and dead,

Don't look for personal feelings and such,
His eyes are too clouded with hurt and fear,
His body so strong from the absence of clean,
Clothes are so tattered I wanted to scream.

When death comes to calling and taking away,
In zipped-lock bags, so sterile and cheaply gray,
Those with the eyes so clouded and removed,
Will have a rich dinner and laugh until though.
Dec 2019 · 67
Who comes to these the woods below,
He lingers there, this much we know,
Has left the city, who wants to live,
There's much to take and much to give?

These woods are dark and silent giving,
Allows the stranger who now is living,
A new beginning now born this day,
Has wandered here what can we say?

Left life worth saving and ran hell-bent,
No care or whim, no angel has sent,
Laughed at illusions he once desired,
An empty shell, humanity retired.

All that the misery and all the pain,
No chance of saving, no going insane,
All hope and guidance was such a fool,
Life promises much but such uncruel.

Feel fresh the air sings, smells so calm,
The sky, the ground, no loud alarm,
Rules screeched inside his little brain,
Here comes the dark, so soothing rain.

Possessions cradled when city born,
His parents cried, and then such scorn,
No friends or family, no hope inside,
The woods cry out, here now to hide.

The new sweet sound of rustling leaves,
No strangers here, no one will grieve,
The chance to face the world's delusion,
It is gone with the wind, no air pollution.

Now here him shy and his soul release,
Found now a place and now such peace,
When comes the master to take his body,
Come blast the trumpets, now nothing shoddy.

Let's cheer the man who walks alone,
His body chilled hard to the bone,
He shakes and knows the hardened ground,
The woods give nothing, now there's no sound.
Dec 2019 · 79
The fellowship of the brokenhearted,
Meeting universally in another land,
Has brought forth a new destination,
Leaning forward into dreams of hope.

A mask for those who know nothing,
With nowhere to go and feel themselves,
No one hears their cries and sorrow,
Except for the ones with tears from heaven.

Those who walk with pain and unsteadiness,
Look into the eyes of the young and restless,
Laugh hard with no consequence tomorrow,
Living for the day that speaks nothing or care.

The gathering of the ones with no direction,
Meet in a meadow with green fields of joy,
They feel the sun soak up their worn skin,
Finally finding their truest face to wear.

This is for the ones so  tenderhearted,
Who wears the face of sorrow and loneliness,
For coming soon will be the words that save,
Creating a place where you can finally breathe.
Dec 2019 · 87
For Two
What voice is heard from up above,
It is the only, truly sweet dove,
Who came to say life goes astray,
But there will be a better day,
It's heaven's time for all to pray.

With faith and love combined for two,
The dove says what you know to do,
Do not despair and cry now all alone,
With faith, your love builds a happy home.

Today, we meet to declare and say out loud,
Depart the rain and dark doomy clouds,
The sun, a gift, comes forward for all,
Your union's peace is now the call.

Hands held so tightly, grip now the hope,
Release sweet angels the chains and ropes,
Have joyous hearts and harmonize as two,
A life's beginning, a love brand new.

A time when gathering comes for two,
We all want love and compassion for you,
A soft and gentle forgetting the past,
For nothing sad can ever last.

Love sweet and lovely simmering above,
And once again here comes the dove,
To tell this crowd and present the two,
A gentle reminder, a love brand new.
Nov 2019 · 73
Beware The Dark
Softly hear the crying voice,
Someone having no other choice,
Lurking in the darkness here,
Quiet all your haunting fears.

Where comes now the lonely one,
Living in darkness with no sun,
Waiting there to catch a soul,
It has the means and all control.

You smell the rotting body, too,
Can't really flee and what to do,
It's hunger deep when it will pounce,
All flesh devoured, every ounce.

What brings you there we realize,
You are the feast and now the prize,
Had no one warned to stay away,
You'll lose your hope and life today.

Your trembling body shaking so,
It comes to reap and now to sow,
It's history long and varied dark,
Reality comes so very stark.

It's breathing deep and louder, yes,
No one to help, you're like the rest,
A sacrifice demanding it's right,
You'll scream and shout this very night.

