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7.1k · Jan 2012
This Old House
This old house, made just of wood,
For years so proudly how it has stood,
Perched high upon the hill nearby,
The memories sweet, and some we cried.

The roof was sturdy through many days,
When storms came crashing in the ways,
With rain that beat at times like a foe,
Deep inside was where the love  still flowed.

We painted it when time came round,
From very top to the bottom ground,
Polished the windows till shinny bright,
Our old house standing, a lovely sight.

Hung a porch swing for all to share,
Forgot our troubles, the devil may care,
Hugged one another on colder nights,
Inside the swing there were no fights.

The rickety furniture inside was there,
But comfort was not on them to bare,
And all the winter with quilts piled high,
We slept like dreamers, not knowing why.

So, as I leave old house to go,
Inside my heart, I still love it so,
And no matter where life now leads me on,
Still at the old house is where I belong.
Someone said my monkey's dead,
But confusion hit their head,
Made them think that this is true,
I'm in a funk, what can I do?

Then they soon told my neighbors, yes,
Put my monkey to the test,
Called the papers just long enough to say,
Yes, my monkey ran away.

I searched high, and I searched low,
Dropped a rock upon my toe,
Hit my head on a doorway hard,
Couldn't find my monkey in the yard.

Traveled to the mountains nearby,
Looking for monkey made me cry,
Saw the clouds come floating by,
A speck of dirt flew in my eye.

Checked the traveling circus troup,
For details on missing monkey scoup,
Learned that he had traveled through,
What am I supposed to do?

Boarded a boat set for the Indian Ocean,
Got sea sick from the crazy motion,
Tried to eat, but it all came up,
Couldn't drink the swirl in my cup.

Once in Africa, deep in the jungle,
Searched for monkey and took a tumble,
Found a panther hiding in the bush,
Felt flat hard upon my ****.

So, no monkey, not anywhere,
Does the world so truly care?
Waited patiently in a Star Bucks shop,
In came monkey and my coffee I dropped.

Called him by his first name, Charles,
Saw him stare and then he snarled,
Ran so fast for the door, he did,
What a silly and audacious kid.

Ran pursuit down a cobbled stone road,
Saw my monkey drop his precious load,
Screamed at him to stop and say,
Where he goes on this very day.

When my breath was heavily panting,
Stopped my call and my ranting,
Figured if he so desperately was going,
No more to care and no more knowing.

Monkey, monkey where are you?
Are you hiding in the zoo?
Will you ever be around?
You're a silly, slippery clown.
3.4k · Jan 2011
Cold the air in morning rain,
Dull the grass and houses plain,
Branches sway in trees so bare,
Little does the world so care.
Clouded gray so clouds go by,
Flowers hide with lonely cries,
Dandelions in frozen earth,
Wait for spring and for their birth.
Snow like slush upon our eyes,
Melts so ***** with no disguise,
Water frozen on ponds so lost,
Winter takes a heavy cost.
Dandelions soon will grace,
With color bright upon this place,
While heat and time renew the earth,
The pretty weeds will prove their worth.
One last time, I hold your hand,
Knowing that tomorrow will never come,
I've given all a man can reasonably give,
But you are lost into another time and place.

There were the days when we did laugh as one,
When everything seemed so fresh and new,
When I could feel you breathe the life into me,
And I was proud to tell the others you were mine.

But sometimes others darkened swift our lives,
Told lies and led deceptive forces to destroy,
Then after all was left were memories no longer real,
And someone cried and carried such an empty  heart.

When I awoke and no longer felt  your body warm,
Or, smelled the sweetness that is all but only you,
My world spinned manic  out of cosmic control,
With tears that fell like others a million times  before.

So, one last time, please let me hold your hand,
And say the words that meant so much to me,
To gaze upon your face and altered countenance so,
While you walk swiftly unto another we both know.
2.4k · Jan 2011
Sometime This Spring
Sometime this spring, when all
the cobwebs have been dusted,
and all the cold and dampness
has gone away, I'll sit on my
front porch and watch the lazy
clouds go by.

Sometime this spring, when there
are no more dreary days, 0r long
and silent lingering nights,
I'll sweep my front porch and
sit so grand in my rocking chair
and stare and howl at the
sumptuous moon.

Sometime this spring, I'll hold
my child in my loving arms,
and will stroke her hair and whisper
to her about all the adventures to come,
and dream and fill her head and heart
with all the joy that nature brings.

Sometime this spring.

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Copyright © 2010
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2.4k · Nov 2010
Color Blind
Black is white and white is red,
Whose to care when we are dead?
Yellow is pink and pink is blue,
Has the hatred gotten to you?

Is it silly to enlarge the pain?
It's just a skin color just the same;
What some people think is real,
Is imaginery madness, that's the deal.

If the same eternal God almighty,
Molded us all and none are shoddy,
Why should we decree it's wrong,
When someone sings a different song?

Where the tree roots take deeply hold,
Makes children think  they only fit the mold,
Parents shape and tell them horrendous lies,
So out they go to make others suffer and cry.

