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Oct 2020
Someone said the time is past,
With hatred, darkness, will it last?
Why do people have anger inside?
What are these people trying to hide?

The separate notion we are singular beings,
Block out the sun with no one seeing,
Of all what Earth has now to give,
Must now we focus on how to live.

A little child with the skin of brown,
Feels lost, alone, is nowhere found,
The child, so beauty and happiness,
Does not have to be hardily pressed,

An Asian child comes skipping here,
She's singing hope and has no fear,
The man sees her and knocks her down,
She cries and screams so lying ground.

The white children know they belong
Together dancing and singing songs,
But, here the man comes racing to see,
Just how to make these children flee.

The reservation holds many at bay,
They try to speak, kept far away,
No one cares much about them now,
Why such injustice is allowed?

The final analysis tells us one thing,
We're only humans, let all of us sing,
We need to share and learn to grow,
Our children never have hated to know.

Here is my heart, my pledge to you,
To spread the love, not just a few,
Some want to hate and still to slay,
But their day is coming, anyway.
Written by
Carl Gene Hardwick  65/M/Arizona
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