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In a dream I felt the cool white
His sweet madness
Among anchor water lilies
The willows were trembling

A nest of twilight kisses
Where the stars are shivering

Scented sweet and wild
From violet forests
Our arms intertwine
With beads of love
I hate airplanes.
I hate them
More than
I've ever hated.

Except the flight
From Dulles
To Ft. Lauderdale.
I like that.

Especially at night
When it feels like
Can be caught with
A thin fishing line
Twenty feet away

And eventually you
Go off the mainland
And can't tell where
The water starts
The stars stop.

Then you see a
Sudden line of lights below
And beyond that
An infinity of bright bursts
Of lights
And lamps.

All darkness,
Then suddenly

I really hate planes.

But not the flight
From Dulles
To Ft. Lauderdale
At night.
I love that.
"Ate my guts
Devoured my mind
Ripped into my soul
Stole my life
Now you
Want to silence
My voice"

— The End —