Unlearn this and that along your way,
Determine your own future, this I say,
Remember that shades of colors are grand,
When the muriel created we all share and

Can't we hope and pray, this is so,
We all are color blind, don't you know?
To live and love by actions and deeds,
To save humanity by planting these seeds.
2.3k · Dec 2013
Near Death
They could not bring my body back,
They tried so diligently and then and that,
I soared about myself to know and see,
That I was gone now, gone so  physically.

In all the struggles, the doctors, to save my life,
In all the crazy moments, my daughter and my wife,
Knew I was gone, dead so they say in science clinically,
But they could not know I'm here and now I still see.

A minute, maybe more minutes on a cosmic clock,
Began to tick so loudly, how could I make it stop?
Then tears from those who waited in the room nearby,
And how they would begin to be disillusioned and cry.

With that all gone, so instantaneously I began to be,
Inside a world, so lovely, and so beauteous to see,
Where peace so sweet surrounded my soaring soul,
With peoples of all nations, both young and old.

I knew now, God loved all, regardless of their beliefs,
I felt the love, engulfed the peace, in my new relief,
Began to hug those both near me and so very far,
I made the journey to Heaven, where we now are.

But such sweet joy and contentment was not to be,
I heard an angel tell me so kindly and gingerly,
That I must return to continue my Earthly life,
To share the word and love my daughter and wife.
2.3k · Dec 2013
Near Death
They could not bring my body back,
They tried so diligently and then and that,
I soared about myself to know and see,
That I was gone now, gone so  physically.

In all the struggles, the doctors, to save my life,
In all the crazy moments, my daughter and my wife,
Knew I was gone, dead so they say in science clinically,
But they could not know I'm here and now I still see.

A minute, maybe more minutes on a cosmic clock,
Began to tick so loudly, how could I make it stop?
Then tears from those who waited in the room nearby,
And how they would begin to be disillusioned and cry.

With that all gone, so instantaneously I began to be,
Inside a world, so lovely, and so beauteous to see,
Where peace so sweet surrounded my soaring soul,
With peoples of all nations, both young and old.

I knew now, God loved all, regardless of their beliefs,
I felt the love, engulfed the peace, in my new relief,
Began to hug those both near me and so very far,
I made the journey to Heaven, where we now are.

But such sweet joy and contentment was not to be,
I heard an angel tell me so kindly and gingerly,
That I must return to continue my Earthly life,
To share the word and love my daughter and wife.
2.2k · May 2010
The petals fell from off the branch,
I caught them falling as by chance,
And saw them land within my hand,
No one but me could understand.

The beauty of the flowering petals,
Were soft and silky unlike metal,
And colors bright had faded so,
Was I the last to truly know?

Then cast the withering petals down,
Upon the damp and hardened ground,
And walked upon them with callous thought,
For faded beauty so long gone bought.

But comes tomorrow another day,
Where beauty comes in how it may,
And more and more the petals show,
That I am really the first to know.
1.7k · Nov 2014
Blindly Following
Sometime lay your weapons down,
To think of peace and no more fear,
No longer will the young ones die,
To fight for what is so very unclear.

The roar and rant of bombs alone,
Enough to cause the strongest to cry,
The battlefields so littered with youth,
Can't stop my tears from flowing down.

We start our lives with hope and dreams,
Learning to love and have playful things,
With our eyes fixed  solid on many days,
There comes a joy and peace within.

But leaders can't learn how to share,
They want the power and glory there,
But war is nothing so glorious to see,
When fears and tears outnumber dreams.

I say no longer should people blindly follow,
The leaders who seek to destroy the world,
Instead we should fight them where they stand,
Deny the leaders their quest for destruction.

No more should soldiers die so suddenly,
We hope no more the mothers will cry,
No one but God can take a life we say,
Except in times of self preservation.

So despots where you slither and slide,
Destroy your madness no longer the lie,
Push those who seek no peace of mind,
Until they are gone from all humankind.
1.6k · Jan 2011
light like lightning
     heat like smolding fire
        burnt passion in the embers
          where to go tomorrow

night like a warm blanket
     darkness like an empty box
        lost memories in the cellar
          what to become of me

restless thoughts rambling
    uncertainty knocking at my door
         long days and longer nights
            where is my mission in life

lost soul flying aimlessly
    spirits haunting my dreams
        great moments lost in time
           what will be my legacy
1.6k · Jul 2010
Stone walls,
enclosed space,
all entrapped
the human race.

Fenced post,
barbed wire,
keeping in
the ugly mire.

Rocks piled,
rows and rows,
holding back
what we all know.

Sealed emotions,
newly created,
sealing  life
is over rated.

Rough harness,
Strapped bodies,
isn't trapping things
so shoddy?

