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Jul 2020
Here comes the eternal day,
The day, where all have come to play,
A time when all times mixed together,
We've braved the storm, the lonely weather.

There is the moment, itched hard in stone,
Where children play, there's those alone,
Together, wondering what is to come to past,
Where nothing is here, and nothing can last.

When off, we go so skurrying around,
There is no judging, there's is no sound,
High on the temple, the priestess sings,
There's hope, where hope, will finally bring.

So, is this life that endures beyond life?
No hate, no longing, no endless strife,
Together melting as souls sometimes do,
The innocent, the loving, the silent few.

We give, we take, we hope and we cry,
Along the path, we sometimes die,
But live the life that begins, nothing ends,
Share what we have and let it be, my friend.

In leaving a message, a creative remorse,
This living a life, I heartily must endorse,
Leave knowing, and sharing, and laughing, true,
Life's for the beginning, one's brand new.

Fear, not the coming, the eventual tide,
The time when there's nothing to hide,
Step lively into the interstellar belief,
That's life's for living, have nothing, grief.
Written by
Carl Gene Hardwick  65/M/Arizona
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