No weapons have you now to fight,
The darkness deep and there's no sight,
Now comes the last devouring sound,
It knocks you hard upon the ground,

The claws rip at your lovely skin,
Blood flows in spurts now and again,
With the loss of blood, you feel so weak,
The killing growing, here comes the peak.

It sees you helpless still lying there,
Without whim, without some care,
The beast walks crooked towards its lair,
Another victim so lifeless, it stares.

Avoid the dark and stay so sound,
Or, else you'll die upon the ground,
A mystical creature so lifeless there,
Awaits so silently within its lair.

Centuries-old, and centuries have gone,
The inhabitants sing the horrible song,
About a beast, flesh-eater they sing,
Will take your body and everything.
Nov 2019 · 81
It Comes
Loudly clanging came the overnight bell,
Sounding the alarm for all souls to report,
For all souls of goodwill and graciousness,
To conquer the beast that will roam the land.

The crowding of all in the ancient hall,
Located the hall near the ocean shore,
Where built of centuries and secrets untold,
To hear the plan now to conquer the beast.

Yet hours upon hours awaiting the crash,
The crash of blistering fire and hate combined,
Following the slivering, slinking rare beast,
Who will devastate all and **** what is living.

Now sound the alarm and run to each house,
Gathering those who are willing to fight,
Leaving the children and nursemaids behind,
Mounting a front of all fronts now to secure.

Boys give their youth and dreams put aside,
The ancient one coming now full of their pride,
A middle-age crisis they'll leave it this dark day,
In hopes that their union builds walls, not of clay.

At first, all the rumors spread lightly and fast,
The gossip in churches and streets as it spread,
In homes where the family sat silent and still,
While wondering if the sad rumors were true.

But now, gather weapons of mass destruction,
Pointed steadily along the ocean's west coast,
Firmly and fiercely all mounted and true,
For the beast, he is coming to **** and destroy.

Kiss your girlfriends and wives a passion goodbye,
Hold your children to heart and tell them to dream,
Of a better time where the light came softly above,
For the darkening sky will no doubt paint the clouds.

The time it's a killer and a friend be undone,
Either life will triumphant or miserly die,
For the beast doesn't care about anyone thing,
But spread sorrow and fear on a deadening day.
Learning how to love to live,
An act of kindness for yourself,
A realization that love will guide,
Us all into one conscious mind.

Knowing how to share our minds,
Wanting everyone for everything,
Hurt and crying as it now begins,
Excited by the wonder forever after.

Leaning on the cosmic shoulder,
Seeing what is sought for today,
Holding each other as we jump,
Headlong into a bright tomorrow.

Contemplating our bare existence,
Weaving our souls into one rug,
Sweeping up the pile of loneliness,
Hands that reach into the bliss.

Learning how to love to live,
Wiping tears upon our faces,
Smiling brightly and so boldly,
A new beginning for all to share.
Sep 2019 · 73
The Spirit
At long last waiting, the cool night appears,
It conjures up my chilled body, with my fears,
She walks along the cobblestones the most,
No, she is not an adoring, more a doomed host.

Frozen like the lake shimmering from the moonlight,
A ghost, a temptress on her nocturnal, solitary night,
Each and every evening when the town clock rings,
She returns to gather all her earthly, past belongings.

Nor does she realize she is dead, alone and no more,
The cherished one seeking, she can no longer adore,
When she's lost crying breaks open this quiet place,
I stare like a zombie but see no distinguishing face.

The cemetery like an abandoned, desolate home,
Where only the dead and the fearful currently roam,
They scream from their tombs and call out at midnight,
Such a mournful and screeching comes hither the fright.

The gravestones were broken and now faded with time,
Grass now is overgrown and faded flowers you'll find,
A wrought-iron fence surrounding them so confined,
No apparition or bestie came to host and to dine.

She turns when she sees me so heavily entranced,
Should I scream out and run or ask her to dance,
When she steals my soul and then leaves me to die,
Will, I then wander her courtyard and hopelessly cry?
Jul 2019 · 68
The Gathering
Death adorns someone whose leaving,
Mourners gather to share the grieving,
The sky above is so grey and forlorn,
Hear now the angels blow their horns.