Clothed mouths,
never speaking,
on a  road
to nowhere seeking.
1.6k · Jan 2011
A Summer, Sweet Rain
Soft summer,
Misty rain falling,
Gentle breeze
skipping happily along;
Clouds hovering,
Dark,damp sidewalks,
Grass glistening
in summer, sweet rain.
Dogs in the distance,
Children playing,
Splashing puddles
they run on their way,
Happy singing
our magical day.
Yellow bus passing,
Mothers come running,
Schoolbooks falling
in puddles they lay;
Time being captured,
A summer,sweet rain.
1.5k · Nov 2010
Deeper and Stronger
The salt of your skin is like a savory dish to me.
I go deeper into you inner soul to see your smile.
Your hair, your skin, your eyes that lure me deeper,
are what has so entranced me to your heated trap.
I can hear your heart beat loudly like some African
tribal sound, calling me to deliver my soul unto you.
Afraid, yet limp in mind and body, wanting to go
ever deeper, deeper, deeper. You give what you
get,and I cling like some lost and frightened  child,
but full of hope that you will love me, too. I sense
the darkened room has taken on a life of its own.
Our sheets are damp like after a downpour in
a tropical forest, and I feel bewitched as you dig your
nails stronger, stronger, and stronger. I must have
you now as if my life depends upon it. You smile and
scream into  my ear an eternal primal mating call,
and I am so defenseless.
1.5k · Aug 2010
Porch Swing
We sat upon the porch swing,
On evenings cool and fine,
To share our day together,
To share what's on our minds.

We held each other tightly,
This magical moment in life,
To laugh and cry together,
My lovely, sweet, sweet wife.

The dogs in distant blocks,
Would bark their lonely sounds,
We'd listen like  none other,
Should be the sounds around.

Those passing people walking,
Would chat so quietly there,
Sometimes they'd hold their hands,
Like their lives had no other cares.

The swing did move with motion,
We loved this dance so nicely done,
Some stars would light the ceiling,
We had more spiritual fun.

Then town clocks would remember,
To sound what they must do,
When midnight came upon us,
We'd sleep the whole night through.
1.4k · May 2015
Night Call
Naked heat, trembling fear,
Hearing footsteps, coming near,
Sweating buckets, hearts on fire,
How will we, consume desire?

Day slips silently, along its way,
Bodies craving, need no delay,
Can't stop thundering, body heat,
People talking, on the street.

Curtains drawn, dark arrives,
Gathering courage, in this dive,
Hearing footsteps, climb the stairs,
Tonight has purpose, no heavy cares.

Door now opening, a silhouette,
Now place your bets, have no regrets,
Music loudly, playing next door,
No one wants to, to keep the score.

We have reason, to scream the night,
Hearts so tortured, now in flight,
Every breath, we breathe tonight,
This *******, we loose our sight.

On the banging, on the parade,
We roll forward, no masquerade,
This spent evening, this amorous ride,
Nowhere to slither, nowhere to hide.

Rest the beating, hearts beat fast,
How to make this, ******* last,
In this moment, we loose our minds,
Loving this woman, this is divine.
1.4k · Jan 2011
The Play
The curtain drops upon the stage,
Another actor will become of age,
Another tragedy will engulf two lovers,
While critics hide beneath their covers.
A script creates a world of wonder,
Where people love and often plunder,
Where lives are woven like a faded rug,
This play we see gives hearts a tug.
The plot and magic are melted thus,
Where who's the hero and who's to trust,
Are shown in scenes like some melodrama,
Played out in the open this panorama.
The curtain calls and final farewells,
Bring tears of joy who can we tell,
About this play that touched our souls,
Is centuries long and centuries old.
1.4k · Aug 2012
If all the stars in the known universe,
Were gathered to put inside an empty jar,
Would we see such a brilliant, fervent light,
Shine for the world to enjoy and know?

If all the broken hearts and long-lost souls,
Could meet to talk on some distant plain,
Would they resolve their hurt and sorrow,
So heaven and earth could proclaim their joy?

What if the men who constructively destroy,
Put pause on warring and polluting the planet,
Enough to understand the ongoing  human condition,
Throwing all their energies into the spread of peace.

When all the hospitals where the sick  and dying,
Find miracle cures filled with divine intervention,
We'd look to each other for our rest and surviving,
If we could just become the ones to hope and dream.

If one more time we saw our paths laid out before us,
We'd know that sometimes the road so less traveled,
Becomes the one where all our adventures begin,
And peace comes home once more to all of us.
1.3k · Dec 2012
A Gathering
Evening falls like an old friend,
And all the dead poets have arrived,
It is a gathering of all their spirits,
For another try at stirring the muses.

We see Keats, and Shelley, and Sandberg,
As they slowly materialize before our eyes,
Then Woodsworth and Dylan Thomas,
Both simultaneously step into the light.

Shakespeare wants to come, too,
But his turn of a phrase won't do,
Because we want Dickerson and Frost,
And the bard must wait until his time has come.

The bonfire is roaring, the starry, starry skies,
A cool evening breeze steps lightly across our faces,
Then Shelley begins to step forward and write in the air,
Such phrases and sketches once again a delight to read.

And, I, a poet want to beam in a trance of worldly proportion,
I can not speak, or utter even the barest of grunts or utterances,
Then Shakespeare, never to be outdone, begins a love-sick sonnet,
While the crowd of hosts take notice and smile out loud.

This gathering of dead poets seems like a dream of dreams,
As they stand proudly upon the dampened ground of forest leaves,
And Walt Whitman wants to recite from "Leaves of Grass" once more,
While I, a student at the beginning of life, take copious notes galore.
1.2k · Oct 2014
Evening Flow
Somewhere deep in mountains,
Tallest pine trees still do grow,
Is the place she still is living,,
Mystery Princess Evening Flow.

Hear the streams swift flowing,
Where clouds still hang and go,
Deep immersed inside the forest,
Lives the lovely Evening Flow.

