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Sep 2020
grab, grab, grab the gun
run, run, run along
crowd, crowd, crowd here
****, ****, **** the march
laugh, laugh, laugh out loud
see, see, seeΒ Β children now
want, want, want to speak
push, push, push alone
scream, scream, scream to hear
soldiers, soldiers, soldiers fear
bullets, bullets, bullets on skin
ranting, ranting, ranting words
listening, listening, listening horn
lights, lights, lights at night
cold, cold, cold the wind
sudden, sudden, sudden now
gas, gas, gas fly at us high
burn, burn, burn the eyes
blood, blood, blood on face
fight, fight, fight human race
wish, wish, wish for light
glass, glass, glass gone from stores
panic, panic, panic is clear
run, run, run from the fear
trucks, trucks, trucks clear
men, men, men hate the place
freedom, freedom human race
race, race, race to our cars
hope, hope, hope not so far
living, living, living is gone
who took democracy and our songs?
Written by
Carl Gene Hardwick  65/M/Arizona
   Norman Crane
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