The ***** plays some solemn chords,
He leaves abruptly to join with the lord,
The casket lined with some comfort now,
The mourners will now recover somehow.

The ornate church stands proudly there,
Each brick now bursting with delicate care,
The stain-glass windows designed so brightly,
The hearse brought forward at a time so nightly.

A woman so delicate and full of sweet sorrow,
Is not concerned with her continuing tomorrow,
They hold her hand and hug her body so near,
Her heart is slowly shaking, so slowly the fear.

The friends and neighbours don't understand why,
Why life is so swiftly passed onto a lingering goodbye,
Nor will they think that their time is not so at hand,
Because death comes to others and is not their plan.

A blistering wind and the cold that shakes them all,
Blankets all of the gathering at the end of the fall,
Those waiting and weaving in order now to survive,
Came to give their condolences while still alive.

Don't say more the platitudes no one will hear,
Death comes to all but somehow we calm fear,
He's going to heaven where no worries will be,
A better place all the mourners now flee.
Jun 2019 · 72
No Surrender
While seas still surge and moonbeams shine,
The quest for freedom will  not only be mine,
See hope burst forth and forever so strive,
Live free my friends or we all will now die.

Refusing surrender at a high burden so plied,
The blood shall flow and the minds now cried,
A monster now creeping and lying with pride,
Take to the mountains and valleys in order to hide.

The truth we knew and so cherished by one and all,
Have the hidden meanings designed for the huge fall,
Betrayed by our brethren and by governments exist,
Will bring forth the anvil, the pain, and the fist.

By the time the Earth spins so hopelessly turning,
When the babies cry loudly and all souls burning,
Will one in a crowd stand so firm and so strong,
To denounce evil coming that doesn't belong?

So, dream the dream of all dreams now uniting,
Sometimes talk is cheap and we all will be fighting,
At this single moment registered in the book of living,
There are those who take with no thought of giving.
Jun 2019 · 69
The Farewell
Carry me down by the river,
The place where the wind blows,
Where massive trees grow and die,
And the soil is cool and moist.

Gather just a few of the devoted,
To reminisce how great it was,
Where sunlight falls like a mist,
And the tears dry from the eyes.

Stand lovingly next to one another,
Hold hands and listen to the priest,
Take Biblical verse to reveal my life,
Now gone but not forgotten he says.

Look skyward as the clouds pass,
Feel how you've lost part of your soul,
Revel in the passage of time and future,
And peace will come when the day is done.

This life we share is a momentary flight,
With turns and twists surprises us all,
For granted how we consume the air,
Believing that this life endures forever,

Let us now pray and sing religious songs,
Look steadily at one another so gathered,
Place me deep into the cool and moist soil,
Then leave and pretend life is unending.

From here to there and then to nothing,
We count our days with our happiness,
Quick how we forget life is a mixture,
Of hurt and pain and joy and sorrow,
We all forget and just live for tomorrow.
Jun 2019 · 78
The Light
Let in the light of day to see,
The lights belonged to only me,
I felt the warmth onto my skin,
My precious life will now begin.

Felt air into my lungs drawn in,
The air would soothe all my sin,
Reached high into the bluest sky,
My life renewed I can not die.

Stretched all my muscles to release,
Internal thoughts now called for peace,
My heart beat loudly and louder yet,
A time for reflection with no regrets.

Turned to the left to see my friend,
My love for all now I can send,
Called for a chance to live again,
A life renewed and hope begins.

Let in the light what could I do,
Bring life alive so fresh and new?
Afraid no more of myself or sorrow,
Bring forth this life, this new tomorrow.
May 2019 · 63
Came To Love You
Came to love you, only you,
Hoping you would love me, too.

Had no others to hold my hand,
Travelled far throughout the land.

Squeezed your body when so near,
In my mind of love and no fear.

Wanted to travel to some far-out places,
In my heart seen only so many faces.

Yet, just one face would ever shine,
Oh, yes the day when you are mine.

Felt your breath breeze over my skin,
When does this love start to begin?

Came to love you, only you,
No other one will ever do.
Apr 2019 · 233
Unforeseen Journey
The burnt grass drapes like a worn-out blanket,
While the darkened overhead ski looms lonely,
A whistling wind rushes by calling to all of us,
Worn-torn buildings tilting over like defeat.