High are the gods and heavens,
Where we still can touch the sky,
Icecaps cover on  the mountains,
In this the very few know.

Traveled far in hopes to find her,
Wanting to see where she lives,
Comes a broken man still searching,
For the Princess Evening Flow.

In the chance of finding the magic,
Where the fairies still live and breathe,
Just around the corner is she coming,
To let us see what legends unfold.

Once a lonely, lost man stumbling,
Once a drifter so cast out to sea,
Now this time to like a hunter,
For the mesmerizing lady Flow.

When I find her how I'll shutter,
Just to have a dream come true,
Nothing lost if all we find there,
Someday seeing a world unknown.

Evening Flow who lives in legends,
Must now live deep in my soul,
Someday I will behold her essence,
Princess beauty Evening Flow.
1.2k · Jan 2011
American Tapestry
To paint with passion a tapestry,
The colors must be bright and free,
The scene must show a wide array,
Of sunny times and cloudy days.

The strokes it takes to satisfy,
The toughest critic's evil eye,
Takes time and patience now to make,
And hours upon hours it surely takes.

The beauty's in the paint you show,
The message for the world to know,
That different strokes can mystify,
And capture our hearts and make us cry.

The final product for all to see,
Includes the likes of you and me,
And every person from everywhere,
Appreciates our beauty and truly cares.

To paint a tapestry takes skill,
A sense of purpose and iron will,
A dream of beauty and some reality,
Splashed on a canvas for all to see.

1.2k · Feb 2011
Good Night Sweet Prince
Good night sweet prince,
The motions of the day are done,
It is the time when this or that,
Are placed into the memory vault.

The morning magically appeared,
You sang the song and ran to find,
That half the day was stolen away,
By time you knew the afternoon sun.

You shook your head mystified,
When all at once the wall clock said,
You better pack up and homeward go,
Before the traffic makes you mad.

And so, you eat your dinner last,
Again stare blindly at the tube,
The news is shocking and boring, too,
When it is time to tuck yourself away.

So sweet prince do not lament the time,
Because the morning will soon arrive,
And on the treadmill you again resume,
To sing the song you've  yet to find.
1.2k · Jan 2011
White, crunchy snow,
Blanketing the prairie,
Wind whistling off darkened hills
Causing tree branches to sway,
Like some contorted dancer
Covered in the glistening ice.
An occasional dog, or wolf,
Howling hard, crying like
Some forlorned sailor lost,
Sick and silent in their misery,
Shivering helplessly in sub-zero torment.
No house for miles, starry night,
The sky lit up like a Christmas tree,
Moon so big and bright and orange,
You could touch it, pulling it to earth
In one full swoop it crashes down.
No birds singing melodious tunes,
No cows or bison wandering aimlessly.
1.2k · Nov 2012
I took a drink of cool, clean water,
That came from within a wishing well,
It tasted sweet and filled me deeper,
With precious life that came to me.

I wanted more, of this cool beverage,
So, took another drink, then took two,
It filled my body with such  robust flavor,
That on my journey I could now venture on.

When coming upon a run-down farmhouse,
Where wind blew whispfully in swaying trees,
I picked a pear from the nearest pear tree,
And held the fruit in hand so gracefully.

The pear was sweet, the juice ran rapidly,
Down on my chin, onto my denim shirt,
I felt the grit, the fruit soon was  tastefully,
Set fire to my tastebuds so endlessly.

I glanced upon the cornfields so lonely,
Standing tall and giant they reached for sky,
The greeness filled my mind with fancy,
Then, so I wandered to fields to further see.

Within the field, a lovely, young beauty,
Was pulling corn from the green, green stalks,
Her smile, a greeting, to me weary wanderer,
I took her hand and handled it so tenderly.

She said she spent her days in the cornfields,
I sensed she wanted to switch places with me,
To wander aimlessly, through nearby counties,
In search of self so then so senselessly.

But me, a mortal, mere man of mans' time,
Would what give readily to find all the day,
To stand silently within cornfields, green I see,
To shuck corn from the cornfields so handily.
1.1k · Jul 2010
When all is done and evening here,
I sit by the fire and read King Lear,
Or, if some lovely person comes along,
Then let the games begin in song.

I stretch my aching body prone,
My mind to wonder in the twilight zone,
Or, if I smell something delicious and near,
I'll ring you up for some conversation my dear.

The crackling embers now  sound and glow,
At peace my spirit, oh, yes I know,
And Shakespeare makes my head to tumble,
My words begin to slur and then I mumble.

But this is the time of the witching hours,
I slowly forget those ivory towers,
With just my time with angels so near,
I laugh and call for you no fear.

So, find your place of peace and perfection,
To revel in the days and solitary reflection,
While I roll over to dose and begin to dream,
The spirits surround me and begin to scheme.
1.0k · Apr 2012
Dearly Departed hate me and think I'm a fool,
A lost, simpleminded forgettable tool,
Someone who knows not what life is about,
You stand right in front of me beginning to shout.

The first, few words,  I heard so closely I say,
But after those words all your others went away,
I looked and looked in your eyes full of hate,
I'll take in a movie, is it still too late?

