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May 2015
Naked heat, trembling fear,
Hearing footsteps, coming near,
Sweating buckets, hearts on fire,
How will we, consume desire?

Day slips silently, along its way,
Bodies craving, need no delay,
Can't stop thundering, body heat,
People talking, on the street.

Curtains drawn, dark arrives,
Gathering courage, in this dive,
Hearing footsteps, climb the stairs,
Tonight has purpose, no heavy cares.

Door now opening, a silhouette,
Now place your bets, have no regrets,
Music loudly, playing next door,
No one wants to, to keep the score.

We have reason, to scream the night,
Hearts so tortured, now in flight,
Every breath, we breathe tonight,
This *******, we loose our sight.

On the banging, on the parade,
We roll forward, no masquerade,
This spent evening, this amorous ride,
Nowhere to slither, nowhere to hide.

Rest the beating, hearts beat fast,
How to make this, ******* last,
In this moment, we loose our minds,
Loving this woman, this is divine.
Written by
Carl Gene Hardwick  65/M/Arizona
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