Animals bolting crossed a rain-soaked path,
The rain drizzles downward making its way,
Windshield wipers jump helplessly to and fro,
While our minds are fixated in the fog this day.

Overhead birds circle in some mad-like dance,
We hear the banshees calling from the woods,
The endless flapping of the tires upon the road,
A dull-like sound so repetitious it truly drones.

On this sojourn, we've won and lost our minds,
Hell-bent drifters on the path of going nowhere,
Faster and faster propelling us along our way,
Feeling helpless on this journey to the unforeseen.
Feb 2019 · 94
The Night
See the night,
In all, it's shade,
A veil, no light,
Covering us all.

Feel the cold,
Air blanketing us,
A silence so heard,
Reminding us of night.

The sounds abound,
Creeping in, a thief,
While others scream,
No place to hide tonight.

Cry for the night,
Day hurts us so,
But here lies else,
Something ever bold.

Live in the night,
Creatures here,
Some pounce while
Others sneak about.

This is the night,
No hiding now,
A hint of hope,
Escaping in the
Dec 2018 · 86
All of You
Here's to the endless days and nights,
To all the people who came and went,
For all the mornings and evenings, too,
I raise my glass to celebrate all of you.

As age approaches and demands its due,
We sit and think of the lives once knew,
For all the people who brought such joy,
I tip my hat to acknowledge all of you.

By giving credit where credit is due,
The people who called and forgotten, too,
I saw you dance and then stagger through,
I wink my eye to acknowledge all of you.

Now as the sun sets so  peacefully hue,
The silence feels good and ever true,
Let's contemplate all the sad and new,
To acknowledge thankfully all of you.
Aug 2018 · 123
The One
When spirits come stealing into the night,
In hopes to take your heart and your soul,
Do not despair for the One overhead,
Knows all your pain and all your sorrow.

If darkness spreads like a blanket of doom,
Do not feel helpless like a child who is lost,
For He will hear your cries and your pleas,
Soothing your mind and your precious soul.

There are the dark ones always lurking about,
With desires to harm and to cause you to cry,
But the One will never desert or cause pain,
For He cries as well and wants to bring joy.

When all is lost and there appears no hope,
Remember you never are left drifting alone,
He knows your name and your every care,
Wanting your soul to soar and to dream.

If you believe you will never learn how,
To feel wanted and needed by others you see,
Remember He created a world of beauty,
With amazing people to love and to share.
The ragged window shade is slowing drawing,
It is the time to reflect and repose upon the day,
To lie back and sip upon a sweet taste of honey,
Steeming in a round cup with some herbal tea.

A sagging sun is sinking in the western skies,
The dog is snoring softly on the crumbling bed,
A cat steals softly across the carpet purring so,
All is finally falling into place and there's peace.

Perhaps, there will be a biscuit or two available,
With some peanut butter spread gently across,
The whispering wind blows through the curtains,
Speaking sweetly bringing the refreshing night air,
Reminding me of some misty, forgotten loved ones.

My soul is singing gently and swaying in my head,
A lit lamp flickers as if to send a constant reminder,
There's a time for the wake and a equal time for sleep,
As my heavy head drops ever so down onto my pillow.
Sep 2017 · 151
Sweet Flesh
Sweet flesh is a thing of such beauty,
That any notion of something else lingers;
If any moment in time could frame a picture,
It would be when two flesh become as one.

Deep love mixes fresh and full of vitality,
It is the thing that all can sometimes see;
The everlasting force of life comes quickly,
As two can die flung helplessly upon the fire.

If for the sake of pinning what it truly is,
The intellectual ones will miss the grade;
Not of the concrete or the visibly seen without,
No reason as it's found deep buried in quicksand.

Our lips are meant to transfer what two souls give,
Unto each other's pounding hearts and body sweat;
Sweet flesh leaves those who crave it wanting more,
Until the satisfaction arrives with momentary cease.
Aug 2017 · 382
The Hidden Heart
There's a place hidden within our hearts,
Where secrets are protected from others,
That only one living being can ever shelter,
Tucked far and distant from probing eyes.