You stamp your feet like a locomotive in motion,
I'm not listening now with your horrible notions,
I feel a laugh swelling deep inside of my mind,
Your nasty and pushy and mostly not kind.

I glad for the earplugs pushed deep in my ears,
Hoping you won't notice them, this is my fear,
And as you get redder and your blood now is hot,
I'm glad that your leaving, your company not. the door slams and silence fills the air,
I wonder why you really thought I would care,
But how it now shows you that love sometimes sours,
No movie tonight with the now late, late hours.
1.0k · Nov 2011
Mrs. Philips
See her coming down the street,
Her clothes so perfect, her hair so neat,
The makeup on her face is placed so fine,
I think Mrs. Philips is so devine.

I watch her whisk along the way,
Her smile is bright, there's nothing to say,
She opens an umbrella, it begins to rain,
My obsession with her is so insane.

She enters yet another retail store,
The clerk who meets her is such  a bore,
But she, like an angel, brightens up the day,
I love Mrs. Philips, what can I say?

I can't imagine a word she shares,
Isn't full of magic, the devil may care,
Her shoes so shiny, her demeanor kind,
I need Mrs. Philips, or loose my mind.

It is so sad that I'm only eighteen,
While she is wordly, the cosmopolitan scene,
But somewhere in my wildest dream,
Her love will make me feel serene.

So, now she exits the store, you see,
But doesn't look around, or see me,
Yet, I am there across the street,
Mrs. Philips, I hope some day to meet.

But there must be more time for me to grow,
My mind is young, with much to know,
And age is important, between people true,
I hope she'll wait and remain true blue.
1.0k · Jul 2013
Alice Fay
She came down from the highest hills,
To spread her hope, sweet  Alice Fay,
Turn lonely night to loveliest day,
She came, thank God, our Alice Fay.

Said part of nature, so wild and free,
With darkest eyes, just she could see,
A hope and joy she spread like fire,
We held her heart with our deepest desire.

Once she in village small and steep,
Her family toiled the land to weep,
Each day brought hope, she sang a song,
She lived her life the whole day long.

Skin so lovely, and laughter so free,
A magical spirit on bended knee,
She gave to God what God decreed,
No haughty pleasure would she need.

Once down, the world surrounded on,
She lived each day, beginning the dawn,
To spread her love, second nature it seemed,
She loved and laughed and dared to dream.

Then came a time, as times so often do,
She met a man, so young, so brave and true,
And married did they as young folks will,
A hummingbird was on the window sill.

Came the children in droves, no harm,
They needed the people to work the farm,
She rose each morning and put on kettle,
The country folks, so endowed with mettle.

We do believe she raised her children to believe,
To get you have to give and not always receive,
Taught them right and wrong and the other ways,
To truthfully live in peace for all your days.

The children matured, had families of their own,
Worked hard their farms, their fingers to the bone,
Her husband passed on a cold, rainy hard day,
She had him buried, and that was her way.

But time wears on a most hurried heart,
Takes us to death from an early start,
Then one day a reaper comes hauntingly along,
To silence the bonny lasses song.
978 · Jul 2013
Wild Horses
Since times of Spanish exploration,
They ran like gods of speed and thunder,
Across the open plains and wild country,
With eyes on fire and flowing manes.

All colors on their backs of majesty,
They roamed in packs, a brotherhood,
Hell bent on some, yet distance future,
No man could tame them readily.

Their pace so frantic, a restless brood,
They feared all men, and rightly so,
So when the time came to contain them,
They ran their fastest, uneven road.

Living off the land they circled,
In canyons vast with red-rock walls,
Near streams so frigid, shadows deep,
They'd stop to have their fill of life.

Their snorts and breathing, surreal it was,
A call to distance friends who still roamed,
Their muscles hardened, never slowed them,
A magical part of what nature showed.

Then came the conquistadors, gold to find,
With needing means to travel the land,
Saw these gods of flight and fancy,
Deciding they should conquer all.

But wild resist man's arrogant pleasure,
Some died a royal death then now alone,
And man, the most selfish, took their freedom,
But could not stop their restless souls.
954 · Nov 2011
Salvation I Seek
Please hold my hand,
Gently walk me to the creek,
Dip my head underwater,
For salvation I seek.

Sing the spirituals loudly,
Tell my soul to take flight,
For away washed my sins,
I'm with the Saviour tonight.

Cleanse my evil that's lurking,
Some still left in my heart,
Wash away all the hatred,
Begin my new start.

Let me know I'm no loner,
A man lost on his path,
Give reasons for living,
With my spiritual bath.

Know that I am another,
Who was lost and is now found,
Let my soul soar the heavens,
With my feet on the ground.

Take my hand and slowly cover,
The hillside from the creek,
As we walk ever upward,
Salvation I seek.
949 · Dec 2011
Sweet the lilacs fill the room,
Soft the evening glowing moon,
Energetically, the crickets call,
Hear the footsteps down the hall.

Bulbs burning, shadowy light,
Doors creaking in busy night,
Muffled conversations from nextdoor,
Mysteries stirring with silence no more.

Distant radio with old songs gone by,
Some are laughing, some to cry,
Into the evening we feel the glow,
Of living life we all still know.

Outside my window the breeze comes in,
Inside my head, the world still spins,
My heart is beating to this rustling about,
I hear some people outside they shout.

Dogs in distant lengths still bark,
Some on the city for a moments lark,
There are those tucked softly in bed,
With no sugar plum fairies inside their head.

And so, I chuckle inside my being,
Of all the night and what's been seeing,
I turn to go to bed to finally rest,
This living life is still the best.
920 · Feb 2014
White cottage that sits near the thundering sea,
Was the  home of the beautiful, sweet Lauralee,
High planted like a castle, a fortress we three,
Myself and our baby and the heavenly Lauralee.

Surrounded in starkness, white sand all around,
High above was the calling, the seagulls abound,
The bluest of skies stretched like canvas so high,
Never did we have sadness or pain or we cried.

We walked on the beaches, possessed by time,
Our lives all together, so enduring and fine,
Holding hands like the wind would then blow away,
All our precious, dear moments worth having today.

Sometimes how the stars like Roman Candles burst,
Our lives were adorned by the gods and not cursed,
The angels flew swiftly to bring heaven-sent joy,
Watched years become years for our lovely, sweet boy.

Then boys become men and go marching far away,
Just the two left standing with now nothing to say,
With ages rearranging our bodies in harsh view,
No more walking the beach, what could we do?

So, the time came when she was so summoned above,
How my heart was so heavy, we once fit like a glove,
But I had to now place her where I couldn't see,
With my tears ever flowing for my sweet Lauralee.
912 · May 2012
I Wed
With this mind I hereby wed,
This I do before I'm dead,
In hopes that you will love me, too,
This confirmation I give to you.

In case dear death should be here soon,
I give you the heavens and the sumptous moon,
And pulling down the sky to soon reveal,
That all is fair in loving and hearts to steal.

Your hand so firmly grasped in mind,
Tonight you'll see some magic we find,
We will most definately so melt together,
We'll soar like eagles, birds of a feather.

So, tell dear Mother and Father at home,
You know you'll  travel with me alone,
We'll search the world for a place to stay,
The world's our oyster at Oyster Bay.

Then step aside you detractors and fools,
My passion for you, no doubt won't cool,
We'll love like school children of long ago,
Take love so lingering and lasting slow.
909 · Dec 2011
Goodbye Rat Race
The bright city lights, burning a hole in my eyes,
Loud noises, day and night, high overhead,
The pollution and the environment slowly dying,
I think I open a bottle of wine, listen to the Dead.

The endless people, shouting obsentities in traffic,
Longest lines in grocery and department store lines,
Hunting to find some green grass, I think I'm sick,
This city living is no longer alluring, so undevine.

Think I'll pack up the car, call some friends,
Pack a cooler with food and ice-cold drinks,
Take the undiscovered road, where it might end,
Cause I want to breathe clean air that doesn't stink.

Will head up to the mountains, where I can think,
Deep inside the pine trees and foilage everywhere,
Leave all my worries, for a moment, soul will link,
With the purity where it's life daily with no cares.

Will hug my wife to my heart on cold nights,
Start a fire raging in the fireplace, to keep warm,
Listen to the crickets and the birds, no fright,
As the center of nature surrounds and swarms.

Goodbye concrete jungle, so long rat race,
Sell our city home, build a log cabin in the middle,
Of the forest, where there's a much slower pace,
And nothing's taken for granted, nothing is little.
897 · Nov 2011
Hot tea and cookies,
Some milk in the mix,
Remembering boyhood,
And picking up sticks.

Leaping and hopping,
Singing some songs,
Playing was magic,
All the day long.

Watching the clouds,
Floating on and on by,
Imagining monsters,
That live in the sky.

Riding our bikes,
Falling down hills,
Scrapping and bruises,
The death-defying spills.

Candy and cake,
Sweets never going away,
Living like gods,
On this wonderful day.

Youth and more youth,
Our blood boiling hot,
Living each moment,
When memories were not.

Laughing like mad men,
Being caught on the wind,
Not knowing the difference,
And life never ends.
897 · Aug 2010
Just Silly
Someone has my little pig,
I taught him how to dance a jig,
Listened to him sleep at night,
How my pig snored, what
a sight.

Searched in town, no pig there,
Most the townsfolk didn't care,
Thought he might stop at the bar,
So I walked, it wasn't far.

Swung the bar door open wide,
Searched to see where pigs might hide,
Called his name so loud and clear,
But my pig, he was not there.

Pig, oh pig, what was done to you?
Are you visiting at the zoo?
Did you run far into the woods?
My little pig so misunderstood.

He left without a stitch of clothes,
Is probably shivering, someone knows,
But if he left me just like a sneak,
By now he's ***** and how he reeks.

So, if you have my pig  somewhere,
Return him at once, I really care,
And I will bathe him with scented soaps,
My little pig he likes to mope.

So, back to home with no pig in hand,
My love for him no one can understand,
And in the near future this I fear,
My pig ran off with some cute deer.

But, pig of mine please call me soon,
Or our friendship is most likely to doom,
I will forgive you for what you've done,
Come home so we can have some fun.
I held her heart in a silver box,
So it would be so close to me,
But in the doing of such a deed,
I lost her heart eventually.