Experiences come from traveled roads,
The heart must interpret and learn to know,
Just what is important and what is not,
Cast inward and outward as we devise.

There never is just pain alone and joy,
For the human condition is so displayed,
But we must never surrender to sadness,
If we are to know the meaning of  our lives.

But the hidden heart dwells deep inside us,
Opened cautiously for those who share souls,
With acceptance and denial both coping there,
With many meanings left to be so defined.
Jul 2017 · 138
Bonfire fueling the magnetic night,
Lovely fairies swirl into the light,
Bird or animal makes nary a sound,
Shaking and stirring is the damp ground.

Winter has stolen all leaves on the trees,
Starless night and now chilling the breeze,
Eyes are popping near out of our heads,
Come forth the devils and the long dead.

Chanting for evil and knowing our fate,
Caught up in madness now is our state,
Naked and twirling with stirring our heads,
Now is the time for our nocturnally beds.

Sad laughs the music in the woods now playing,
Why gather now all the souls who are staying?
Time for us all to be wooed and delivered,
Here comes the monster who now is the giver.

Hearts are blasting and now opening our souls,
Loving the manners when we're losing  control,
Coming the cursed and how mightily the fall,
Still he's the beast from the devilish ball.
May 2017 · 196
Little Light Singing
The marched in their suits to tell us some lies,
Indifferent to suffering, or to babies who cry,
They swept all the poor to labor and to die,
There's hate and disdain lodged deep in their eyes.

In the courts who serve justice where criminals go,
No justice for victims or families we might know,
While fat are their purses and short their beliefs,
In helping the others so stained with such grief.

So, little light singing in the background of hate,
Mixed swiftly with those in the news of the late,
Are angels now singing with a warning for all?
How hard will the mighty when comes the fall.

A mosaic of monsters who rule over the land,
Will someone please speak and take a hard stand?
When few hold the masses in check everyday,
No one who is hurting has much they can say.

But, hope is the pill that can push all their plans,
To separate others and destroy all of man,
No one can receive a new future, new guide,
If all of their sorrow they keep deep inside.

So, little light singing in the background of hate,
Mixed swiftly with those in the news of the late,
Are angels now singing with a warning for all?
How hard will the mighty when comes the fall.
Nov 2016 · 236
The Now Coming of You
There you stand, like much before,
Feeling so vulnerable to me and so,
Here I am still feeling the burning,
Desire I felt so very long ago.

Hands in hands, warmth spreading,
Happy to see you here at my door,
Wondering why you decided to come,
But grateful in the now coming of you.

How are you now and what's occurring,
In the life you created when you left ago?
Secretly hoping you are stumbling, falling,
Without me there to be hero once more.

Noticing you hair, now a darker brown,
Dark eyes still searching, longing for something,
I invited you in, and you quietly accepting,
Entering the home I created alone?

I can't let you come here to continue,
The craziness that was what you once were,
Wearing my heart on my sleeve as always,
I must protect the man now I've become.

Why are you here?
What are you wanting?
Why not a letter or call to declare?
Never again, now only my friend.

Talking and drinking our tea at this time,
Laughing from memories, so distant now,
I notice you squirming, wanting to exit,
So, I hold you briefly and say my goodbye.

Now, as I watch from a window you go,
There you stand at a bus stop waiting,
I'm grateful and content the day changes,
But, lament the now coming, the now
coming of you.
Oct 2016 · 255
This Dying
Here comes the nightshade that looms high overhead,
Covering my body and blindly me once more again,
Darkening all the paths so leading me on to dying,
Harnessing my energy and dreams within my head.

Barely seeing and grasping the consequences presented,
Stumbling aimlessly in any which directions ahead,
Knowing no direction or seeing any new possibilities,
Onward moving to hunt for the light and sun overhead.

When as a young man so running wildly in pastures green,
Rolling on the ground with friends who loved me like no other,
Laughing and singing as though time would never, ever end,
Feeling invincible, despite those older surrounding my being.

Joking when the time came to seek and understand knowledge,
Blowing past the scientific way of understanding this life,
Blindly hoping that the moments were not so ever fleeting,
Hoping for another day to spend with all my loves and friends.