Held dear the moments locked in time,
So I could watch them lonely days later,
But soon forgot that she was yet here,
To help create new ones still so dear.

When everything you hold so precious,
Comes crashing down in rapid pace,
You're lost in crazy, nonsensible things,
And feel like your so troubled in time.

But could I know each day was a gift,
That time is such a harsh mistress true,
Yet, everyday that passed so swift,
Can not be so recovered with love true.

I looked so lengthly upon her sweet face,
To form an image I could easily create,
But forgot how the moments spent so close,
Would someday be washed along the shore.

I kissed her face and held her body tight,
As though she'd leave so suddenly,
But I could not prevent her soon departure,
With promises of a future love and hope.

So, I held her heart in a silver box,
But found no comfort from the gazing of,
Then thought and thought how I had wished,
To have her walk through my front door.
861 · Nov 2010
Thank You Charlie Chaplin
Laugh, when feeling defeated,
Know, you are truly needed,
When you are sad, don't be low,
People love you, don't you know?

Shy, when the world defeats you,
Hope, when you are feeling blue,
When darker skies, make you cry,
Just remember somehow  you'll get by.

If you love, when the tears are falling,
Live, come on stop your  stalling,
Let life no longer pass so quickly by,
Stop those tears, please don't cry.

Laugh, when your  heart is heavy,
Sing, when you felling  uneasy,
Know there is one, who loves you so,
If you'll only hope and let yourself go.
849 · Oct 2011
If Best
If best to say farewell this time,
We must resolve to clear our minds,
For deep within my heart for you,
There's nothing that I wouldn't do.

To hold your  hand and kiss your face,
While holding you I feel at place,
To smell your body, so lovely to me,
With us I thought I now could see.

It's true with passion people are one,
To bask in glory in morning sun,
But stark reality sometimes it's true,
Sends people apart, what can we do?

So, now with love, I send you free,
To search the world for one not me,
But tears well up and flow like rain,
To see you go, while still I  remain.
842 · Mar 2012
Mumpity, flumpity, flickety flo,
Skippedy, whippedy, whatate is so.
Nannity, sanity, banality more,
Appity, slappity, slippery ore.

This it the language of garrilous gores,
Plumpity, uppity, nackity nor,
Willowby, silloby, mackity, lore,
Sit by the window you hippety ***.

Africaty, molassesity, whoppity wo,
Laughity, screetchity, eachity sore,
Walk in a willow and trees are abore,
Sit by the window you willowby store.
816 · Aug 2010
Let's sit by the fire,
And dream of adventures,
Of times when our youth
made us invincible.

Let's feel the warmth,
And stare blindly in space,
Thinking of those gone by
who no longer holds our hand.

A good book, a cup of hot tea,
A warm blanket nearby,
Wrapped around our bodies
gives momentary peace.

A song playing faintly,
In the other room near,
Reminds us of an event,
Or time, place or person.

Let's sit still near the fireplace,
Sipping slowly on our tea,
And dream alittle dream,
Of times when we were
also immortal.

A good friend, a kind neighbor,
Hopes and endless nights of dreams,
All packed sweetly into our memories,
Create the fragments of our hearts.
815 · Oct 2011
Quiet in the dark, I hear her voice,
She speaks in riddles with no rhyme,
I press my ear against the cold plaster,
But she will speak when suited for her.

A long, mournful, cry forlorned, listening,
I speak so softly to whisper my desire,
But she will speak when her time comes,
I must be patient and wait a lingering time.

So buried long ago in this cold wall,
Long forgotten, but not forgiven locals say,
To why her fate came to her that long-ago day,
Is mysteries mystery I now must comtemplate.

When nothing comes, just like a blackened  void,
I call her name, so frantically in an audible voice,
But she will respond whenever the fancy hits her,
I must sit silent in case I miss her frigthened word.

Enough with civilities in playing a waiting game,
For her icy lips and cold-stone stare will surely come,
When walls of regret are torn down in self desire,
And I will gaze upon her skeletal soul to so define,
Why she is lost and buried so in walls sometime ago.
812 · Aug 2013
All the cannons, all the smoke, early sunrise coming,
Scattered all about the landscape, men and boys lay dying,
Staining all the grass and meadow, blood on grass is showing,
Once again another day when young boys now are dying.

Fresh-faced babies, gathered in crowds, come to test their mettle,
Full of dreams and evening strolls, while whistling bullets flying,
Recalling days of past, short youth, none came here with dreams,
Planes with bombs and propellers sounding, war is now a flying.

Marching madness, ground war mounting, hear the babies crying,
Holding shoulders high and fast,  this meadow will be knowing,
For every blade of grass we see, the color green will be removing,
So, now proud solider, with head held high, begins now a crying.

The undertaker, this busy man, will begin to build the coffins,
While taking youth and squandering souls, bodies not lay lying,
What will be done and who  must die, when giving all they have residing,
Deep within, and made of wood, there lies the road of coffins.

More come soon, these fresh-faced children, ready to **** another,
Brother on brother, and unknown youth, will **** without shying,
No one know the mental mind when killing is now the sporting,
Girls at home, so pinning worth, will console one another.
My heart will bear my longing soul,
To love another full heart in tow,
Without a thought to stop and cry,
Or, ask if this love will ever die?