Those years crept first then stampeding like a band of wild horses,
Running breakneck with the thunderous pounding of the hooves,
Until awakened one crisp morning when the sun just tipped the sky,
Realizing that 20, then 40 years passed on life's locomotive bounding.

So planned and sought after now comes the darkened clouds,
To swoop me up and send me upwards or downwards falling,
Those days of youth no longer saving this man's life journey,
Tumbling into the everlasting darkened place.
Aug 2016 · 244
Open Minds and Hearts
Maybe, as I hold the world inside my idle hand,
There will be some hurt and sadness, some understand,
If the world is full of hatred what's a person to say,
Let's all wake up tomorrow and create another day.

It seems just so simple if we choose the way to go,
Let's just take the time to know and take it very slow,
Nothing that is good can come without a helping hand,
Your a woman wanting love, and I the same but man.

Open up your arms and take the comfort where it lives,
To take what gifts the world has but find a way to give,
Nothing will be saved and cherished with an empty soul,
Everyone come together, and let's have some control.

I just saw my brother walking down a lonely street,
He had on a different skin and no shoes upon his feet,
I had plenty at home in my closet where I now live,
Once again I say my mantra that it's good to give.

Open up your arms and take the comfort where it lives,
To take what gifts the world has but find a way to give,
Nothing will be saved and cherished with an empty soul,
Everyone come together, and let's have some control.

Saw my sister crying softly in a corner near her house,
No one hears a quiet voice if it sounds just like a mouse,
So, I said to her to shout it that women can match a man,
We must now accept equality if we are to understand.

With the little babies crying when someone hurts them so,
Don't they come to realize to hurt gives no one more a soul,
They can not defend their bodies or minds so tender and new,
Protect and cherish the little children who deserve to live, too.

Open up your arms and take the comfort where it lives,
To take the gifts the world has but find a way to give,
Nothing will be saved and cherished with an empty soul,
Everyone come together, and let's have some control.

Hear me now the loudest giants who live upon the hill,
You only cause the world injustice by savagery and ****,
One day the world will decide the people will have the say,
Hatred, bigotry, ******, and disaster must go upon it way.

So, teach the children in their newness how to love and share,
A strong, united populace stops hatred in how they will care,
To feel such evil about another who is different than you or me,
Such ignorance in the united world will never set us all free.
May 2016 · 220
The Battle Reigns Ongoing
If not now come the mightiest of beasts,
To dine upon those weak and mystified,
Then when is time to release its solid hold,
Upon those who seek peace and not evil?

We've seen the slaughter of the innocents,
Who raise their arms and scream to heaven,
For someone savior to come this time along,
To eradicate the stains of humanity's silence.

Is always this the moment when they cry,
Devoid of strength in numbers to multiply?
Who now will seek the everlasting sword,
To send the devils into hell's lost kingdom?

The ones who wish upon a star for radiance,
Will lose the battle based upon empty wishes,
Must turn the tide with action guided forward,
To slay the darkened hearts of those released.

They overwhelm the meek when charging on,
Like raging bulls hell bent upon total destruction,
Have no pity when they swing their annihilation,
Destroying humanity and living things in site.

But, lest the clouds no longer depart with sunshine,
Revealing a savior who rides on broad-winged birds,
Then toss all hope and learn there's desperation holding,
For all who hide in darkened crevices opening wide.

But, long as there breathes fire into the soul demanding,
There is a chance that evil falls like acid rain descending,
But rain can stop and air be cleared with new washing,
For those who will not give into their fears.
Apr 2016 · 476
Let Not Hatred Multiply
What wound you ****** so deep into my inner soul,
That I could not recover, nor find the reasons why,
A friend and lover held me in such utter hatred now,
I fell like lifeless on the barren ground and saw the sky.

My arms so weighted down with sorrows of the past,
Could not lift up you into my inner circle of this desire,
Enough to make you feel the spiraling, spirit now soar,
To know you were beloved and held most highest of high.

Some lies, exaggerations were so planted very deeply,
Misunderstandings and some hasty decisions belied,
We tried to sort it out of the swirling storm around us,
But could not calm the tempest still so we would not cry.

So, listen love and know that hearts sometimes deny,
What the mind and spirit want to earnestly provide,
But we must never let this hatred grow and multiply,
Until we both sink deeper into the mire and darkest eye.

Just take my hand and hold it like you never did before,
Look into each other's eyes and see that some truth still there,
Embrace like there will never be another time to learn to love,
Go forward with the heavenly spirit from the highest high.
Jan 2016 · 305
My Heart Would Sing
You were so cold, I gave you my favorite coat,
A coat with many wears and tears, but mine;
Your feet were barren with no socks and shoes,
I went into my closet to find six pairs to give,
So you would no longer be miserable in pain.

I was eating a feast with friends and family,
A gigantic table filled with delicious food and wine,
You were hungry, so I gave you half the food to eat,
To watch you cry and savor the food of life.

I had a home, a beautiful home, with a warm fireplace,
I looked outside my kitchen window and saw you there,
Shivering, standing solitary in the alleyway looking lost;
I called out to you to come live with me this time and place,
Because I had too many bedrooms being unused and empty,
And, you were afraid but finally came to stay with me.

What blessed me so that others should have nothing?
Who decides who is to receive and who is give?
To follow the Father I must give some of my possessions,
Not for show, but for the sake of easing another's pain.

I had a car, a fancy car, with many features and comfort,
You needed to go to see your dying Mother 100 miles away,
I offered my car and filled the tank with gas and handed keys,
Not needing to go anywhere that day, I sat back in my chair,
Smiled and turned on the stereo to listed to some Bob Marley.

I need not much, I seek not much, and I am happy today,
Because someone else who needed me was there to show me how,
That we are not mere possessions, no, but here for one another,
No fanfare needed, no rich reward, but just to hear my heart sing.
Dec 2015 · 342
Chaos comes easier to those who plan.....

All of the sky so blackened this morning,
Aerial villains flying higher in the air,
Buildings now topple into dust and mortar,
Human remains line the streets we declare.

Boots resounding with precision and purpose,
Forward motion with blank faces they stare,
Marching orders from the devil's own trumpet,
Time for the killing is the time we despair.

Metal on metal shone bright from the sun,
Sun now comes slowly in fear of them there,
Loudest of sounds now disturbing the morning,
Black-eyed the killers smile wild and still stare.

Animals screaming at the crows now rushing,
Bodies now dancing a macabre dance we stare,
Blood now so flowing and so running so deeply,
On ground and in rivers it flows everywhere.

Nowhere there's hiding or safety or acceptance,
Like thieves in the night now the murderers are here,
Taking the people who are the weakest among them,
Reaping a horror once more where there was peace.

Once the killing reaches an epic and grand number,
In struts the screamers to propagandize their peace,
Promising things even God might be so challenged,
To bring into fruition for the conquered to see.

Beware of those who have eyes that are blackened.....
Jul 2015 · 365
Today, becoming a new man founded by the Father,
I stretch my arms to heaven, and my soul begins to sing,
No more the dark depression, no more the angry person,
I have become like a child who wanders freely in this world.

I was so long, for so very long, lost, and my hope had faded fast,
Nowhere could I find solace here, or have a friendly voice inside,
All those who knew me learned to flee because they were afraid,
I felt like drowning in the spiritual fire I  now had created alone,
So, crying for the Father's Son to save this wretched fool.

Today, I have my brothers and sisters sitting strong beside me,
Their loving arms surround my body and soothe my savage soul,
I know there is a journey here to begin and to show the world,
Because with hope and no despair the clouds have parted now.

For aching years I thought I knew the path to fame and fortune,
But placing stock in material things was false and never lasting,
I wanted love and to be known for being someone of purpose,
Yet how to achieve my wildish dreams seemed out of reach for me,
That somewhere I had given up and stumbled hard into a dream.

Today, I will no longer cry and focus solely on myself,
For the Son has set my soul so free upon the Earth to dwell,
And I will give what He has given to those who were lost, too,
While looking heavenly for signs of love and signs of resurrection.
May 2015 · 245
The Walk
I saw you, yes, a cloudy, damp day,
As you walked quietly on your way,
Your gait was hurried it clearly showed,
I wondered what it was you knowed.