I only have one way to give,
One way to love and fully live,
So, if someone sweet comes today,
I'll love in my full and singular way.

I'll place my soul upon a platter,
To show how love can truly matter,
And kiss and hold one person near,
No longer hope and die or fear.

When two can bend and shape in one,
The life everylasting has now begun,
But know this firmly, don't shake a fist,
That perfection in humans can not exist.

I'll ask of you no mere passing and flirtation,
Or, expect your actions to move and shake a nation,
But, will ask you to love me as you only know how,
What say you beauty in the living and now?

My heart will bear my longing soul,
For you came home in full heart and control,
And I, a lonely man so spinning and lost,
Will never regret the time and cost.
Little children love to come dancing,
Like tiny raindrops falling from heaven;
Glimpses into their unspoiled hearts,
Spread joyous rapture we can not measure.
Fallen angels come silently flying,
Like forlorned agents of lonely desire,
Their wings so gossamer, light as feathers,
How sad and distant their hearts are crying.
Furious demons come creeping along,
Slithering snakelike in the darkest hours,
Longing to carve their history in blood,
Causing great havoc on all who will listen.
Transparent clouds come floating freely,
Holding miracles of peace on this earth;
Hoping and healing we bask in their glory,
Knowing that faith is the beacon of light.
772 · Jan 2011
Gray House
Three-storied house with porch and swing,
Yard with some flowers in morning sing,
Trees with broad branches heavy with leaf,
Shadowed the air with some darkened relief.
Boxes on boxes filled memories so dear,
Tucked away neatly so no one could hear,
All of those memories speaking out loud,
High overhead comes the billowing cloud.
Chasing each other so wildly in light,
Laughing and singing our youth so delight,
Beautiful dreamers so endlessly longing,
Radio blaring those wonderful songing.
Wishing this moment in time standing still,
Love everlasting in voids we could feel,
All was so magical dancing and living,
You made the moment worth sharing and giving.
756 · Apr 2012
Sometimes, things can go so wrong,
Sometimes, people want to hurt you so,
But you must maintain a heartfilled song,
Cause days will truly come and finally  go.

At times, when you're feeling very  low,
At times, nothing seems to go so  right,
You have to learn we must take some blows,
Keep on living and keep up the heavenly fight.

Because, life is not always pretty and painless,
Because, we can't always know what's lies ahead,
We must hold on tight when facing this test,
That life gives us wherever we are always  led.

I know, if you hold on so  tightly to me,
I know, there is nothing we can't  weather,
When I wake with my eyes so ever seeing,
My burdens coming will be light as a feather.

Sometimes, life can give us some hope and worry,
Sometimes, we must keep forging through  the storm,
I know that we'll walk through the storm and flurries,
I know we'll learn to know why we were born.
We think the world is full of endless flight,
With sunlight that comes each morning true,
But pages of the words we write our lives upon,
Soon have an ending that will come with night.

Each moment, as we savor all its essense in,
Comes soft or sometimes like a rushing crowd,
We try like mad to assemble all these thoughts,
But some get lost along life's lonesome highway road.

Who dares to want to live forever?
Who wants to believe forever?
What makes this passing life so ever sweet,
Is the beginning, middle, and end forever.

To want our souls to live beyond our earthly gates,
So human in its humaness, we can't deny it so,
That how we watch the clock tick tock away the day,
We truly know that nothing once can be eternal here.

We want to have our cake and eat it, too,
But when the Maker comes, our time is through,
Do not feed fear when this time swiftly comes,
For it is nature's course to take this path.

Who dares to want to live forever?
Who wants to believe forever?
What makes this passing life so ever sweet,
Is the beginning, middle, and the end forever.
737 · Dec 2011
The Final Curtain Call
So, now,  my father you stand alone,
Inside your world, your silent zone,
With weary eyes you consume the room,
Your body has mastered the eventual gloom.

Through mindless years you toiled the Earth,
Each day with repetition, your pain gave birth,
You looked to the seasons to show you how,
What will you do, since impending death is now?

Neglected dreams lay wasting away,
The times you wished the words to say,
With lack of love you hurt those who cared,
The misadventures no longer there.

The loves of life who passed slippery on by,
With nights of regret, your soul still cried,
When on the brink of madness, you thought to say,
There's retribution with much hope left to pay.

So, stoically you now sit in the revolving chair,
Such weather-worn eyes, you remain and stare,
While waiting like a lifeless, worn, lost, angry man,
You endure the moment, the one last stand.
734 · Sep 2010
Hide Not Seek
I heard the news this morning,
And tears fell from my eyes,
For someone still was missing,
I had to cry and cry.

Was on their way to school,
A usual path they took,
That monsters were a roaming,
In every bush and nook.

So little unsuspecting,
They skipped along with glee,
Looked forward to the morning,
But the innocent could not see.

He eyed them with the devil,
His plan was blackened with hate,
That little ones weren't seeing,
Until it was too late.

No rescue team came running,
No angel stopped the pain,
How do we help the innocent,
When others are insane?

So loved ones wait by phones,
And stared out windows closed,
For where ends up their children,
No one will ever know.

In yet a frightful world,
Where live some strong and meek,
Who stops the wicked people,
So children must hide not seek?
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