No sunlight blocked your gaze direct,
Your steps beat rapidly upon the deck,
The arms you swayed, a driving force,
I wanted to walk with you, of course.

I called to you to break your walk,
Perhaps, we could have had a talk,
Or, maybe a breakfast if you cared,
I followed you based upon a dare.

My voice and gesturing was no avail,
So on your mission as I could tell,
I hoped you'd turn and smile my way,
But you did not, then another day.

Or, if I felt my bold mind to bear,
I'd sneak to you in the open air,
To tap your shoulder, would be fun,
The clouds were parting, here is the sun.

You spun around and face to face,
We both just joined the human race,
Then as I felt my hopes so fleeting,
I thanked the gods for this new meeting.

So, granting this poor lad the chances,
To walk with you while other glances,
This day is proving in so many new ways,
No clouds, no more,  a most lovely day.
May 2015 · 363
From the ashes of tragedy springs the opportunity for hope.........

With this canvass, so barren and white,
I imagine the beauty, the incredible sight,
When all the colors others threw away,
Become the colors for me on this day.

From the tears of children flows the opportunity for growth.........

The old man sat and began to weave a tale,
Of victories and losses of times so regaled,
He waved his arms and pointed towards the sky,
We work and live, and we sometimes must die.

From this day forward we shall feel the morning sun............

To loose yourself in the clouds on this day,
Can free your souls in most imaginary ways,
If looking the longer at the clouds you have fun,
Remember they'll part and then here comes the sun.

To tell the truth will help conquer the darkness.......

If I lie about passion and I am deceitful to others,
Then I will fail sorrowfully my sisters and brothers,
If integrity is tossed out the window late at night,
We will loose all the meaning, the meaning of life.

To remember the good and the bad are universal...

The ying and the yang must somehow come together,
Forgiving ourselves makes us float like a feather,
From pain and defeat, we learn life has its chances,
So sing the sad lyrics and then learn all the dances.

In all that we do there are forces of nature......

No greatness could come from those sitting so still,
You must tackle the day with an undying will,
All things found in motion of life swirling crazy,
Were designed for the doers and not for the lazy.

I am really me but part of you, too.....

No hiding our heads in the sand of denial,
Will keep us facing the judge and the trial,
We are fused together, all people on Earth,
Community first and a focus, new birth.
May 2015 · 251
Open Door
Once this door did open so,
Letting me so enter though,
Inside all around me burst,
A sunshine ray, a little thirst.

In dimensions far and high,
Feelings of such joy and cry,
Soothing thoughts lie ahead,
Am I living, or am I dead?

Feeling floating on a cloud,
Endless time, thoughts aloud,
Not consumed with any dread,
Crazy thoughts circling my head.

Laughter in the distance so,
Other spirits here I know,
Joy abounding fills my heart,
Not an ending, but a start.

Caring not about the time,
Lost within my single mind,
Hands so graceful now I see,
And they reach for only me.

Carefree, light as moment allows,
Understanding the here and now,
Swirling universe before me know,
Moving so slowly within the flow.

Then to see his graceful arrival,
Guess I had achieved survival,
So much passion, so much love,
This morning I have met the dove.
May 2015 · 1.4k
Night Call
Naked heat, trembling fear,
Hearing footsteps, coming near,
Sweating buckets, hearts on fire,
How will we, consume desire?

Day slips silently, along its way,
Bodies craving, need no delay,
Can't stop thundering, body heat,
People talking, on the street.

Curtains drawn, dark arrives,
Gathering courage, in this dive,
Hearing footsteps, climb the stairs,
Tonight has purpose, no heavy cares.

Door now opening, a silhouette,
Now place your bets, have no regrets,
Music loudly, playing next door,
No one wants to, to keep the score.

We have reason, to scream the night,
Hearts so tortured, now in flight,
Every breath, we breathe tonight,
This *******, we loose our sight.

On the banging, on the parade,
We roll forward, no masquerade,
This spent evening, this amorous ride,
Nowhere to slither, nowhere to hide.

Rest the beating, hearts beat fast,
How to make this, ******* last,
In this moment, we loose our minds,
Loving this woman, this is divine.
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